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Overview of topics

pQCT, Leonardo mechanography and Galileo Training: from the imaging techniques used for the analysis of muscle and bone, motion analysis and performance diagnostics, and efficient muscle training respectively. Our holistic approach includes diagnosis and treatment of the muscle-bone unit. Here you will find information on specific topics, and a first look at this unique holistic concept.

Therapy & prevention with Galileo®

A fully-functioning and efficient muscle prevents widely common diseases such as incontinence, back pain, osteoporosis, or degenerative joint disease. In addition, targeted muscle training also offers concrete aid in therapy and rehabilitation in both orthopaedic and neural disorders such as spastic paresis (paralysis) after stroke, and in MS (multiple sclerosis) or incomplete paraplegia. more...

Training with Galileo®

Exercise strengthens the immune system, keeps you fit, makes you happy, promotes good posture and increases body confidence. On the sports field there is also an increasing demand for meaningful and effective training methods to increase and optimise performance. more...

Diagnostics with Leonardo & pQCT

Using the Leonardo mechanography the most important factors for natural motion sequence and muscle function can be determined. pQCT records the most important properties of bone. In addition to bone density, geometrical parameters are also measured providing an accurate assessment of bone strength. more...


Our training courses are specifically aimed at the needs of physicians and physiotherapists, and provide a solid foundation for the daily use of Galileo in therapy and training. more...


pQCT for the analysis of muscle and bone, Leonardo mechanography for motion analysis and muscle diagnosis and Galileo Training for treatment of muscle and bone are the building blocks of a holistic diagnosis and therapy concept based on muscle and bone. more...

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