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Nutrients, 2022; 14(20): , PMID: 36296958

Effects of an Omega-3 Supplemented, High-Protein Diet in Combination with Vibration and Resistance Exercise on Muscle Power and Inflammation in Old Adults: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial.

Year: 2022

Hass U, Kochlik B, Herpich C, Rudloff S, Norman K
Department of Nutrition and Gerontology, German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke, 14558 Nuthetal, Germany.


BACKGROUND: Inflammaging is considered to drive loss of muscle function. Omega-3 fatty acids exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, we examined the effects of eight weeks of vibration and home-based resistance exercise combined with a whey-enriched, omega-3-supplemented diet on muscle power, inflammation and muscle biomarkers in community-dwelling old adults. METHODS: Participants were randomized to either exercise (3x/week, n = 20), exercise + high-protein diet (1.2-1.5 g/kg, n = 20), or exercise + high-protein and omega-3-enriched diet (2.2 g/day, n = 21). Muscle power (watt/m(2)) and chair rise test (CRT) time (s) were assessed via CRT measured with mechanography. Furthermore, leg strength (kg/m(2)) and fasting concentrations of inflammatory (interleukin (IL-) 6, IL-10, high-mobility group box-1 (HMGB-1)) and muscle biomarkers (insulin-like growth factor (IGF-) 1, IGF-binding protein-3, myostatin) were assessed. RESULTS: Sixty-one participants (70.6 +/- 4.7 years; 47% men) completed the study. According to generalized linear mixed models, a high-protein diet improved leg strength and CRT time. Only IGF-1 increased with additional omega-3. Sex-specific analyses revealed that muscle power, IL-6, IL-6/IL-10 ratio, and HMGB-1 improved significantly in the male high-protein, omega-3-enriched group only. CONCLUSION: Vibration and home-based resistance exercise combined with a high-protein, omega-3-enriched diet increased muscle power and reduced inflammation in old men, but not in old women. While muscle biomarkers remained unchanged, a high-protein diet combined with exercise improved leg strength and CRT time.

GID: 5823; Last update: 02.11.2022
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