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Calcif Tissue Int., 1998; 62(4): 323-6, PMID: 9504957

Morphometric analysis of gastrectomy-evoked osteopenia

Jahr: 1998

Mühlbauer RC, Schenk RK, Chen D, Lehto-Axtelius D, Hâkanson R
Department of Pathophysiology, University of Berne, Murtenstrasse 35, CH-3010 Bern, Switzerland.


Gastrectomy leads to osteopenia in the rat. The present study describes the effects of gastrectomy on bone morphology. Rats were subjected to gastrectomy or sham operation. Four weeks after the operation the rats were killed and both tibiae were removed. Bone morphology of the left tibia was analyzed with quantitative computer tomography, the right tibia with histomorphometry. Bone length, bone mineral content, as well as indices of bone resorption and formation were measured in the metaphysis and the diaphysis. Gastrectomy had no effect on longitudinal bone growth but it led to a low bone mineral content at both sites. Bone resorption was increased by gastrectomy, as shown by an increase in the medullary cavity area in the diaphysis. Gastrectomy also reduced bone formation, as shown by a decreased periosteal circumference and a decrease in the mean periosteal bone apposition in the diaphysis. In conclusion, gastrectomy-evoked osteopenia reflects impaired formation and increased resorption of bone.

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