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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #82: Can Galileo Therapy improve muscle function and cognition in MS patients?


This study shows the positive effects of only 8 weeks (24 session of 5*1 minutes) Galileo Therapy on muscle function, cognition and disability status in MS (Multiple Sclerosis) patients (20Hz, Position 1.5, 20° bent legs, 5 * 1 minutes, 3 session per week over 8 weeks). The results show significant improvements in hand function (+8%), motor function & cognition (+14%), calculation abilities and short-term memory (+18%) and gait speed (+26%). This relation between cognition and motor function is obvious in many disease conditions: in chronic disease children for example cognitive function improve with effective Galileo Therapy and the resulting improvements in coordination and motor function.

Therapy - MS (Multiple Sclerosis)   

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Topics: Muscle-Bone Relation, Concept Diagnostics & Therapy, Training & Study Support, Therapy & Prevention with Galileo®