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Galileo Training at FIBO in Cologne

We look forward to seeing you at FIBO! You will find us in Hall 8/B19!   … more


Exercise of the week W45 Forearm press-up (ex 92)

For more comfort place a thin mat on Galileo. Objectives Mobilisation of the shoulder and neck Posture/foot position Knee in all-fours… more


Exercise of the week W44 Back position with lower legs on Galileo (ex 7)

For more comfort place a thin cushion or a mat on Galileo Objectives Detonisation of the thighs and lower legs Posture/foot position Back… more


Exercise of the week W43 One leg stand (ex 112)

A condition for this exercise is a controlled and secure standing on one leg. Objectives Improvement of balance and proprioception Enhancement… more


Exercise of the week W42 Calf stretching with both legs (ex 5) Variation: Calf stretching with one leg (ex 6)

Objectives Stretch calf muscles Posture/foot position Basic position Stand only with the forefoot on the standing surface  Upper… more


Exercise of the week W41 Knee bends (B1)

The classic A classic first exercise is bending the knees. The knee bend exercise is a very complex training exercise which primarily serves to invigorate… more


Exercise of the week W40 Standing scale (Ex 113)

The standing scale mainly serves to improve the ability to balance therefore a frequency between 5 to 20 Hz is recommended for the training. This exercise… more


Exercise of the week W39 Forearm side press-up with bent leg (ex 85)

Objectives Strengthen the trunk muscles Posture/foot position Support with forearm at shoulder width on the floor  Parallel to zero line  Knees… more


Exercise of the week W38 Abductor training in standing position (Ex 30)

Objectives Strengthen abductors (outside thighs) Train pelvic floor muscles Improve stress-induced urinary incontinence Posture/foot position Basic… more


Improved COVID-19-Rehabilitation with Galileo Therapy at the Schön Clinic Berchtesgadener Land

The Schön Clinic Berchtesgadener Land is one of the leading clinics for rehabilitation of severe COVID-19 patients especially after artificial… more


Exercise of the week (W37) Calf training with both legs (ex 4) Variation: Calf training with knee bends (ex 1)

Objectives Strengthen muscles of the calves Improve co-ordination Improve ability to balance Posture/foot position Basic position Upper… more


Exercise of the week W36 Stretch back of the thigh (Ex 26)

Objectives Stretch back of the thigh and muscles of the buttocks Posture/foot position Upper part of the body vertical, in step position Front… more


Exercise of the week (W35) Short side-arm press-up (Ex 95)

For more comfort place a thin mat on Galileo. Objectives Strengthen whole body Posture/foot position Elbows in position 0! Place hips… more


Exercise of the week (W34) Long press-up (Variation: 97 Short press-up) (Ex 91)

For more comfort place a thin mat on Galileo. Objectives Body stabilisation Strengthen the shoulders and hips Posture/foot position On… more


Exercise of the week (W33) Alternating rowing motion (Ex 60)

Objectives Stabilise the spinal column Strengthen the trunk  Shoulder blade fixation Posture/foot position Position resistance… more


Exercise of the week W32 Stretching the adductors (Ex 37)

For more comfort place a thin mat on Galileo. Objectives Stretch the inner thighs Posture/foot position Sit on the training platform Upper… more


Exercise of the week (W31) Single knee bend (Ex 61)

Objectives Strengthen muscles of the thighs (front and back) and buttocks Improve co-ordination Improve ability to balance A single knee… more


Exercise of the week W30 Lower stomach training (Ex 62)

Objectives Train the lower stomach muscles Pelvic floor training Posture/foot position Basic position Place hands in support position… more


Exercise of the week (W29) Strengthening of muscles to straighten the body (Ex 61)

Objectives Body stabilisation Posture/foot position Basic position Bend upper part of the body in the vertical position to the front… more


Exercise of the Week W28 Lift a weight (Ex 24)

Objectives Strengthen the back muscles Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles Strengthen the back of the thighs and buttocks Posture/foot position Basic… more


Exercise of the week W27 Lunge (Ex25)

Objectives Strengthening of muscles of the thighs (front and back) and buttocks Improve co-ordination Posture/foot position Medium-sized… more


Galileo Therapy: Celerbating 11 years of the Cologne Concept

Just in time for the 11th anniversary of the Cologne Concept “Back on your Feet” of the working group of Prof. Schönau at the university hospital of Cologne… more


Celebrating 1 year of Galileo research fact Sheets (GRFS)

It has been exactly one year ago we published the first Galileo Research Fact Sheet (#GRFS1). Since then every Wednesday and Saturday we put out a new one… more


Introducing Categories for Galileo Research Fact Sheets

It has been almost 6 months now that we publish every Wednesday and Saturday a short summary of interesting studies done with Galileo Devices in the "Galileo… more


Galileo Extreme desktop wallpaper available

For all Galileo fans: There is a Galileo desktop wallpaper available for your computer desktop. Simply right-click on one of the images below and in… more


Innovation 2017: The Galileo® PT

Innovation 2017: The Galileo PT for Galileo Fit Chip and Galileo Fit Extreme. New Design and large 27 Inch Monitor - for the even better Galileo PT… more


FIBO 2017

Meet us on FIBO 2017 6.4. - 9.4.2017, Messe Cologne Halle 6, Stand F20 … more


Galileo Training on Instagram now also in English!

Galileo Training is now available on Instagram also in english ! Here's the link to our English pages GalileoTraining.EN on Instagram. Here's the… more


Call for Abstracts for 10th Black Forest Forum for Musculoskeletal Interactions - Focus Pediatrics and Galileo Therapy

June 7. – 9. 2017 Castle Bad Liebenzell, Germany. Registration open now! The 10th edition of the Workshop will focus on pediatrics and new therapy… more


Galileo Training now on Instagram !

Galileo Training is now available on Instagram ! Here's the link to on Instagram. A complete list of all Galileo Training pages on… more


Innovation 2016: The Galileo® Med 25 TT / Med 35

Innovation 2016: The medical devices of the Galileo® S-Series Medical extend the product range for clinical application. The Galileo® Med 25 TT offers… more


Leonardo Mechanography v4.4 Software Release

The all new version of the well-known Leonardo Mechanography RES data acquisition and data analysis software is now available free of charge. New features… more


Innovation 2016: The Galileo® S-Series

Just in time for the 20th anniversary in 2016 the Galileo S-Series has been launched! The Galileo S 25 und S 35 define another milestone for functionality… more


9. ISMNI Black Forrest Workshop, Bad Liebenzell 2016

This week the 9th ISMNI Black Forrest Workshop in the Castle Bad Liebenzell was held. This international meeting is organized annually by Novotec Medical… more


New LinkedIn Groups for Galileo Training, pQCT and Leonardo Mechanography

We just added two new LinkedIn discussion groups which are focussing on the application of our products Galileo, pQCT and Leonardo Mechanography as well as… more


Galileo desktop backgrounds available

For all Galileo fans: There are Galileo desktop backgrounds available for your computer desktop. Both images are availabel in 4:3 format (1280x1024 pixel)… more


Galileo® Space at the Toulouse bedrest study

Bed rest in the name of science Repeatedly and successfully the technology of Galileo Training has been applied in international space research to avoid… more


Galileo® Training, Leonardo Mechanograph® and pQCT at the Mars500 mission – an overview

After 520 days behind the closed airlock the simulated flight to Mars ended successfully on the 4th November. An overview of the project Project partners Russian… more


Team HTC – Highroad, training camp 2011

Parallel to the participation at the tour "Down Under" in Australia the remaining members of the HTC - High Road Cycling team are preparing currently… more


Review: Tour de France 2010

The Team HTC - Columbia demonstrated impressively their power in this year round trip through France. With 5 stage victories in this years Tour de France Mark… more


Galileo® Training, Leonardo Mechanograph® and pQCT used in the Mars500 Mission

Side-alternating whole body vibration maintains muscle and bone of astronauts Pforzheim, 27.05.2010 - At begin of June the final stage of the Mars500 misson… more


Review: 7th ISMNI International Workshop

The 7th International Workshop on Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions was held in Bergisch Gladbach close to Cologne from Mai 20th to 23rd. The two Chairmen… more


Galileo® Training is a partner of the world’s most successful cycling team HTC – Columbia

Novotec Medical supports Team HTC - Columbia with a range of Galileo training devices. In every period of training, recovery or even rehabilitation after… more


Innovation Award for Rehabilitation Concept

Novotec Medical has been working for many years in close cooperation with the expert team led by Professor Schönau at the University Hospital of Cologne… more


Strong Muscles relieve arthritic Joints

This is shown in a study of 39 patients with knee osteoarthritis. Vibration training is equivalent to conventional strength training in terms of force development… more

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