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Literature for the application area muscle and bone

Our literature database currently includes 1935 entries.
Areas of applications of this collection are:

  • Vibration training especially with the side-alternating technique of the Galileo Training devices and Galileo Therapy devices
  • Motion analysis with Leonardo Mechanograph
  • Muscle bone relationship
  • pQCT bone & muscle densitometry & geometry

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New entries

Research Studies (2021)

Mechanography assessment of fall risk in older adults: the Vietnam Osteoporosis Study.

BACKGROUND: Jumping mechanography is a technology for quantitatively assessing muscular function and balance in older adults. This study sought to define the association between jumping mechanography parameters weiter...

Author: Hoang DK, Le NM, Vo-Thi UP, Nguyen HG, Ho-Pham LT, Nguyen TV
Source: J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle, 2021; (): , PMID: 34196127
GID: 5464; Last update: 02.07.2021
More information: Original Article

Research Studies (2021)

The Therapeutic Effects of Whole-Body Vibration in Patients With Fibromyalgia. A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disease with few effective therapeutic options. We evaluated the efficacy of a 12-weeks therapy program that involves the use of whole body vibration in patients with fibromyalgia weiter...

Author: Mingorance JA, Montoya P, Miranda JGV, Riquelme I
Source: Front Neurol, 2021; 12(): 658383, PMID: 34149596
GID: 5460; Last update: 28.06.2021

Research Studies (2021)

The Effects of Whole Body Vibration on the Limits of Stability in Adults With Subacute Ankle Injury.

Background: Limited research exists on the effects of both high and low frequency whole body vibration (WBV) on individuals with subacute lateral ankle sprains. Hypothesis/Purpose: To examine the difference in weiter...

Author: Young S, Wallmann HW, Quiambao KL, Grimes BM
Source: Int J Sports Phys Ther, 2021; 16(3): 749-755, PMID: 34123528
Keywords: Ankle Sprain
GID: 5458; Last update: 21.06.2021

Research Studies (2020)

Effects of Vibration Training on Stride Length and Gait Speed in Cerebral Palsy Patients: A Systematic Review

The current systematic review examined the acute effects of whole-body vibration (WBV) for minimising the effects of CP on gait speed and stride length. Most studies and medical interventions use physiotherapy weiter...

Author: Cook AE, Moody JA, Owens RA, Esformes JI
Source: RC Journal of Research in Sports Medicine, 2020; 5/1: 20-27
Keywords: Metaanalysis
GID: 5450; Last update: 08.06.2021
More information: Original Article

Research Studies (2021)

Core and Whole Body Vibration Exercise Influences Muscle Sensitivity and Posture during a Military Foot March.

Military foot marches account for 17-22% of Army musculoskeletal injuries (MSI), with low back pain (LBP) being a common complaint. Core-exercise and whole-body vibration (WBV) have been shown to decrease LBP weiter...

Author: Lyons KD, Parks AG, Dadematthews O, Zandieh N, McHenry P, Games KE, Goodlett MD, Murrah W, Roper J, Sefton JM
Source: Int J Environ Res Public Health, 2021; 18(9): , PMID: 34067028
GID: 5445; Last update: 07.06.2021

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