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Product overview

Here you find all product information for the Galileo Training devices and Galileo Therapy devices, for xelerate training systems, for the Leonardo Mechanography and for the peripheral computed tomography (pQCT). All devices are developped and produced  exclusively in Germany and distributed worldwide.

Galileo® Training devices

For the application in the fields of fitness, sport and wellness. The side-alternating original made in Germany for side-alternating muscle stimulation:

Galileo Therapy devices with medical device licence

For the application in professional therapeutic and medical field and prevention.The side-alternating oroginal made in Germany for side-alternating muscle stimulation:


Power Area with embedded sensors for cognitive fitness, speed and endurance. 
xelerate - think fast. move faster. 

Winner of teh FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2018 for performance.

Leonardo Mechanograph®

Automatic, objective and software based motion analysis and performance diagnosis for the early diagnosis of movement disorders and the objective and reproducible assessment of achievement potential and mobility:

Stratec pQCT bone density and bone geometry

The 3rd dimension in muslce and bone densitometry. Calculation of bone bending and compressive strength from bone cross sectional geometry with accurate density values in g/cm³. The diagnsotik tool for Osteoporosis, Frailty and Sarcopenia:


*) An overview of different study results organized by toppic you can find here. A comprehensive list of studies which used Galileo® devices you can find here.

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