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Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 2020; 17/10: 3650, PMID: 32455961

Potential Application of Whole Body Vibration Exercise For Improving The Clinical Conditions of COVID-19 Infected Individuals: A Narrative Review From the World Association of Vibration Exercise Experts (WAVex) Panel

Year: 2020

Sañudo B., Seixas A., Gloeckl R., Rittweger J., Rawer R., Taiar R., van der Zee E.A.,van Heuvelen M.J.G., Lacerda A.C.,Sartorio A., Bemben M., Cochrane D., Furness T., de Sá-Caputo D., Bernardo-Filho M.
the World Association of Vibration Exercise Experts (WAVex) Panel


COVID-19 is a highly infectious respiratory disease which leads to several clinical conditions related to the dysfunction of the respiratory system along with other physical and psychological complaints. Severely affected patients are referred to intensive care units (ICUs), limiting their possibilities for physical exercise. Whole body vibration (WBV) exercise is a non-invasive, physical therapy, that has been suggested as part of the procedures involved with pulmonary rehabilitation, even in ICU settings. Therefore, in the current review, the World Association of Vibration Exercise Experts (WAVEX) reviewed the potential of WBV exercise as a useful and safe intervention for the management of infected individuals with COVID-19 by mitigating the inactivity-related declines in physical condition and reducing the time in ICU. Recommendations regarding the reduction of fatigue and the risk of dyspnea, the improvement of the inflammatory and redox status favoring cellular homeostasis and the overall improvement in the quality of life are provided. Finally, practical applications for the use of this paradigm leading to a better prognosis in bed bound and ICU-bound subjects is proposed.

Keywords: Galileo Therapy COVID-19 Revovery, SARS-CoV-2, ICU
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