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Accessory: Galileo® Smart Sense

Accessory: Galileo® Smart Sense

Force sensors can detect asymmetry

Multifunctionality for more efficiency, control and security.

Galileo Sensor devices have an additional integrated measuring function. By means of 4 force sensors additionally acting forces and an asymmetry of the body position during the Galileo application are measured and displayed graphically.

Galileo® Smart Sense 

over 4 integrated force sensors.

The Smart Sense function measures the detected additional forces, as a result of the vibration and the corresponding posture. Values are displayed in relation to the body weight. 

In addition, the detected position of the center of gravity is displayed. For asymmetric foot position an asymmetric loading of the left and the right leg can be detected.This way the user can recognize asymmetrical postures and correct them. 


Manufacturer: Novotec Medical GmbH

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