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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #113: Can Galileo Training be effective to increase muscle power older people?


This study investigates the effects of Galileo Training on muscle power in community-dwelling older adults age 61 to 77. The training was done over a period of 6 weeks, 3 times per week, 5 times 1 minutes per session at 15 to 25 Hz (increasing intensity) using a narrow foot position (position 1) and a 70° knee-able squat.

This type of exercise is a classic exercise to exhaust the muscles of the legs and therefore to increase muscle power. The control group did not perform any additional training and therefore did not show significant differences of the 6 weeks. The Galileo group however, showed a significant increase in muscle power measured by the most relevant Times Up & Go test by +12% and the Sit to Stand test by +20% - and these effects with just 15 Minutes Galileo Training per week!

These results are in line with other Galileo studies like #GRFS79, #GRFS10, #GRFS131. In addition, studies could also show that Galileo Training can increase balance in older adults (#GRFS97, #GRFS43 #GRFS97, #GRFS121), decrease fall risk (#GRFS54, #GRFS79) and prevent bone loss (#GRFS139).

All these aspects show how effectively Galileo Training can be used especially in the aged - after all Galileo originally was designed exactly for this group almost 25 years ago!  

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