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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #9: Can Galileo Therapy reduce Back Pain?


One of the more common applications of Galileo Therapy is reduction of back pain. An efficient exercise for relaxing the muscles of the back was explained in #GRFS8.

Because different studies could show this effect, the reduction of back pain was also one of the first indications for Galileo devices to become an approved medical device. After relaxing the muscle the next task to reduce back pain with Galileo is to build up miscue volume and muscle function of the back muscles.

A good exercise for this is the quadrupedal posture with the knees on the Galileo (please make sure to put a towel or such underneath the knees, otherwise it will be hard on your knees!). Arms are straight and placed in front of the Galileo, the knees on the foot-plate of the Galileo at pos. 1 to 2, knee-angle about 90°, frequency 20 to 26Hz. As done in the well-known standard back exercise, alternating one arm is lifted for about 30 seconds (arm straight forward, head up, back kept straight) and one tries to shift the body weight as little as possible toward the supporting hand. Noe one can feel how the diagonal muscles of the back do their work... 

Therapy - Back Pain

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