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J Appl Physiol., 2011; 110(4: :926-34., PMID: 21233337

Differential atrophy of the postero-lateral hip musculature during prolonged bed-rest and the influence of exercise countermeasures

Year: 2011

Miokovic T, Armbrecht G, Felsenberg D, Belavy DL
1Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin, Free University & Humboldt University Berlin.


As part of the 2nd Berlin BedRest Study (BBR2-2), we investigated the pattern of muscle atrophy of the postero-lateral hip and hamstring musculature during prolonged inactivity and the effectiveness of two exercise countermeasures. Twenty-four male subjects underwent 60 days of head-down tilt bed-rest and were assigned to an inactive control (CTR), resistive vibration exercise (RVE) or resistive exercise alone (RE) group. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the hip and thigh was taken prior to, during and at end bed-rest. Volume of posterolateral hip and hamstring musculature was calculated and the rate of muscle atrophy and effect of countermeasure exercises examined. After 60 days bed-rest, the CTR group showed differential rates of muscle volume loss (F=21.44, p

Keywords: BBR2
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