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Celebrating 1 year of Galileo research fact Sheets (GRFS)


It has been exactly one year ago we published the first Galileo Research Fact Sheet (#GRFS1). Since then every Wednesday and Saturday we put out a new one – currently 104 GRFS. Our aim is to share some of the interesting results of the over 250 papers published about Galileo Training & Galileo Therapy and put them into an easy to grasp Infographics. Keep in mind: all GRFS are based on studies done with Galileo devices – if it has not been done with Galileo you won’t find it in our GRFS.

We publish all GRFS on our German end English pages on facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. On facebook and Instagram we also add extensive comments trying to link results to other studies, to put the results into a perspective and to give practical examples how the reported effects can be integrated into training or therapy.

It has been quite an effort because it is quite time-consuming because every GRFS takes about 3 hours to be prepared and comments are put together but it has been worthwhile since there are a lot of small gems to be found in the 250+ papers. Some criticized because of the way they are presented surpassingly being to close to marketing material – but after one year we believe it still has been a great way to share the research with Galileo users – frankly because who finds the time to ready 250 papers?

So stay tuned for more GRFS! We work hard to present you another 100 !

Product groups: Galileo used devices, pQCT Bone Density & Bone Geometry, Leonardo Mechanograph®, Galileo® Therapy Systems, Galileo® Training Devices
Topics: Concept Diagnostics & Therapy, Training & Study Support, Diagnostics with Leonardo & pQCT, Therapy & Prevention with Galileo®, Training with Galileo®
More information: Overview of all Galileo Research fact Sheets