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Sportverletz Sportschaden., 2010; 24(1): 36-9, PMID: 20229446

Zur Bedeutung der Körperhaltung auf Energietransmission und -absorption beim Vibrationstraining
[The influence of posture on transmission and absorption of vibration energy in whole body vibration exercise]

Year: 2010

Berschin G, Sommer HM
Institut für Sportwissenschaft und Motologie, Abteilung Sportmedizin, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Marburg.


Muscle exercise using whole body vibration platforms is well known as an alternative physical exercise in therapy as well as in high performance sports. Various studies could show an effectiveness in particular to improve maximal strength and springiness. Using these platforms there is no consideration to posture although the damage potential of vibration stress i. e. on intervertebral discs is well-known. Therefore the effect of posture on the transmission and absorption of vibration loads in bipedal standing was examined in a study with 20 sport students. They were exposed to a whole body vibration load in bipedal standing at a vibration frequency of 25 Hz. The transmission of energy was measured at the head in different postural positions. An average transmission of 9 % was measured in spontaneous bipedal standing. It significantly decreased with gradual changes of posture. After 6 weeks posture conditioning exercise this effect was significantly improved. In conclusion different posture in bipedal standing implies not only different energy absorption but also different effects on muscle performance which can explain the partly inconsistent results after vibration exercise. In addition whole body vibration exercise in a prone or sitting position may increase the risk of overload and should be avoided because of reduced energy absorption capacity.

Keywords: Vibration Transmission, Vibration Head, Posture
GID: 2208; Last update: 23.03.2010