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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #107: Can 3 weeks of Galileo Therapy improve power and endurance in COPD patients?


This pilot study (4 patients) investigated the effects of 3 weeks of Galileo Therapy on muscle power and endurance in COPD in-patients. The results were assessed using the clinical relevant 6 minutes walking test. Both groups received an intensive multi-dimensional therapy (medication, physiotherapy, training therapy). The control group received identical exercises (squatting) as the Galileo group but without side-alternating vibration. The Galileo group did their exercise on the Galileo (25Hz, 4*2 minutes, squatting, position 2-3, 5 times per week).

The third group was the results of another study of over 400 comparable patients which also received a 3 week multi-dimensional therapy.

The results show that Galileo Therapy resulted in an improvement of 23% or 68m in the 6 minutes walk test which is about double the effect of the control group and more than twice than the minimum clinical important difference (MCID) - the minimum increase of the value which is needed to show a clinically relevant improvement. Therefore, the Galileo Therapy showed to be more effective than the conventional therapy approaches even though only an extra 8 minutes of effective training time 5 times a week were needed. This is underlined by the fact, that a highly significant change (p<0.001) could be shown with just 4 patients. The results are in line with other publications in the field (#GRFS144, #GRFS124, #GRFS41, #GRFS34, #GRFS32) and show how effective Galileo Therapy can be used in COPD.  

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