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Literatur zum Themenbereich Muskel & Knochen

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  • Vibrationstraining und Vibrationstherapie, speziell mit dem seitenalternierenden Verfahren der Galileo Trainingsgeräte sowie der Galileo Therapiegeräte
  • Bewegungsanalyse mit Leonardo Mechanograph
  • Zusammenhang Muskel und Knochen
  • pQCT Knochen- & Muskeldichtemessung

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Neue Einträge

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2023)

Effects of whole-body vibration or resistive-vibration exercise on blood clotting and related biomarkers: a systematic review.

Whole-body vibration (WBV) and resistive vibration exercise (RVE) are utilized as countermeasures against bone loss, muscle wasting, and physical deconditioning. The safety of the interventions, in terms of t weiter...

Verfasser: Zuccarelli L, Baldassarre G, Winnard A, Harris KM, Weber T, Green DA, Petersen LG, Kamine TH, Roberts L, Kim DS, Greaves DK, Arya R, Laws JM, Elias A, Rittweger J, Grassi B, Goswami N
Quelle: NPJ Microgravity, 2023; 9(1): 87, PMID: 38057333
Schlagworte: Metaanalysis
GID: 6110; Last update: 08.12.2023
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2023)

Whole Body Vibration Therapy for Children with Disabilities: A Survey of Potential Risks and Benefits

The purpose of this report is to remind providers of the potential risks of Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBVT) for children with disabilities. We reviewed the current state of knowledge and learned that WBVT m weiter...

Verfasser: Godley D, Csongradi J
Quelle: Archives of Rehabilitation Research and Clinical Translation, 2023; 100298:
GID: 6109; Last update: 06.12.2023
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2023)

The Effect of Additional Whole-Body Vibration on Musculoskeletal System in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials.

Nowadays, whole-body vibration (WBV) has become increasingly popular as an additional therapy in the intervention of patients with cerebral palsy (CP). However, the impact of WBV remains a subject of debate. weiter...

Verfasser: Pulay MA, Nagy R, Koi T, Harnos A, Zimonyi N, Garami M, Gasparics A, Hegyi P, Turi I, Feketene Szabo E
Quelle: J Clin Med, 2023; 12(21): , PMID: 37959224
GID: 6108; Last update: 29.11.2023

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2023)

Effects of whole-body vibration therapy on pain, functionality, postural stability, and proprioception in patients with subacute and chronic non-specific low back pain: a systematic review.

INTRODUCTION: Non-specific low back pain (NLBP) is a common and clinically significant condition with substantial socioeconomic implications. Whole-body vibration therapy (WBVT) has shown effectiveness in imp weiter...

Verfasser: Remer F, Keilani M, Kull P, Crevenna R
Quelle: Wien Med Wochenschr, 2023; (): , PMID: 37999785
GID: 6105; Last update: 28.11.2023

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2014)

In the unloaded lower leg, vibration extrudes venous blood out of the calf muscles probably by direct acceleration and without arterial vasodilation.

PURPOSE: During vibration of the whole unloaded lower leg, effects on capillary blood content and blood oxygenation were measured in the calf muscle. The hypotheses predicted extrusion of venous blood by a to weiter...

Verfasser: Zange J, Molitor S, Illbruck A, Muller K, Schonau E, Kohl-Bareis M, Rittweger J
Quelle: Eur J Appl Physiol, 2014; 114(5): 1005-12, PMID: 24504654
GID: 6099; Last update: 25.11.2023
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

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