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Exercise of the week W27 Lunge (Ex25)



  • Strengthening of muscles of the thighs (front and back) and buttocks
  • Improve co-ordination

Posture/foot position

  • Medium-sized forwards step
  • Slightly bend leg on Galileo
  • Weight placed on front leg
  • At the start adopt narrow foot position close to the rotation axis (zero line)

Movement execution

  • Basic tension in stomach and lower back and vertical body posture (chest out)
  • Steady and continuous breathing (no forced breathing)
  • Begin downwards movement by bending the knee
  • Do not push the knee forwards
  • The knee remains behind the line of the toes
  • Lower buttocks by bending both legs
  • Bend to a maximum of 90°
  • Position of the head directed to the front

Frequency, position and duration

Where does it vibrate?

  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Calves

Common errors

  • Knee buckles away to the inside or outside
  • Knee pushes forwards over the line of the toes
  • Upper part of the body tilts forwards, back or to the side


  • Larger step forwards - with a larger step the exercise is more efficient and intense
  • Compensate the height difference to Galileo to achieve easier movement execution
  • Vary speed of movement
  • Hold the position at the lowest point of the movement until the muscle tires

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