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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #41: Is Galileo Therapy + squats more demanding for COPD patients than squats only?


Another very interesting study of the group around Dr. Gloeckl. Their focus in former publications was therapy of COPD patients - some of them even after lung-transplant.

They could show the significant higher therapy effects when using Galileo in COPD therapy (#GRFS37 #GRFS32) also after lung-transplant (#GRFS31). They showed huge effects on muscle force, power and endurance (e.g. increased 6-minute walking test). This study now focuses more on a safety aspect and is showed that the identical squat-exercise when combined with Galileo at high frequencies (in this case 26Hz) was not more demanding for the cardio-vascular system but had a tendency to be even slightly less demanding. And this even though these Galileo Therapy supported exercise showed significantly higher training effects than the squat itself! (#GRFS37 #GRFS32

Therapy - COPD  

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