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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #30: Can Galileo Therapy in children with Cerebaral Palsy (CP) build up muscle and improve gait within just 8 weeks?


This study (as well as the Cologne Concept) is a great example of the changes that can be achieved by Galileo Training within a very short period of time. But two points have to be considered: First: Galileo Therapy has to be adjusted continuously to the abilities of the child to optimize therapy effects (In this study for example, the training intensity building up muscles at high frequencies (>20Hz) was continuously increased over the 8 weeks of the study). Second: To optimize the therapy effects the abilities and functions resulting of the Galileo Training need to be incorporated by functional physiotherapy into every-day movements/functions.

Why? An example: Galileo Therapy can establish or improve many essential aspects of neuromuscular function needed for walking like neurology, coordination within the muscle chains, muscle force and power, balance and more - but you still need to train the complex movement pattern of walking - however: it will be much easier and faster to train this once you established all the different aspects Galileo Therapy can address.

Galileo Therapy is a very efficient tool which can address a wide variety of aspects of neuromuscular system even in a short time but I works best if it is integrated in a therapy concept. Functional gains achieved by Galileo Therapy need to be incorporated into every-day living and every-day movements, because only this way the body will use (and by this use continuously train them) in order to establish them in the long term.

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