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Galileo® at the gym

Health and fitness awareness is increasing. With over 20 years experience already in the field of therapy, Galileo is now also firmly established in the fitness sector as a versatile complement to many traditional training methods such as weight training.

Galileo Training offers a variety of products optimized for the use for professional fitness studios: starting from side-alternating vibration training devices and vibration dumbbells to a complete visualization of the training using the Galileo Personal Trainer device (Galileo PT).

Why Galileo®?

Improvement of force and power with Galileo®.

Galileo can boost muscle strength, performance and the quality of daily as well as sports specific movement patterns. The highly repetitive nature of Galileo Training can also help to improve inter- and intra-muscular coordination. Training effects can be enhanced, movement patterns can be refined and stabilised, which can result in faster and more accurate movements.

Top athletes, personal trainers and health-conscious individuals are constantly looking for effective and safe methods to explore or shift their limits. Galileo can offer this possibility. 5-10 minutes of Galileo Training as an integral part of your training session can help to achieve sustained improvement of force, power, endurance, agility and coordination.

Galileo PT - decrease needed personnel

Galileo® PT (Personal Trainer) can decrease the needed personnel. Galileo® PT visualizes the complete exercises in real-time. After a short instruction period your client are able to train without further help. Galileo® PT supports different modes:

  • Access Control: only instructed clients can acees the device by using an individual chip-card
  • Tome Accounts: Clients can train defined time accounts. In combination with the RTC option dayly and weekly limits for the training duration can be added.
  • Free Training: Clients cna choose training goal and raining intensity and then can select individual exercise froma correspronding list or complete training plans can be generated automatically for each session.
  • Predefined programs: You can create individual training plans for your clients stored on their individual chip-card. Per chip-card up to 4 different training palncs can be stored. Galileo® TPM (Galileo Training Plan Manager) supports you intuitively when creating new training palns and offers many example programs.

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