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ASBMR, San Diego, 2011;

Muscle Density, a surrogate of intermuscular adiposity, derived from pQCT is an independent correlate of fractures in women

Year: 2011

Wong AKO, Bhargava A, Beattie KA, Gordon CL, Pickard L, Webber CE, Papaioannou A, Adachi JD
Dept of Medical Sciences; Dept of Medicine; Dept of Nuclear Medicine - McMaster University; Dept of Medicine, Hamilton Health Sciences; Hamilton, ON, Canada


bone, muscle and fat have a common progenitor, the mesenchymal stem cell preferred differentiation into adipocytes can lead to loss of bone architecture fat infiltration in bone marrow and muscle is observed between and within tissues ie. within bone marrow, cortical pores, intermuscular and intramyocellular lipids difficult to measure preferential differentiation into adipocytes in vivo.
Intended population: Women = 50 years of age belonging to the local Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Study (CaMos) Hamilton, Ontario site were invited to participate.
CaMos is an ongoing, prospective cohort study of 9423 community-dwelling, randomly selected women & men = 25 years of age at 9 Canadian cities. The original cohort was recruited in 1996-1997 through scientific random selection using residential telephone lists. CaMos objectives, methodology and sampling framework were detailed elsewhere (Kreiger et al. 1999, Can J Aging 18(3):12).
Primary outcome: Prevalence of fragility fractures for the past 15 years, previously ascertained by radiographic evidence, was obtained from the CaMos database.
Lower muscle density, indicative of larger amounts of intermuscular fat, is associated with those with fragility fractures
Information on both aBMD and muscle-derived fat may therefore enable better assessment of population risk for fracture
Physical function measures can be performed easily in the clinic, and adds significantly to the ability to explain the association with fractures
The higher diagnostic value of just muscle density alone compared to total hip aBMD merits further investigation as a potential diagnostic outcome for fracture risk assessment
Possible that muscle adiposity reflects adiposity within bone that is difficult to measure – the result of which leads to fragility and fracture

Keywords: Muscle Density
GID: 2743; Last update: 21.09.2011