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New entries for the application area muscle and bone

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New entries

Research Studies (2020)

Potential Application of Whole Body Vibration Exercise For Improving The Clinical Conditions of COVID-19 Infected Individuals: A Narrative Review From the World Association of Vibration Exercise Experts (WAVex) Panel

COVID-19 is a highly infectious respiratory disease which leads to several clinical conditions related to the dysfunction of the respiratory system along with other physical and psychological complaints. Severe weiter...

Author: Sañudo B., Seixas A., Gloeckl R., Rittweger J., Rawer R., Taiar R., van der Zee E.A.,van Heuvelen M.J.G., Lacerda A.C.,Sartorio A., Bemben M., Cochrane D., Furness T., de Sá-Caputo D., Bernardo-Filho M.
Source: Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 2020; 17/10: 3650
Keywords: Galileo Therapy COVID-19
GID: 5112; Last update: 25.05.2020
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Research Studies (2020)

Manual of Vibration Exercise and Vibration Therapy

This book addresses the practical aspects of vibration exercise and vibration therapy. In addition, it describes the technical and physiological background, providing applied scientists and doctors with a deepe weiter...

Author: Rittweger J., van der Zee E.A., Rawer R., Riley D.A., Cochrane D., Ribor-Ciscar E., Ritzmann R., Karcan I., Moreira-Marconi E., Marín P., Patrick O.J., Stark C., Runge M., Bremben D., Gloeckl R., Duran I., Yang F., Gerhardt F., Paineiras-Domingos L.L., Lo
Source: Springer, ISBN 978-3-030-43985-9, 2020;
GID: 5115; Last update: 25.05.2020
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Research Studies (2020)

The influence of a sustained 10-day hypoxic bed rest on cartilage biomarkers and subchondral bone in females: The FemHab study.

This study assessed the influence of a 10-day hypoxic bed rest on cartilage biomarkers and subchondral bone density across the patellofemoral joint (PFJ). Within clinical settings hypoxic tissue may arise in se weiter...

Author: McDonnell AC, Eiken O, Mekjavic IB, Zlak N, Drobnic M
Source: Physiol Rep, 2020; 8(8): e14413, PMID: 32333524
GID: 5105; Last update: 27.04.2020

Professional Articles (2018)

Ein neues Versorgungskonzept für Kinder und Jugendliche mit Bewegungsstörungen

Author: C Stark, I Duran, K Spiess, O Semler, E Schönau
Source: Zeitschrift für Physiotherapeuten, 2018; 70: 52-57
GID: 5097; Last update: 20.04.2020

Scientific Publications (2020)

25-Hydroxyvitamin D, 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D, and Peripheral Bone Densitometry in Adults with Celiac Disease.

Background: Adults with celiac disease (CeD) show low bone mineral density (BMD) and high fracture risk. CeD guidelines suggest measurements of serum minerals and vitamin D. However, studies on vitamin levels weiter...

Author: Ciacci C, Bilancio G, Russo I, Iovino P, Cavallo P, Santonicola A, Bucci C, Cirillo M, Zingone F
Source: Nutrients, 2020; 12(4): , PMID: 32230847
GID: 5090; Last update: 06.04.2020

Professional Articles (2020)

High Impact Physical Activity and Bone Health of Lower Extremities in Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Cross-sectional Study of SURfit.

Childhood cancer survivors (CCS) are at risk of reduced bone health and premature osteoporosis. As physical activity with high impact loading (IL-PA) is known to promote bone health, we compared bone densitomet weiter...

Author: Zurcher SJ, Jung R, Monnerat S, Schindera C, Eser P, Meier C, Rueegg CS, von der Weid NX, Kriemler S
Source: Int J Cancer, 2020; (): , PMID: 32167159
GID: 5077; Last update: 16.03.2020

Fundamental Studies (2020)

Site-Specific Effects of Swimming on Bone Density in Female Collegiate Swimmers.

While swimming provides numerous cardiovascular and overall health benefits, past research suggests it provides no constructive benefits to bone strength and density at dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) me weiter...

Author: Miller M, Kojetin S, Scibora L
Source: Int J Exerc Sci, 2020; 13(1): 249-259, PMID: 32148613
GID: 5078; Last update: 16.03.2020

Research Studies (2020)

Characterisation of peripheral bone mineral density in youth at risk of secondary osteoporosis - a preliminary insight.

OBJECTIVES: To describe peripheral long bone material and structural differences in youth at risk of secondary osteoporosis across disease-specific profiles. METHODS: Upper- and lower limbs of children and ado weiter...

Author: Jenkins M, Hart NH, Nimphius S, Chivers P, Rantalainen T, Rothacker KM, Beck BR, Weeks BK, McIntyre F, Hands B, Beeson BP, Siafarikas A
Source: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2020; 20(1): 27-52, PMID: 32131368
GID: 5074; Last update: 11.03.2020

Scientific Publications (2020)

Sex differences in bone density, geometry, and bone strength of competitive soccer players.

OBJECTIVES: To examine sex differences in bone characteristics in competitive soccer players. METHODS: 43 soccer players (male, n=23; female, n=20), and 43 matched controls (males, n=23; females, n=20), complet weiter...

Author: Baker BS, Chen Z, Larson RD, Bemben MG, Bemben DA
Source: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2020; 20(1): 62-76, PMID: 32131370
GID: 5071; Last update: 10.03.2020

Research Studies (2020)

Acute Effects of Whole-Body Vibration on Peripheral Blood Flow, Vibrotactile Perception and Balance in Older Adults.

BACKGROUND: Non-invasive application of whole-body vibration (WBV) has the potential for inducing improvements in impaired peripheral circulation, cutaneous sensation and balance among older adults. However, re weiter...

Author: Mahbub MH, Hase R, Yamaguchi N, Hiroshige K, Harada N, Bhuiyan ANH, Tanabe T
Source: Int J Environ Res Public Health, 2020; 17(3): , PMID: 32046205
GID: 5054; Last update: 03.03.2020

Research Studies (2020)

Regional changes in indices of bone strength of upper and lower limbs in response to high-intensity impact loading or high-intensity resistance training.

It is well known that the bone response to physical activity is highly dependent on the nature of the loads imposed. Despite this, few direct comparisons of the effect of impact-style loading and resistance tr weiter...

Author: Lambert C, Beck BR, Harding AT, Watson SL, Weeks BK
Source: Bone, 2020; 132(): 115192, PMID: 31846824
GID: 5049; Last update: 27.02.2020

Professional Articles (2020)

Lipidomic architecture shared by subclinical markers of osteoporosis and atherosclerosis: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.

BACKGROUND: Studies have shown that osteoporosis and atherosclerosis are comorbid conditions sharing common risk factors and pathophysiological mechanisms. Understanding these is crucial in order to develop sha weiter...

Author: Mishra BH, Mishra PP, Mononen N, Hilvo M, Sievanen H, Juonala M, Laaksonen M, Hutri-Kahonen N, Viikari J, Kahonen M, Raitakari OT, Laaksonen R, Lehtimaki T
Source: Bone, 2020; 131(): 115160, PMID: 31759205
GID: 5050; Last update: 27.02.2020

Research Studies (2020)

Effects of 8-Week Whole-Body Vibration Training on the HbA1c, Quality of Life, Physical Fitness, Body Composition and Foot Health Status in People with T2DM: A Double-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial.

The aim of this study was to analyze the effects of an 8-week whole-body vibration (WBV) on the quality of life, physical fitness, body composition, glycosylate hemoglobin (HbA1c), lipid profile, and foot healt weiter...

Author: Dominguez-Munoz FJ, Villafaina S, Garcia-Gordillo MA, Hernandez-Mocholi MA, Collado-Mateo D, Adsuar JC, Gusi N
Source: Int J Environ Res Public Health, 2020; 17(4): , PMID: 32085626
GID: 5045; Last update: 24.02.2020

Scientific Publications (2020)

Deriving pQCT-Type Spatial Density from DXA Images.

INTRODUCTION: Musculoskeletal overuse injuries are a serious problem in the military, particularly in basic combat training, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars lost because of limited duty days, medic weiter...

Author: Iyoho AE, Niederberger BA, Bergquist-Turori D, Kelly KR, Ng LJ
Source: Mil Med, 2020; 185(Supplement_1): 430-434, PMID: 32074354
GID: 5048; Last update: 24.02.2020

User Reports (2020)

Bone health in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis.

AIMS: Idiopathic scoliosis is the most common spinal deformity in adolescents and children. The aetiology of the disease remains unknown. Previous studies have shown a lower bone mineral density in individuals weiter...

Author: Diarbakerli E, Savvides P, Wihlborg A, Abbott A, Bergstrom I, Gerdhem P
Source: Bone Joint J, 2020; 102-B(2): 268-272, PMID: 32009439
GID: 5042; Last update: 11.02.2020