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J Sci Med Sport, 2010; 13(4): 438-43, PMID: 19853506

The acute effects of different whole-body vibration amplitudes and frequencies on flexibility and vertical jumping performance.

Year: 2010

Gerodimos V, Zafeiridis A, Karatrantou K, Vasilopoulou T, Chanou K, Pispirikou E
Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Thessaly, Trikala, Greece.


Frequency and amplitude determine the training load of whole-body vibration (WBV) exercise and thereby possible neuromuscular adaptations. We investigated the effects of amplitude and frequency of a single bout of WBV on flexibility and squat jump performance (SJ) and the time-course of these effects. In the amplitude study, twenty-five females performed three vibration protocols (VPs) for 6 min at frequency of 25Hz and amplitudes of 4 mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm and one control protocol (CP). In the frequency study, eighteen females performed three VPs at 6mm amplitude and frequencies of 15 Hz, 20 Hz, and 30 Hz and one CP. Flexibility and SJ were measured before, immediately-post and 15 min recovery. All protocols were performed on a side-to-side alternating vibration plate. In the amplitude study, flexibility was improved (p<0.01) immediately-post in VP4, VP6, VP8 (31.8+/-8.2, 31.9+/-7.6, 31.5+/-7.9, respectively) and at 15 min recovery (31.6+/-8.1, 31.5+/-7.9, 31.0+/-8.2, respectively) vs. pre-vibration (30.2+/-8.6, 30.3+/-8.1, 30.2+/-8.3, respectively), but remained unchanged in CP (30.6+/-8.3 immediately-post, 30.7+/-8.2 at 15 min vs. 30.4+/-8.2 pre-vibration). In the frequency study, flexibility was improved (p<0.01) immediately-post in VP15, VP20, VP30 (31.5+/-5.2, 31.3+/-5, 31.7+/-5.3, respectively) and at 15 min recovery (31.3+/-5.4, 31.3+/-5.0, 31.3+/-5.3, respectively) vs. pre-vibration (30.6+/-5.4, 30.2+/-5.7, 30.3+/-5.9, respectively), but not in CP (30.7+/-5.1 immediately-post, 30.6+/-5 at 15 min vs. pre-vibration 30.5+/-5.7). There were no significant effects of amplitude or frequency on SJ. In conclusion, a single WBV bout using a side-to-side alternating vibration plate may increase flexibility which persists for at least 15 min, without altering jumping performance. These effects were observed irrespective of frequency and amplitude.

Keywords: Flexibility, Amplitudes, Frequencies, Frequncyrange, Streching
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