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Exercise of the week W40 Standing scale (Ex 113)


The standing scale mainly serves to improve the ability to balance therefore a frequency between 5 to 20 Hz is recommended for the training. This exercise is suitable only for advanced users.


  • Improvement of balance

Posture/foot position

  • Basic position or rotated by 90°
  • Shift weight to one leg 
  • Slightly raise other leg 
  • Heel in position 0!

Movement execution

  • Slowly move upper part of the body in controlled manner to the front and to compensate move the stretched leg to the back and upwards
  • The head remains aligned to the body 
  • Change after 15 seconds

Frequency, position and duration

Where does it vibrate?

  • Legs
  • Back

Common errors

  • Ankle and/or knee buckles away to the inside or outside
  • Back too round or too bent

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