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Neue Einträge zum Themenbereich Muskel & Knochen

Hier finden Sie alle neuen Literatur-Einträge rund um den Themenbereich Muskel & Knochen, sortiert nach Erscheinungsdatum.

Neue Einträge

Klinische Studien (2017)

Supplementation with 2000 IU of Cholecalciferol Is Associated with Improvement of Trabecular Bone Mineral Density and Muscle Power in Pediatric Patients with IBD.

BACKGROUND: Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are associated with altered bone health and increased risk for fractures. Vitamin D deficiency is frequently found in IBD; however, the effect of vitamin D suppleme weiter...

Verfasser: Hradsky O, Soucek O, Maratova K, Matyskova J, Copova I, Zarubova K, Bronsky J, Sumnik Z
Quelle: Inflamm Bowel Dis, 2017; 23(4): 514-523, PMID: 28267045
Schlagworte: pQCT, Leonardo Mechanograpy
GID: 4562; Last update: 16.11.2017

Klinische Studien (2017)

Effects of whole body vibration training and mental training on mobility, neuromuscular performance, and muscle strength in older men.

This study was designed to evaluate the effects of whole body vibration (WBV) exercise, mental training (MT), and the concurrent effect of WBV and MT on lower body balance, neuromuscular performance, and leg m weiter...

Verfasser: Goudarzian M, Ghavi S, Shariat A, Shirvani H, Rahimi M
Quelle: J Exerc Rehabil, 2017; 13(5): 573-580, PMID: 29114533
GID: 4553; Last update: 14.11.2017

Grundlagenstudien (2017)

How to prevent the detrimental effects of two months of bed-rest on muscle, bone and cardiovascular system: an RCT.

Physical inactivity leads to a deconditioning of the skeletal, neuromuscular and cardiovascular system. It can lead to impaired quality of life, loss of autonomy, falls and fractures. Regular exercise would be weiter...

Verfasser: Kramer A, Gollhofer A, Armbrecht G, Felsenberg D, Gruber M
Quelle: Sci Rep, 2017; 7(1): 13177, PMID: 29030644
Schlagworte: leonardo Jumoping Table, BedRest
GID: 4555; Last update: 14.11.2017

Klinische Studien (2017)

Whole-Body Vibration Combined with Treadmill Training Improves Walking Performance in Post-Stroke Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

BACKGROUND Stroke is characterized by an asymmetrical gait pattern that causes poor stability and reduces overall activity levels. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of whole-body vibration co weiter...

Verfasser: Choi W, Han D, Kim J, Lee S
Quelle: Med Sci Monit, 2017; 23(): 4918-4925, PMID: 29031023
GID: 4551; Last update: 06.11.2017

Fachartikel (2017)

Polyneuropathie So überwinden Sie quälende Nervenschmerzen

Der Ratgeber erklärt einfach und verständlich das Krankheitsbild, deutet mögliche Frühwarnsignale oder Symptome anhand von Beispielen, und zeigt den Weg zur gesicherten Diagnose mit Vorstellung der untersch weiter...

Verfasser: Zifko U.
Quelle: Springer, 2017; ISBN-13: 978-3662538708:
GID: 4542; Last update: 10.10.2017

Klinische Studien (2017)

The Gambian Bone and Muscle Ageing Study: Baseline Data from a Prospective Observational African Sub-Saharan Study.

The Gambian Bone and Muscle Ageing Study is a prospective observational study investigating bone and muscle ageing in men and women from a poor, subsistence farming community of The Gambia, West Africa. Musculo weiter...

Verfasser: Zengin A, Fulford AJ, Sawo Y, Jarjou LM, Schoenmakers I, Goldberg G, Prentice A, Ward KA
Quelle: Front Endocrinol (Lausanne), 2017; 8(): 219, PMID: 28912754
GID: 4531; Last update: 02.10.2017
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Klinische Studien (2017)

Associations of Childhood and Adulthood Cognition with Bone Mineral Density in Later Adulthood: A Population-Based Longitudinal Study.

This study explores the association between cognitive ability in childhood and midlife and bone health outcomes in early old age; and the relationships of these bone measures with contemporaneous and subsequent weiter...

Verfasser: Bendayan R, Kuh D, Cooper R, Muthuri S, Muniz-Terrera G, Adams J, Ward K, Richards M
Quelle: Front Aging Neurosci, 2017; 9(): 241, PMID: 28790912
GID: 4537; Last update: 02.10.2017
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Klinische Studien (2017)

Jumping Mechanography as a Complementary Testing Tool for Motor Function in Children with Hereditary Motor and Sensory Neuropathy.

Objective This study aims to compare mechanography, measuring force in jumping, and rising, with the 6-minute walk test (6MWT) and time function tests in pediatric patients with hereditary motor and sensory neu weiter...

Verfasser: Vill K, Ille L, Blaschek A, Rawer R, Landgraf MN, Gerstl L, Schroeder SA, Muller-Felber W
Quelle: Neuropediatrics, 2017; (): , PMID: 28641335
GID: 4539; Last update: 02.10.2017

Klinische Studien (2017)

Bone structural characteristics and response to bisphosphonate treatment in children with Hajdu-Cheney Syndrome.

Context: Hajdu-Cheney syndrome (HJCYS) is a rare, multisystem, bone disease caused by heterozygous mutations in the NOTCH2 gene. Histomorphometric and bone ultrastructural analyses in children have not been rep weiter...

Verfasser: Sakka S, Gafni RI, Davies JH, Clarke B, Tebben P, Samuels M, Saraff V, Klaushofer K, Fratzl-Zelman N, Roschger P, Rauch F, Hogler W
Quelle: J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 2017; (): , PMID: 28938420
GID: 4538; Last update: 02.10.2017

Klinische Studien (2015)

Effects of Exercise and Nutrition on the Coagulation System During Bedrest Immobilization.

Immobilization in hospitalized medical patients or during simulation of spaceflight induced deconditioning has been shown to be associated with loss of muscle mass and bone. Resistance vibrating exercise (RVE) weiter...

Verfasser: Waha JE, Goswami N, Schlagenhauf A, Leschnik B, Koestenberger M, Reibnegger G, Roller RE, Hinghofer-Szalkay H, Cvirn G
Quelle: Medicine (Baltimore), 2015; 94(38): e1555, PMID: 26402815
Schlagworte: Toulouse BedRest, NMX
GID: 4527; Last update: 27.09.2017
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Fachartikel (2017)

Effects of whole-body vibration therapy on perception thresholds of type 2 diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy: a randomized controlled trial.

[Purpose] The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of whole-body vibration training on perception thresholds in type 2 diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy. [Subjects and Methods] Fifty-nine weiter...

Verfasser: Lee K
Quelle: J Phys Ther Sci, 2017; 29(9): 1684-1688, PMID: 28932013
Schlagworte: Diabetes, Whole-body vibration, Perception threshold
GID: 4523; Last update: 25.09.2017

Klinische Studien (2013)

Long-term inflammation and glucocorticoid therapy impair skeletal modeling during growth in childhood Crohn disease.

CONTEXT: Glucocorticoids and inflammation inhibit bone formation; however, the impact on skeletal modeling is unknown. OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the study were to examine changes in bone mineral density (BM weiter...

Verfasser: Tsampalieros A, Lam CK, Spencer JC, Thayu M, Shults J, Zemel BS, Herskovitz RM, Baldassano RN, Leonard MB
Quelle: J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 2013; 98(8): 3438-45, PMID: 23690309
GID: 4520; Last update: 18.09.2017

Klinische Studien (2013)

Mineral metabolism and cortical volumetric bone mineral density in childhood chronic kidney disease.

CONTEXT: The relationships among cortical volumetric bone mineral density (CortBMD) and comprehensive measures of mineral metabolism have not been addressed in chronic kidney disease (CKD). OBJECTIVE: The aim o weiter...

Verfasser: Denburg MR, Tsampalieros AK, de Boer IH, Shults J, Kalkwarf HJ, Zemel BS, Foerster D, Stokes D, Leonard MB
Quelle: J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 2013; 98(5): 1930-8, PMID: 23547048
GID: 4521; Last update: 18.09.2017

Klinische Studien (2015)

Loss and re-adaptation of lumbar intervertebral disc water signal intensity after prolonged bedrest.

The adaptation and re-adaptation process of the intervertebral disc (IVD) to prolonged bedrest is important for understanding IVD physiology and IVD herniations in astronauts. Little information is available on weiter...

Verfasser: Kordi M, Belavy DL, Armbrecht G, Sheikh A, Felsenberg D, Trudel G
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2015; 15(3): 294-300, PMID: 26350949
GID: 4514; Last update: 16.09.2017
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Klinische Studien (2017)

Mechanical basis of bone strength: influence of bone material, bone structure and muscle action.

This review summarises current understanding of how bone is sculpted through adaptive processes, designed to meet the mechanical challenges it faces in everyday life and athletic pursuits, serving as an update weiter...

Verfasser: Hart NH, Nimphius S, Rantalainen T, Ireland A, Siafarikas A, Newton RU
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2017; 17(3): 114-139, PMID: 28860414
Schlagworte: Bone Geometry, Mechanostat, Bone adaptation
GID: 4503; Last update: 06.09.2017