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Exercise of the week (W33) Alternating rowing motion (Ex 60)



  • Stabilise the spinal column
  • Strengthen the trunk 
  • Shoulder blade fixation

Posture/foot position

  • Position resistance band in front approx. at height of navel
  • Basic position 0.5-2
  • Bend upper part of the body slightly to the front 
  • Trunk and buttock muscles are tightened 
  • Pull resistance band with parallel hands, hand palms to the inside

Movement execution

  • Alternately move arms to the back
  • Carry out small pendulum movements on the side while passing the body

Frequency, position and duration

Where does it vibrate?

  • Thighs
  • Back 
  • Shoulder 
  • Neck

Common errors

  • Raising of shoulders
  • Arm movements too big


This exercise is suitable for those with injuries or illness affecting the shoulder girdle and the spinal column.


  • Increase band resistance
  • Vary position/knee bending 
  • Vary angle of resistance band 
  • Perform only on one side

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