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Life in Space for Life on Earth, ESA, Triest, 2010;

55-days bed rest with and without vibration exercise countermeasure: effects on human muscle protein dysregulation

Year: 2010

Gelfi C, Moriggi M, Vasso M, Fania C, Capitanio D, Salanova M, Rittweger J, Blottner D, Felsenberg D, Cerrettelli P
University of Milano, ITALY; LATO-HSR Giglio, ITALY; Charité - Universitatsmedizin-Campus Benjamin Franklin, GERMANY; Manchester Metropolitan University - Institute for Biophysical and Clinical Research into Human Move, UNITED KINGDOM; CNR-IBFM, I


Prolonged bed rest is often adopted as a model for the study of the effects of microgravity in humans, particularly on muscle mass, fiber type distribution as well as on the contractile properties, at the tissue, fiber and subcellular level. In the present study, together with morphometric (cross sectional area, fiber type) and functional data (quadriceps and calf maximum torque), the results of differential proteomic analysis (by 2D-DIGE and MS) and bioinformatic analysis (by Ingenuity Pathways Analysis) of the vastus lateralis (VL) and of the soleus (SOL) muscle are presented. A total of 18 subjects were investigated before and after 55 days of bed rest, 6 without and 6 with resistive vibration exercise (RVE-BBR-1) countermeasures and 6 with resistive exercise (RES-BBR-2) countermeasures. As a consequence of bed rest, both quadriceps and calf underwent a 15% reduction of mass accompanied by a somewhat greater loss of maximum torque which were partially prevented by RVE. Both VL and SOL underwent a transition of myosin isoforms from type I to IIA. The most interesting findings concern changes of proteins involved in mechanical stress and in ROS production control, underlining the intrinsic complexity of the atrophic process induced by bed rest and the role of RVE countermeasures.

Keywords: Galielo Space, Counter Measure, BBR 1
GID: 2298; Last update: 18.06.2010
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