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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #124: Can Galileo Therapy improve muscle force and endurance in COPD-patients?


This study investigates the effects of 3 months of Galileo Therapy in patients with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

In this case a wide spectrum of Galileo Therapy was used starting in the first month with relaxation, proprioception and balance at 6-10Hz, in the second month coordination at 12-18Hz and in the last month muscle force and muscle power at 21-24Hz) (15 min. Galileo + 15 min. warm-up & cool-down, 2 sessions per week). The control group received Calisthenics exercises (2*30 minutes per week) which showed to be effective in COPD in other studies.

While the control group did not show any significant improvements the Galileo group showed highly significant improvements of muscle force and endurance with changes of up to +38% (leg press, 1RM). Especially these changes on muscle power are related to the high frequency range above 20Hz.

However, muscle activation strongly increases with increasing frequency (#GRFS3), therefore using even higher frequencies (e.g. up to 30Hz) maybe using smaller amplitudes instead (pos. 1-2), could have been even more effective.

The results of this study are in line with other Galileo Therapy studies in COPD (#GRFS41, #GRFS34, #GRFS32). This study once more showed how effective Galileo Therapy can be used even in strongly deconditioned patients with severe lung conditions. 

Therapy - COPD, Power & Endurance   

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