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J Osteopor Phys Act, 2015; 3:3: ISSN:2329-9509

Whole Body Vibration Training Effects on Bone Mineral Density in
Postmenopausal Osteoporosis: A Review

Year: 2015

Ensar Abazoviæ, Jelena Paušiæ and Erol Kovaèeviæ
Faculty of Kinesiology, Univerisity of Split, Croatia


Objective: Evaluate long term whole body vibration training effects on bone mineral density in postmenopausal osteoporosis.
Background: Osteoporosis has been defined as a skeletal system disease characterized by low bone density and deterioration of bone microarchitecture which results in increased risk for fracture occurrence and predisposes the person to injury. Whole body vibration therapy showed positive effects on Bone mineral density.
Materials and methods: Literature and scientific papers review of was conducted through the use of several databases: Science Direct, Web of Science, SCIdirect, PubMed, Taylor and Francis Online, Springer Link, SAE publications, JAMA Pediatr Idea: drexler e-repository and archives, Google Scholar and City Library Marko Marulic Split University Library in Split Online catalog. Conclusion: Whole body vibration training is a relatively new and promising non-pharmacological method for bone mineral density decline prevention

Keywords: Vibration therapy; Training; Low bone mineral density; Menopause, Metaanalysis
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