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Accessory: Galileo® Training App

Accessory: Galileo® Training App

Galileo® Training App. Interaktive Training handbook.


Galileo® Training App. Interactive training handbook. Use the Galileo® Training App to train on your Galileo® whenever and wherever you want. Our expert team created individual exercises for a variaty of applications like Relaxation, lower back Training or increase of power.

The Galileo Training App is all about relaxation, lower back training and improvement of performance. Train anytime and anywhere on you Galileo vibration training device. The Galileo Training App is an interactive training handbook which helps you to create individual workouts based on over 200 exercises. To find the right exercises they are grouped by 20 different training goals. Each exercise can be set to up to six different training intensities. According to the selected exercise and intensity level the Galileo Training App will suggest all corresponding training parameters – this way Galileo Training is even more simple, more exciting and simply more fun.


Manufacturer: Novotec Medical GmbH

Price: Kostenfrei / free of charge

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