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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #78: Do higher frequencies and knee angles increase pelvic floor activation?


As #GRFS3 and #GRFS4 already showed, Galileo Training at high frequencies and deep squats significantly increase muscle activation (EMG). This study focused on the effects of increasing frequencies and higher knee angles in squatting on pelvic floor muscles (6-26Hz, 20° to 40° knee angle, static squat, position 3).

Just like #GRFS3 proved in general, lower squatting positions and especially high frequencies increase muscle activation during Galileo Training significantly. Therefore, pelvic floor training, increase of muscle volume and power should be performed at high frequencies (>25Hz). In this study at 26Hz Galileo Training could activate the Pelvic Floor at almost 100% of MVC (maximum voluntary contraction) - one of the reasons why Galileo Training is so effective for pelvic floor training. 

Common - Pelvic Floor, Frequency & Knee Angle   

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