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Exercise of the week W38 Abductor training in standing position (Ex 30)



  • Strengthen abductors (outside thighs)
  • Train pelvic floor muscles
  • Improve stress-induced urinary incontinence

Posture/foot position

  • Basic position with bent knees
  • Assisting medium: wind band firmly around knees (or: hand palms push knees together)
  • Upper part of the body vertical, knees slightly bent

Movement execution

  • Press knees slightly to the outside
  • Slight upwards and downwards movement
  • 4 seconds downwards - 4 seconds upwards

Frequency, position and duration

Where does it vibrate?

  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Buttocks

Common errors

  • Knees move to the inside
  • Ankles buckle
  • Too much tension to the outside

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