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Grundlagenstudien zum Themenbereich Muskel & Knochen

Unten finden Sie alle Grundlagenstudien zum Themenbereich Muskel & Knochen, sortiert nach Einstellungsdatum. Diese Kategorie beinhaltet aktuell 395 Datensätze.

Literatur (395)

Grundlagenstudien (2023)

Comparing the Healing Abilities of Fluorapatite and Hydroxyapatite Ceramics in Regenerating Bone Tissue: An In Vivo Study.

Some reports in the literature show the advantages of fluoride-containing apatite ceramics over hydroxyapatite (HAP), at least in some aspects. While HAP has been used extensively in the treatment of bone def weiter...

Verfasser: Borkowski L, Jojczuk M, Belcarz A, Pawlowska-Olszewska M, Kruk-Bachonko J, Radzki R, Bienko M, Slowik T, Lubek T, Nogalski A, Ginalska G
Quelle: Materials (Basel), 2023; 16(17): , PMID: 37687681
GID: 6063; Last update: 12.09.2023

Grundlagenstudien (2023)

Effects of Whole-Body Vibration and Manually Assisted Locomotor Therapy on Neurotrophin-3 Expression and Microglia/Macrophage Mobilization Following Thoracic Spinal Cord Injury in Rats.

Microglial cells play an important role in neuroinflammation and secondary damages after spinal cord injury (SCI). Progressive microglia/macrophage inflammation along the entire spinal axis follows SCI, and v weiter...

Verfasser: Schaufler D, Manthou ME, Theotokis P, Rink-Notzon S, Angelov DN
Quelle: Curr Issues Mol Biol, 2023; 45(4): 3238-3254, PMID: 37185735
GID: 5994; Last update: 16.05.2023

Grundlagenstudien (2022)

pQCT Analysis of Cortical Bone in Rats Exposed to High Levels of Cortisol in-utero.

Unperturbed fetal development is essential for future health of an individual. Previous studies have linked diseases of aging to harmful alterations that happen during fetal development. Given the significant l weiter...

Verfasser: Brown SA
Quelle: FASEB J, 2022; 36 Suppl 1(): , PMID: 35555908
Schlagworte: Abstract only
GID: 5707; Last update: 17.05.2022

Grundlagenstudien (2022)

GPR109A gene deletion ameliorates gonadectomy-induced bone loss in mice.

Sex steroid deficiency plays critical roles in the pathophysiology of bone as the result of uncertain bone remodeling, i.e., increased bone resorption with equivocal bone formation. We have previously shown tha weiter...

Verfasser: Chen JR, Lazarenko OP, Blackburn ML
Quelle: Bone, 2022; 161(): 116422, PMID: 35489706
GID: 5701; Last update: 03.05.2022

Grundlagenstudien (2022)

Management of Sarcopenia: A Network Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.

OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to determine the comparative effectiveness of interventions in treatment of sarcopenia. The primary outcome was the measure of treatment effect on muscle mass, and secondary outcome weiter...

Verfasser: Negm AM, Lee J, Hamidian R, Jones CA, Khadaroo RG
Quelle: J Am Med Dir Assoc, 2022; (): , PMID: 35183490
GID: 5647; Last update: 03.03.2022

Grundlagenstudien (2022)

Bone Structural, Biomechanical and Histomorphometric Characteristics of the Hindlimb Skeleton in the Marsh Rice Rat (Oryzomys palustris).

INTRODUCTION: The rice rat (Oryzomys palustris) is a non-conventional laboratory rodent species used to model some human bone disorders. However, no studies have been conducted to characterize the postcranial weiter...

Verfasser: Castillo EJ, Croft S, Jiron JM, Aguirre JI
Quelle: Anat Rec (Hoboken), 2022; (): , PMID: 35090092
Schlagworte: Marsh rice rat
GID: 5635; Last update: 01.02.2022

Grundlagenstudien (2021)

Reporting Guidelines for Whole-Body Vibration Studies in Humans, Animals and Cell Cultures: A Consensus Statement from an International Group of Experts.

Whole-body vibration (WBV) is an exercise modality or treatment/prophylaxis method in which subjects (humans, animals, or cells) are exposed to mechanical vibrations through a vibrating platform or device. The weiter...

Verfasser: van Heuvelen MJG, Rittweger J, Judex S, Sanudo B, Seixas A, Fuermaier ABM, Tucha O, Nyakas C, Marin PJ, Taiar R, Stark C, Schoenau E, Sa-Caputo DC, Bernardo-Filho M, van der Zee EA
Quelle: Biology (Basel), 2021; 10(10): , PMID: 34681065
GID: 5572; Last update: 02.11.2021

Grundlagenstudien (2021)

Bilateral asymmetry and developmental plasticity of the humerus in modern humans.

OBJECTIVE: This study investigates bilateral asymmetry in the humerus of modern human populations with differing activity patterns to assess the relative plasticity of different bone regions in response to envi weiter...

Verfasser: Zelazny KG, Sylvester AD, Ruff CB
Quelle: Am J Phys Anthropol, 2021; 174(3): 418-433, PMID: 33460465
GID: 5319; Last update: 08.03.2021

Grundlagenstudien (2021)

Programming Effect of the Parental Obesity on the Skeletal System of Offspring at Weaning Day.

Our study aimed to verify the hypothesis of the existence of a programming effect of parental obesity on the growth, development and mineralization of the skeletal system in female and male rat offspring on the weiter...

Verfasser: Radzki RP, Bienko M, Wolski D, Ostapiuk M, Polak P, Manastyrska M, Kimicka A, Wolska J
Quelle: Animals (Basel), 2021; 11(2): , PMID: 33562167
GID: 5301; Last update: 16.02.2021

Grundlagenstudien (2020)

Transmission of whole body vibration - Comparison of three vibration platforms in healthy subjects.

The potential of whole body vibration (WBV) to maintain or enhance musculoskeletal strength during ageing is of increasing interest, with both low and high magnitude WBV having been shown to maintain or increas weiter...

Verfasser: Spain L, Yang L, Wilkinson JM, McCloskey E
Quelle: Bone, 2020; 144(): 115802, PMID: 33309990
Schlagworte: Galileo 900, Powerplate, Juvent
GID: 5288; Last update: 04.02.2021

Grundlagenstudien (2021)

Oral Estradiol Impact on Mitigating Unloading-Induced Bone Loss in Ovary-Intact Rats.

BACKGROUND: The impact of the spaceflight environment on endogenous estrogen production in female crewmembers and the resulting impact on other adaptations, like bone loss, is an under-investigated topic. Hence weiter...

Verfasser: Mantri AV, Allaway HCM, Brezicha JE, Hogan HA, Bloomfield SA
Quelle: Aerosp Med Hum Perform, 2021; 92(2): 65-74, PMID: 33468286
GID: 5281; Last update: 25.01.2021

Grundlagenstudien (2020)

Co-deletion of Lrp5 and Lrp6 in the skeleton severely diminishes bone gain from sclerostin antibody administration.

The cysteine knot protein sclerostin is an osteocyte-derived secreted inhibitor of the Wnt co-receptors LRP5 and LRP6. LRP5 plays a dominant role in bone homeostasis, but we previously reported that Sost/sclero weiter...

Verfasser: Lim KE, Bullock WA, Horan DJ, Williams BO, Warman ML, Robling AG
Quelle: Bone, 2020; 143(): 115708, PMID: 33164872
GID: 5241; Last update: 03.12.2020

Grundlagenstudien (2020)

Automated resolution independent method for comparing in vivo and dry trabecular bone.

OBJECTIVES: Variation in human trabecular bone morphology can be linked to habitual behavior, but it is difficult to investigate in vivo due to the radiation required at high resolution. Consequently, functiona weiter...

Verfasser: Saers JPP, DeMars LJ, Stephens NB, Jashashvili T, Carlson KJ, Gordon AD, Ryan TM, Stock JT
Quelle: Am J Phys Anthropol, 2020; 174(4): 822-831, PMID: 33244765
GID: 5240; Last update: 03.12.2020

Grundlagenstudien (2021)

Investigating in vivo knee volumetric bone mineral density and walking gait mechanics in healthy people.

The aim of this study was to investigate if the distribution of subchondral volumetric bone mineral density (vBMD) from peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) is related to estimates of knee joint l weiter...

Verfasser: Thewlis D, Waters A, Solomon LB, Perilli E
Quelle: Bone, 2021; 143(): 115662, PMID: 32987197
GID: 5206; Last update: 05.10.2020

Grundlagenstudien (2020)

Analysis of low-dose estrogen on fracture healing measured by pQCT in postmenopausal women

Background The skeletal disease osteoporosis affects primarily postmenopausal women. It is characterized by increased fracture risk due to defective remodeling of bone tissue and a pathological bone microarchi weiter...

Verfasser: Katharina Blanka Dr. Jäckle, Jan Philipp Kolb, Arndt F Schilling
Quelle: PREPRINT (Version 1) available at Research Square [+], 2020;
Schlagworte: estrogen, fracture healing, osteoporosis, callus formation
GID: 5144; Last update: 16.06.2020

Grundlagenstudien (2020)

Effects of whole-body vibration training on bone density and turnover markers in adolescent swimmers.

Background Whole-body vibration training has recently been proposed as a complementary training modality to improve the bone health of adolescent swimmers. However, there is no longitudinal study regarding the weiter...

Verfasser: Marin-Puyalto J, Gomez-Cabello A, Gonzalez-Aguero A, Matute-Llorente A, Gomez-Bruton A, Jurimae J, Casajus JA, Vicente-Rodriguez G
Quelle: J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab, 2020; 33(5): 623-630, PMID: 32229668
GID: 5089; Last update: 06.04.2020

Grundlagenstudien (2020)

Site-Specific Effects of Swimming on Bone Density in Female Collegiate Swimmers.

While swimming provides numerous cardiovascular and overall health benefits, past research suggests it provides no constructive benefits to bone strength and density at dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) me weiter...

Verfasser: Miller M, Kojetin S, Scibora L
Quelle: Int J Exerc Sci, 2020; 13(1): 249-259, PMID: 32148613
GID: 5078; Last update: 16.03.2020

Grundlagenstudien (2020)

Sclerostin-Antibody Treatment Decreases Fracture Rates in Axial Skeleton and Improves the Skeletal Phenotype in Growing oim/oim Mice.

In osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), vertebrae brittleness causes thorax deformations and leads to cardiopulmonary failure. As sclerostin-neutralizing antibodies increase bone mass and strength in animal models of weiter...

Verfasser: Cardinal M, Dessain A, Roels T, Lafont S, Ominsky MS, Devogelaer JP, Chappard D, Mabilleau G, Ammann P, Nyssen-Behets C, Manicourt DH
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int, 2020; 106(5): 106(5):494-508, PMID: 32025752
GID: 5041; Last update: 11.02.2020

Grundlagenstudien (2019)

Evolutions of temperature and density during roll compaction of a pharmaceutical excipient.

Roll compaction is a critical unit operation in the pharmaceutical manufacture. During roll compaction, a change in the internal energy of powder due to applying of external work from the rolls can generate hea weiter...

Verfasser: Krok A, Wu CY
Quelle: Int J Pharm, 2019; 572(): 118822, PMID: 31678375
GID: 4994; Last update: 19.11.2019

Grundlagenstudien (2020)

Bone Marrow and Muscle Fat Infiltration are Correlated Among Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis: the AMBERS Cohort Study.

Bone and muscle have shown to interact, but little is known about fat within bone and muscle. Clinical studies have isolated fat within bone and muscle using MRI. In this cross-sectional study, we hypothesized weiter...

Verfasser: Wong AK, Chandrakumar A, Whyte R, Reitsma S, Gillick H, Pokhoy A, Papaioannou A, Adachi JD
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res, 2020; 35(3): 516-527, PMID: 31675452
GID: 4995; Last update: 19.11.2019

Grundlagenstudien (2020)

A rare mutation in SMAD9 associated with high bone mass identifies the SMAD-dependent BMP signalling pathway as a potential anabolic target for osteoporosis.

Novel anabolic drug targets are needed to treat osteoporosis. Having established a large national cohort with unexplained high bone mass (HBM), we aimed to identify a novel monogenic cause of HBM and provide i weiter...

Verfasser: Gregson CL, Bergen D, Leo P, Sessions RB, Wheeler L, Hartley A, Youlten S, Croucher PI, McInerney-Leo AM, Fraser W, Tang JCY, Anderson L, Marshall M, Sergot L, Paternoster L, Davey-Smith G, Brown MA, Hammond C, Kemp JP, Tobias JH, Duncan EL
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res, 2020; 35(1): 92-105, PMID: 31525280
GID: 4977; Last update: 26.09.2019

Grundlagenstudien (2019)

Effect of alendronate or 8-prenylnaringenin applied as a single therapy or in combination with vibration on muscle structure and bone healing in ovariectomized rats.

Bisphosphonate alendronate (ALN), phytoestrogen 8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN) and the whole body vibration exert a favorable effect on osteoporotic bone. However, the impact of these treatments and the combination weiter...

Verfasser: Komrakova M, Rechholtz C, Pohlmann N, Lehmann W, Schilling AF, Wigger R, Sehmisch S, Hoffmann DB
Quelle: Bone Rep, 2019; 11(): 100224, PMID: 31516917
GID: 4962; Last update: 16.09.2019

Grundlagenstudien (2019)

Inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor in young adult mice causes low bone blood flow and bone strength with no effect on bone mass in trabecular regions.

Objective: To determine the effect of an antibody to vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) on bone blood flow, bone strength, and bone mass in the young adult mouse. Methods: Ten-week-old male BALB/cJ mice weiter...

Verfasser: Lane NE, Nyman JS, Uppuganti S, Chaudhari AJ, Aguirre JI, Shidara K, Liu XP, Yao W, Kimmel DB
Quelle: Bone Rep, 2019; 10(): 100210, PMID: 31193542
GID: 4925; Last update: 17.06.2019

Grundlagenstudien (2019)

A case-control pilot study of stress fracture in adolescent girls: the discriminative ability of two imaging technologies to classify at-risk athletes.

Since stress fractures are common among adolescent athletes, it is important to identify bone assessment tools that accurately identify risk. We investigated the discriminative ability of two imaging technologi weiter...

Verfasser: Duckham RL, Bialo SR, Machan J, Kriz P, Gordon CM
Quelle: Osteoporos Int, 2019; 30(8): 1573–1580, PMID: 31143993
GID: 4911; Last update: 03.06.2019

Grundlagenstudien (2019)

pQCT- and Ultrasound-based Muscle and Fat Estimate Errors after Resistance Exercise.

PURPOSE: Resistance exercise increases blood flow, induces osmotic and hydrostatic fluid shifts during and immediately after exercise, and may trigger inflammatory responses for several days in the working musc weiter...

Verfasser: Rowe GS, Blazevich AJ, Haff GG
Quelle: Med Sci Sports Exerc, 2019; 51(5): 1022-1031, PMID: 30986813
GID: 4894; Last update: 23.04.2019

Grundlagenstudien (2019)

In Vivo Measurements of Cortical Thickness and Porosity at the Proximal Third of the Tibia Using Guided Waves: Comparison with Site-Matched Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography and Distal High-Resolution Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography

The aim of this study was to estimate cortical porosity (Ct.Po) and cortical thickness (Ct.Th) using 500-kHz bi-directional axial transmission (AT). Ct.ThAT and Ct.PoAT were obtained at the tibia in 15 patients weiter...

Verfasser: Schneider J, Ramiandrisoa D, Armbrecht G, Ritter Z, Felsenberg D, Raum K, Minonzio JG
Quelle: Ultrasound Med Biol, 2019; 45(51234-1242): , PMID: 30777311
GID: 4864; Last update: 26.02.2019

Grundlagenstudien (2019)

Relationship of cardiometabolic risk biomarkers with DXA and pQCT bone health outcomes in young girls.

BACKGROUND: Excess weight exerts the positive effect of mechanical loading on bone during development whereas obesity-related metabolic dysfunction may have a detrimental impact. In adults, the presence of met weiter...

Verfasser: Hetherington-Rauth M, Bea JW, Blew RM, Funk JL, Lee VR, Roe DJ, Sardinha LB, Going SB
Quelle: Bone, 2019; 120(): 452-458, PMID: 30572143
GID: 4818; Last update: 08.01.2019

Grundlagenstudien (2018)

Bone geometry in young male and female football players: a peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) study.

The present study shows that football practice during growth may improve bone geometry in male and female football players. However, only females had better bone strength in comparison with controls. PURPOSE: T weiter...

Verfasser: Lozano-Berges G, Matute-Llorente A, Gomez-Bruton A, Gonzalez-Aguero A, Vicente-Rodriguez G, Casajus JA
Quelle: Arch Osteoporos, 2018; 13(1): 57, PMID: 29737414
GID: 4685; Last update: 22.05.2018

Grundlagenstudien (2018)

The transgenerational effect of maternal and paternal F1 low birth weight on bone health of second and third generation offspring.

Low birth weight programs diseases in adulthood, including adverse bone health. These diseases can have intergenerational and transgenerational origins, whereby transmission to subsequent generations occurs vi weiter...

Verfasser: Anevska K, Wark JD, Wlodek ME, Romano T
Quelle: J Dev Orig Health Dis, 2018; 314(): 161-170, PMID: 29631641
GID: 4663; Last update: 13.04.2018

Grundlagenstudien (2018)

Multi-Scale Approach for the Evaluation of Bone Mineralization in Strontium Ranelate-Treated Diabetic Rats.

Long-term diabetes mellitus can induce osteopenia and osteoporosis, an increase in the incidence of low-stress fractures, and/or delayed fracture healing. Strontium ranelate (SrR) is a dual-action anti-osteopor weiter...

Verfasser: Alvarez-Lloret P, Fernandez JM, Molinuevo MS, Lino AB, Ferretti JL, Capozza RF, Cortizo AM, McCarthy AD
Quelle: Biol Trace Elem Res, 2018; 186(2): 457-466, PMID: 29623650
GID: 4661; Last update: 09.04.2018

Grundlagenstudien (2018)

Cortical bone loss due to skeletal unloading in aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 gene knockout mice is associated with decreased PTH receptor expression in osteocytes.

Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2) is the enzyme that degrades and detoxifies the acetaldehyde produced by alcohol metabolism. In our previous study, we found that compared with wild-type mice (WT), climbing exer weiter...

Verfasser: Tajima T, Menuki K, Okuma KF, Tsukamoto M, Fukuda H, Okada Y, Kosugi K, Yamanaka Y, Uchida S, Sakai A
Quelle: Bone, 2018; (): 254-266, PMID: 29482068
GID: 4632; Last update: 27.02.2018

Grundlagenstudien (2017)

Can whole body vibration exercises affect growth hormone concentration? A systematic review.

Whole body vibration (WBV) has been recognized as an effective alternative exercise modality to resistance exercise for its ability in enhancing force and power, generating capacity in skeletal muscle, increasi weiter...

Verfasser: Paineiras-Domingos LL, Sa-Caputo DDC, Moreira-Marconi E, Morel DS, da Fontoura Dionello C, Sousa-Goncalves CR, Frederico EHFF, Marin PJ, Tamini S, Sartorio A, Bernardo-Filho M
Quelle: Growth Factors, 2017; 35(4-5): 189-200, PMID: 29228887
Schlagworte: Metaanalysis
GID: 4585; Last update: 14.01.2018

Grundlagenstudien (2017)

Abaloparatide, a novel PTH receptor agonist, increased bone mass and strength in ovariectomized cynomolgus monkeys by increasing bone formation without increasing bone resorption.

Abaloparatide, a novel PTH1 receptor agonist, increased bone formation in osteopenic ovariectomized cynomolgus monkeys while increasing cortical and trabecular bone mass. Abaloparatide increased bone strength a weiter...

Verfasser: Doyle N, Varela A, Haile S, Guldberg R, Kostenuik PJ, Ominsky MS, Smith SY, Hattersley G
Quelle: Osteoporos Int, 2017; (): , PMID: 29260289
GID: 4576; Last update: 08.01.2018

Grundlagenstudien (2018)

Is the consumption of snail meat actually healthy? An analysis of the osteotropic influence of snail meat as a sole source of protein in growing rats.

The study was aimed at determining the osteotropic effects of diets containing snail meat as a sole protein source. In our experiment, we tested three different diets incorporating snail meat originating from H weiter...

Verfasser: Radzki RP, Bienko M, Polak P, Szkucik K, Ziomek M, Ostapiuk M, Bienias J
Quelle: J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr (Berl), 2018; 102(): 885-891, PMID: 29218776
GID: 4577; Last update: 08.01.2018

Grundlagenstudien (2017)

How to prevent the detrimental effects of two months of bed-rest on muscle, bone and cardiovascular system: an RCT.

Physical inactivity leads to a deconditioning of the skeletal, neuromuscular and cardiovascular system. It can lead to impaired quality of life, loss of autonomy, falls and fractures. Regular exercise would be weiter...

Verfasser: Kramer A, Gollhofer A, Armbrecht G, Felsenberg D, Gruber M
Quelle: Sci Rep, 2017; 7(1): 13177, PMID: 29030644
Schlagworte: leonardo Jumping Table, BedRest
GID: 4555; Last update: 14.11.2017

Grundlagenstudien (2018)

Maternal stress does not exacerbate long-term bone deficits in female rats born growth restricted, with differential effects on offspring bone health.

Females born growth restricted have poor adult bone health. Stress exposure during pregnancy increases risk of pregnancy complications. We determined whether maternal stress exposure in growth restricted female weiter...

Verfasser: Anevska K, Cheong JN, Wark JD, Wlodek ME, Romano T
Quelle: Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol, 2018; 314(): 161-170, PMID: 28978512
GID: 4544; Last update: 12.10.2017

Grundlagenstudien (2020)

Muscle power predicts bone strength in Division II athletes.

The relationship between muscle fitness measures and tibial bone strength in collegiate level athletes was investigated. Eighty-six Division II collegiate athletes (age: (18-29 years), height: 1.71 m (.09): mas weiter...

Verfasser: Yingling VR, Webb S, Inouye C, O J, Sherwood JJ
Quelle: J Strength Cond Res, 2020; 34(6): 1657-1665, PMID: 28859012
GID: 4498; Last update: 01.09.2017

Grundlagenstudien (2017)

Effects of long-term oral administration of methimazole on femur and tibia properties in male Wistar rats.

Physiological concentrations of thyroid hormones are crucial for skeletal growth and development, physiological bone turnover and bone homeostasis maintenance. Methimazole (1-methyl-2-mercaptoimidazole) is an weiter...

Verfasser: Tatara MR, Golynski M, Radzki RP, Bienko M, Krupski W
Quelle: Biomed Pharmacother, 2017; 94(): 124-128, PMID: 28759749
GID: 4501; Last update: 01.09.2017

Grundlagenstudien (2018)

Mineral features of connective dental hard tissues in hypoplastic amelogenesis imperfecta.

OBJECTIVE: To explore the mineral features of dentin and cementum in hypoplastic AI teeth MATERIALS AND METHODS: Forty four (44) teeth cleaned and free of caries were used: 20 control and 24 affected by hypop weiter...

Verfasser: Kammoun R, Behets C, Mansour L, Ghoul-Mazgar S
Quelle: Oral Dis, 2018; 24(): 384-392, PMID: 28771955
GID: 4482; Last update: 14.08.2017

Grundlagenstudien (2015)

Acute effects of whole-body vibration on trunk and neck muscle activity in consideration of different vibration loads.

The intention of this study was to systematically analyze the impact of biomechanical parameters in terms of different peak-to-peak displacements and knee angles on trunk and neck muscle activity during whole-b weiter...

Verfasser: Perchthaler D, Hauser S, Heitkamp HC, Hein T, Grau S
Quelle: J Sports Sci Med, 2015; 14(1): 155-62, PMID: 25729303
Schlagworte: EMG on lower back during vibration training Vibration, electromyography, torso, paraspinal muscles. EMG, Lower Back Muscles, Upper Back Muscles
GID: 3839; Last update: 08.04.2015
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2015)

Longitudinal changes in lean mass predict pQCT measures of tibial geometry and mineralisation at 6-7years.

BACKGROUND: Studies in childhood suggest that both body composition and early postnatal growth are associated with bone mineral density (BMD). However, little is known of the relationships between longitudinal weiter...

Verfasser: Moon RJ, Cole ZA, Crozier SR, Curtis EM, Davies JH, Gregson CL, Robinson SM, Dennison EM, Godfrey KM, Inskip HM, Cooper C, Harvey NC
Quelle: Bone, 2015; 75(): 105-10, PMID: 25703480
GID: 3852; Last update: 08.04.2015

Grundlagenstudien (2015)

Pregnant growth restricted female rats have bone gains during late gestation which contributes to second generation adolescent and adult offspring having normal bone health.

Low birth weight, due to uteroplacental insufficiency, results in programmed bone deficits in the first generation (F1). These deficits may be passed onto subsequent generations. We characterized the effects of weiter...

Verfasser: Anevska K, Gallo LA, Tran M, Jefferies AJ, Wark JD, Wlodek ME, Romano T
Quelle: Bone, 2015; 74(): 199-207, PMID: 25659207
GID: 3856; Last update: 08.04.2015

Grundlagenstudien (2013)

Musculoskeletal response of dystrophic mice to short term, low intensity, high frequency vibration.

Objectives: We aimed to identify parameters of low-intensity vibration that initiate the greatest osteogenic response in dystrophin-deficient mice and determine vibration safety for diseased muscle in three sep weiter...

Verfasser: Novotny SA, Eckhoff MD, Eby BC, Call JA, Nuckley D, Lowe DA
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2013; 13(4): 418-29, PMID: 24292612
GID: 3422; Last update: 10.01.2014

Grundlagenstudien (2013)

Vibration platform for mice to deliver precise, low intensity mechanical signals to the musculoskeleton.

Objective: Low intensity vibration as a therapeutic and training modality has received increased attention despite the lack of clear mechanistic pathways. Thus, to determine mechanisms underpinning vibration-in weiter...

Verfasser: Novotny SA, Mehta H, Lowe DA, Nuckley DJ
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2013; 13(4): 412-7, PMID: 24292611
GID: 3423; Last update: 10.01.2014

Grundlagenstudien (2013)

Whole-body vibration training improves balance, muscle strength and glycosylated hemoglobin in elderly patients with diabetic neuropathy.

Elderly patients with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy are more likely to experience falls. However, the information available on how such falls can be prevented is scarce. We investigated the effects of whol weiter...

Verfasser: Lee K, Lee S, Song C
Quelle: Tohoku J Exp Med, 2013; 231(4): 305-14, PMID: 24334483
Schlagworte: Muscle Power, Balance, HbA1c, Diabetes, Flexibility
GID: 3411; Last update: 08.01.2014

Grundlagenstudien (2013)

Acute exposure to microgravity does not influence the H-reflex with or without whole body vibration and does not cause vibration-specific changes in muscular activity.

PURPOSE: Many potential countermeasures for muscle and bone loss caused by exposure to microgravity require an uncompromised stretch reflex system. This is especially true for whole body vibration (WBV), as the weiter...

Verfasser: Kramer A, Gollhofer A, Ritzmann R.
Quelle: J Electromyogr Kinesiol., 2013; 23(4): 872-8, PMID: 23541330
Schlagworte: Parabolic flights Bed rest Countermeasure Bone loss Muscle loss Space, Spinal Excitability
#GRFS104, #GRFS105
GID: 3194; Last update: 06.06.2013

Grundlagenstudien (2013)

Side-to-Side Differences in the Lower Leg Muscle-Bone Unit in Male Soccer Players.

Purpose: To characterize side-to-side differences in the lower leg muscle-bone unit between the non-dominant leg (NL) and the dominant leg (DL) using maximum voluntary forefoot ground reaction force (Fm1LH) dur weiter...

Verfasser: Anliker E, Sonderegger A, Toigo M.
Quelle: Med Sci Sports Exerc., 2013; 45(8): 1545-1552, PMID: 23470305
GID: 3215; Last update: 06.06.2013

Grundlagenstudien (2013)

Whole-body vibration improves functional recovery in spinal cord injured rats.

Whole-body vibration (WBV) is a relatively novel form of exercise used to improve neuromuscular performance in healthy individuals. Its usefulness as a therapy for patients with neurological disorders, in parti weiter...

Verfasser: Wirth F, Schempf G, Stein G, Wellmann K, Manthou M, Scholl C, Sidorenko M, Semler O, Eisel L, Harrach R, Angelova S, Jaminet P, Ankerne J, Ashrafi M, Ozsoy O, Ozsoy U, Schubert H, Abdulla D, Dunlop SA, Angelov DN, Irintchev A, Schonau E
Quelle: J Neurotrauma, 2013; 30(6): 453-68, PMID: 23157611
GID: 3068; Last update: 27.11.2012

Grundlagenstudien (2012)

Serum leptin levels negatively correlate with trabecular bone mineral density in high-fat diet-induced obesity mice.

Objectives: This study evaluated the influence of diet-induced obesity on bone tissue quantity and quality in the proximal tibiae of growing mice and also examined the relationships between the serum total chol weiter...

Verfasser: Fujita Y, Watanabe K, Maki K
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2012; 12(2): 84-94, PMID: 22647282
GID: 2972; Last update: 04.06.2012
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2012)

The effect of previous conditioning exercise on diaphyseal and metaphyseal bone to imposition and withdrawal of training in young Thoroughbred horses.

This study recorded the response to training of the diaphysis of the proximal phalangeal bone and the third metacarpal bone (Mc3) and the Mc3 proximal metaphysis. Nineteen 2- and 3-year old horses in training w weiter...

Verfasser: Firth EC, Rogers CW, van Weeren PR, Barneveld A, McIlwraith CW, Kawcak CE, Goodship AE, Smith RK
Quelle: Vet J, 2012; 192(1): 34-40, PMID: 21855374
GID: 2922; Last update: 19.03.2012

Grundlagenstudien (2010)

Analyses of muscular mass and function: the impact on bone mineral density and peak muscle mass

Bone density and bone mass are commonly regarded as the essential parameters to describe fracture risk in osteology. Because fractures primarily depend on bone strength and secondarily on bone mass and density, weiter...

Verfasser: Fricke O, Beccard R, Semler O, Schoenau E
Quelle: Pediatr Nephrol., 2010; 25(12): 2393-400, PMID: 20458595
GID: 2571; Last update: 22.02.2011

Grundlagenstudien (2010)

Assessment of bone response to conditioning exercise in the radius and tibia of young Thoroughbred horses using pQCT

Objectives: To assess the effect of conditioning exercise on bone parameters at multiple sites in the radius and tibia of young Thoroughbred horses. Methods: The left and right radius and tibia were obtained fr weiter...

Verfasser: Nicholson CL, Firth EC
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2010; 10(3): 199-206, PMID: 20811144
GID: 2393; Last update: 03.09.2010
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2010)

Biological underpinnings of Frost"s mechanostat thresholds: The important role of osteocytes

Harold Frost first proposed the existence of several mechanical thresholds in bone, two of which determine whether bone is added to, or lost from, the skeleton. Recent evidence from bone biology helps elucidate weiter...

Verfasser: Hughes JM, Petit MA
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2010; 10(2): 128-35, PMID: 20516629
GID: 2293; Last update: 07.06.2010
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Novel effects of high dose of olpadronate on cortical bone and mechanism of fracture in young-rat femurs

Verfasser: Cointry GR, Capozza RF, Meta M, Mondelo N, Piccini E, Ferretti JL
Quelle: ASBMR, 2007;
GID: 2225; Last update: 09.04.2010

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Correlation between cortical bone structure and Biomechanics and metabolic indicators in spontaneously diabetic, ESS rats. A pQCT Study.

Verfasser: Cointry G, Daniele SM, Capozza R, Martinez S, Ulla MR, Tarres MC, Montenegro S, Morisoli L, Ferretti JL
Quelle: ASBMR, 2007;
GID: 2223; Last update: 09.04.2010

Grundlagenstudien (2009)

High doses of alendronate improve cortical bone toughness in intact retired-breeder rats without affecting bone mass, geometry, mineralization and elastic properties.

Verfasser: Chippe BA, Isla L. De Simone E, Roldan E, Cointry Gm Ferretti JL, Capozza R
Quelle: ASBMR, 2009;
GID: 2230; Last update: 09.04.2010

Grundlagenstudien (2010)

Biomechanical Evaluation of Peri- and Interprosthetic Fractures of the Femur

BACKGROUND:: Because of an increasing life expectancy of patients and the rising number of joint replacements, peri- and interprosthetic femoral fractures are a common occurrence in most trauma centers. This st weiter...

Verfasser: Lehmann W, Rupprecht M, Hellmers N, Sellenschloh K, Briem D, Püschel K, Amling M, Morlock M, Rueger JM
Quelle: J Trauma., 2010; PMID: 20093986
GID: 2200; Last update: 23.03.2010

Grundlagenstudien (1975)

Force platforms as ergometers

Walking and running on the level involves external mechanical work, even when speed averaged over a complete stride remains constant. This work must be performed by the muscles to accelerate and/or raise the ce weiter...

Verfasser: Cavagna GA
Quelle: J Appl Physiol., 1975; 39(1): 174-9, PMID: 1150585
GID: 2037; Last update: 16.11.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Effects of dietary equol administration on ovariectomy induced bone loss in Sprague-Dawley rats

Oestrogen deficiency leads to a considerable bone loss, thus, osteopenia and osteoporosis are serious complications after menopause. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effects of a daidzein metabolite equol on bone ma weiter...

Verfasser: Rachon D, Seidlová-Wuttke D, Vortherms T, Wuttke W.
Quelle: Maturitas., 2007; 58(3): 308-15, PMID: 17961939
GID: 2033; Last update: 09.11.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Bone development in female rats maintained with soy-free or soy-containing food as determined by computer-assisted tomography and serum bone markers

The development of bone in immature rats and in aged rats has not been thoroughly studied. Therefore, we investigated the development of bones in young, middle-aged, and aged female rats. Because most rat chows weiter...

Verfasser: Seidlová-Wuttke D, Jarry H, Jäger Y, Wuttke W
Quelle: J Bone Miner Metab., 2008; 26(4): 321-7, PMID: 18600397
GID: 2032; Last update: 09.11.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Effects of black cohosh extract on body weight gain, intra-abdominal fat accumulation, plasma lipids and glucose tolerance in ovariectomized Sprague-Dawley rats

Extracts of the black cohosh (Actaea/Cimicifuga racemosa (CR)) have long been used to treat estrogen deficiency symptoms in women after menopause. Recent data from randomized controlled studies have shown that weiter...

Verfasser: Rachon D, Vortherms T, Seidlová-Wuttke D, Wuttke W.
Quelle: Maturitas., 2008; 60(3-4): 209-15, PMID: 18691839
GID: 2034; Last update: 09.11.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2009)

Physical exercise improves properties of bone and its collagen network in growing and maturing mice

This study characterized bone structure, composition, and mechanical properties in growing male mice. The development of the collagen network during maturation was monitored, and the effect of voluntary physica weiter...

Verfasser: Isaksson H, Tolvanen V, Finnilä MA, Iivarinen J, Tuukkanen J, Seppänen K, Arokoski JP, Brama PA, Jurvelin JS, Helminen HJ
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2009; 85(3): 247-56, PMID: 19641838
GID: 1917; Last update: 07.09.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2009)

Prenatal growth restriction and postnatal growth restriction followed by accelerated growth independently program reduced bone growth and strength

Low birth weight increases the risk of developing adult onset cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Recently being born small has also been identified as a risk factor for adverse bone growth, development and weiter...

Verfasser: Romano T, Wark JD, Owens JA, Wlodek ME
Quelle: Bone., 2009; 45(1): 132-41, PMID: 19332163
GID: 1840; Last update: 21.07.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Short term effects on bone quality associated with consumption of soy protein isolate and other dietary protein sources in rapidly growing female rats

Beneficial effects of soy protein consumption on bone quality have been reported. The effects of other dietary protein sources such as whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) and rice protein isolate (RPI) on bone growt weiter...

Verfasser: Chen JR, Singhal R, Lazarenko OP, Liu X, Hogue WR, Badger TM, Ronis MJ
Quelle: Exp Biol Med (Maywood)., 2008; 233(11): 1348-58, PMID: 18703746
GID: 1838; Last update: 21.07.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2009)

Binge alcohol-induced bone damage is accompanied by differential expression of bone remodeling-related genes in rat vertebral bone

Binge alcohol-related bone damage is prevented by concurrent administration of bisphosphonates, suggesting an activation of bone resorption with patterned alcohol exposure. Although chronic alcohol abuse is kno weiter...

Verfasser: Callaci JJ, Himes R, Lauing K, Wezeman FH, Brownson K
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2009; 84(6): 474-84, PMID: 19330277
GID: 1839; Last update: 21.07.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2009)

Optimal increase in bone mass by continuous local infusion of alendronate during distraction osteogenesis in rabbits

Several methods have been used to increase bone mass in distraction osteogenesis. Since bone resorption as well as regeneration is stimulated in the distracted segment, bisphosphonate can be a beneficial agent weiter...

Verfasser: Abbaspour A, Takahashi M, Sairyo K, Takata S, Yukata K, Inui A, Yasui N
Quelle: Bone., 2009; 44(5): 917-23, PMID: 19442623
GID: 1822; Last update: 03.07.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Automatic segmentation of cortical and trabecular components of bone specimens acquired by pQCT

Peripheral Quantitative Computerized Tomography (pQCT) allows the acquisition of bone specimens with a spatial resolution adequate to visualize the 3D structure of the bone cortex and the trabecular network. At weiter...

Verfasser: Rizzo G, Tresoldi D, Scalco E, Mendez M, Bianchi AM, Moro GL, Rubinacci A
Quelle: Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc., 2008; 2008: 486-9, PMID: 19162699
GID: 1738; Last update: 17.03.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2009)

Targeted transgenic expression of an osteoclastic transmembrane protein-tyrosine phosphatase in cells of osteoclastic lineage increases bone resorption and bone loss in male young adult mice

This study evaluated whether transgenic expression of PTP-oc (osteoclastic transmembrane protein-tyrosine phosphatase) in cells of the osteoclast lineage would affect bone resorption and bone density in young a weiter...

Verfasser: Sheng MH, Amoui M, Stiffel V, Srivastava AK, Wergedal JE, Lau KH
Quelle: J Biol Chem., 2009; 284(17): 11531-45, PMID: 19244239
GID: 1736; Last update: 17.03.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2009)

Genetic regulation of bone traits is influenced by sex and reciprocal cross in F(2) progeny from GK and F344 rats.

A genome-wide linkage analysis to identify quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for bone phenotypes was performed in an F(2) intercross of inbred spontaneously type 2 diabetic GK and normoglycemic F344 rats (108 mal weiter...

Verfasser: Lagerholm S, Li LS, Jiao H, Park HB, Ohlsson C, Akesson K, Luthman H
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res, 2009; 24(6): 1066-74, PMID: 19113924
GID: 1723; Last update: 17.02.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2009)

Targeted overexpression of the two colony-stimulating factor-1 isoforms in osteoblasts differentially affects bone loss in ovariectomized mice

Colony-stimulating factor-1 (CSF1) is one of two cytokines required for normal osteoclastogenesis. There are two major isoforms of CSF1, the cell-surface or membrane-bound isoform (mCSF1) and soluble CSF1 (sCSF weiter...

Verfasser: Yao GQ, Wu JJ, Ovadia S, Troiano N, Sun BH, Insogna K
Quelle: Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab., 2009; 296(4): E714-20, PMID: 19141689
GID: 1721; Last update: 17.02.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2009)

Short-term exposure to dioxin impairs bone tissue in male rats

Chronic and sub-chronic studies in rats have previously shown that dioxin-like compounds impair the bone tissue homeostasis. In the present study, tibiae and serum were analyzed to study possible effects of sho weiter...

Verfasser: Lind PM, Wejheden C, Lundberg R, Alvarez-Lloret P, Hermsen SA, Rodriguez-Navarro AB, Larsson S, Rannug A
Quelle: Chemosphere., 2009; 75(5): 680-4, PMID: 19152955
GID: 1719; Last update: 17.02.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2009)

Exposure to pastures fertilised with sewage sludge disrupts bone tissue homeostasis in sheep

The femurs of male and female sheep (Ovis aries), aged 18 months, bred on pastures fertilized twice annually with sewage sludge (2.25 tonnes dry matter/ha; Treated; T)) or on pastures treated with inorganic fer weiter...

Verfasser: Lind PM, Gustafsson M, Hermsen SA, Larsson S, Kyle CE, Orberg J, Rhind SM
Quelle: Sci Total Environ., 2009; 407(7): 2200-8, PMID: 19162300
GID: 1717; Last update: 17.02.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2009)

Differential mRNA expression profiles in proximal tibia of aged rats in response to ovariectomy and low-Ca diet

Both ovariectomized animals and animals fed with Ca-depleted diets are commonly used in vivo models for the investigation of osteoporosis-related bone loss. The present study aimed to study the genomic response weiter...

Verfasser: Zhang Y, Dong XL, Leung PC, Wong MS
Quelle: Bone., 2009; 44(1): 46-52, PMID: 18848653
GID: 1702; Last update: 13.02.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Effect of combined treatment with alendronate and calcitriol on femoral neck strength in osteopenic rats

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Hip fracture is associated with pronounced morbidity and excess mortality in elderly women with postmenopausal osteoporosis. Many drugs have been developed to treat osteoporosis and to red weiter...

Verfasser: Nakamura Y, Naito M, Hayashi K, Fotovati A, Abu-Ali S
Quelle: J Orthop Surg Res., 2008; 3: 51, PMID: 19091077
GID: 1701; Last update: 02.02.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

An in vivo rabbit model for cartilage trauma: a preliminary study of the influence of impact stress magnitude on chondrocyte death and matrix damage

OBJECTIVE: This study was designed to evaluate the postimpact response of the articular cartilage in the rabbit knee after a single traumatic episode. DESIGN: A novel servo-controlled Rabbit Impact Test System weiter...

Verfasser: Milentijevic D, Rubel IF, Liew AS, Helfet DL, Torzilli PA
Quelle: J Orthop Trauma., 2005; 19(7): 466-73, PMID: 16056079
GID: 1700; Last update: 21.01.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

In utero and lactational exposure to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) affects bone tissue in rhesus monkeys

Bone tissue is one of the target tissues for dioxins and dioxin-like compounds. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate effects of in utero and lactational exposure to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-d weiter...

Verfasser: Hermsen SA, Larsson S, Arima A, Muneoka A, Ihara T, Sumida H, Fukusato T, Kubota S, Yasuda M, Lind PM
Quelle: Toxicology., 2008; 253(1-3): 147-52, PMID: 18835322
GID: 1693; Last update: 21.01.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2009)

Differential regulation of bone and body composition in male mice with combined inactivation of androgen and estrogen receptor-alpha

Osteoporosis and muscle frailty are important health problems in elderly men and may be partly related to biological androgen activity. This androgen action can be mediated directly through stimulation of the a weiter...

Verfasser: Callewaert F, Venken K, Ophoff J, De Gendt K, Torcasio A, van Lenthe GH, Van Oosterwyck H, Boonen S, Bouillon R, Verhoeven G, Vanderschueren D
Quelle: FASEB J., 2009; 23(1): 232-40, PMID: 18809737
GID: 1692; Last update: 21.01.2009

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Percutaneous nonviral delivery of hepatocyte growth factor in an osteotomy gap promotes bone repair in rabbits: a preliminary study

Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) was initially identified in cultured hepatocytes and subsequently reported to induce angiogenic, morphogenic, and antiapoptotic activity in various tissues. These properties sugge weiter...

Verfasser: Matsubara H, Tsuchiya H, Watanabe K, Takeuchi A, Tomita K
Quelle: Clin Orthop Relat Res., 2008; 466(12): 2962-72, PMID: 18813894
GID: 1668; Last update: 12.12.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Changes in subchondral bone mineral density and collagen matrix organization in growing horses

OBJECTIVE: The effects of growth and maturation on the mineral deposition and the collagen framework of equine subchondral bone (SCB) were studied. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Osteochondral specimens (diameter 6 mm) weiter...

Verfasser: Holopainen JT, Brama PA, Halmesmäki E, Harjula T, Tuukkanen J, van Weeren PR, Helminen HJ, Hyttinen MM
Quelle: Bone., 2008; 43(6): 1108-14, PMID: 18757048
GID: 1665; Last update: 12.12.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

The pairing of a selective estrogen receptor modulator, bazedoxifene, with conjugated estrogens as a new paradigm for the treatment of menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis prevention

The menopausal transition is associated with decreased ovarian function and concomitant decline in estrogen production, which may result in physiological effects such as hot flashes, reduced bone mass, and alte weiter...

Verfasser: Kharode Y, Bodine PV, Miller CP, Lyttle CR, Komm BS
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2008; 149(12): 6084-91, PMID: 18703623
GID: 1652; Last update: 02.12.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Fracture healing in mice deficient in plasminogen activator inhibitor-1

To evaluate the role of plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI)-1, a key negative regulator of the plasmin system of extracellular matrix proteases in developmental bone growth and fracture repair, the bone pheno weiter...

Verfasser: Rundle CH, Wang X, Wergedal JE, Mohan S, Lau KH
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2008; 83(4): 276-84, PMID: 18820962
GID: 1646; Last update: 24.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

The Frozen Shoulder syndrome plus other evidence and the Utah Paradigm suggest the syndrome"s pathogenesis and new targets for collagenous tissue research.

Sometimes naturally occurring disorders combined with other evidence can provide a "virtual laboratory" exercise that answers old questions and reveals new problems and questions that need appropriately "target weiter...

Verfasser: Frost HM.
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2000; Dec;1(2): 113-9., PMID: 15758503
GID: 1643; Last update: 20.11.2008
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

In vivo human tendon mechanical properties: effect of resistance training in old age

Recent advances in ultrasound scanning have made it possible to obtain the mechanical properties of human tendons in vivo. Application of the in vivo method in elderly individuals showed that their patellar ten weiter...

Verfasser: Maganaris CN, Narici MV, Reeves ND
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2004; 4(2): 204-8, PMID: 15615128
GID: 1633; Last update: 19.11.2008
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Adaptation of the tendon to mechanical usage

Tendons primarily function as contractile force transmitters, but their mechanical properties may change dependent upon their level of mechanical usage. Using an ultrasound-based technique we have assessed tend weiter...

Verfasser: Reeves ND
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2006; 6(2): 174-80, PMID: 16849829
GID: 1632; Last update: 19.11.2008
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Health of herring gulls (Larus argentatus) in relation to breeding location in the early 1990s. III. Effects on the bone tissue

Health effects associated with the Great Lakes environment were assessed in adult herring gulls (Larus argentatus) in the early 1990s, including the size and quality of their bones. Femurs were excised from 140 weiter...

Verfasser: Fox GA, Lundberg R, Wejheden C, Lind L, Larsson S, Orberg J, Lind PM
Quelle: J Toxicol Environ Health A., 2008; 71(21): 1448-56, PMID: 18800294
GID: 1584; Last update: 17.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Increased cortical remodeling after osteotomy causes posttraumatic osteopenia

Following a fracture, substantial bone mineral loss can occur at the affected limb. The aim of this study was to analyze the changes in cortical bone around the site of a fracture. We analyzed bone mineral dens weiter...

Verfasser: Augat P, Claes L
Quelle: Bone., 2008; 43(3): 539-43, PMID: 18586599
GID: 1579; Last update: 11.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Effects of estrogen receptor alpha- and beta-selective substances in the metaphysis of the tibia and on serum parameters of bone and fat tissue metabolism of ovariectomized rats

The functions of estrogen receptors (ER) alpha and beta (ER-alpha and beta) in bone and fat tissue are not precisely described. Therefore we studied the effects of a specific ERalpha and ERbeta agonist in bone weiter...

Verfasser: Seidlová-Wuttke D, Prelle K, Fritzemeier KH, Wuttke W
Quelle: Bone., 2008; 43(5): 849-55, PMID: 18708178
GID: 1569; Last update: 11.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Bolus or weekly zoledronic acid administration does not delay endochondral fracture repair but weekly dosing enhances delays in hard callus remodeling

INTRODUCTION: It has been widely assumed that osteoclasts play a pivotal role during the entire process of fracture healing. Bisphosphonates (BPs) are anti-catabolic agents commonly used to treat metabolic bone weiter...

Verfasser: McDonald MM, Dulai S, Godfrey C, Amanat N, Sztynda T, Little DG
Quelle: Bone., 2008; 43(4): 653-62, PMID: 18582604
GID: 1568; Last update: 11.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Bax deficiency in mice increases cartilage production during fracture repair through a mechanism involving increased chondrocyte proliferation without changes in apoptosis

This study sought to determine the role of the pro-apoptotic gene, Bax, in fracture healing by comparing femoral fracture healing in Bax knockout (KO) and wild-type C57BL/6J (background strain) mice. Bax KO fra weiter...

Verfasser: Rundle CH, Wang X, Sheng MH, Wergedal JE, Lau KH, Mohan S
Quelle: Bone., 2008; 43(5): 880-8, PMID: 18708175
GID: 1567; Last update: 11.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Hyperlipidemia impairs osteoanabolic effects of PTH

Epidemiological and in vitro studies have suggested that hyperlipidemia/oxidized phospholipids adversely affect bone. We recently found that oxidized phospholipids attenuate PTH-induced cAMP and immediate-early weiter...

Verfasser: Huang MS, Lu J, Ivanov Y, Sage AP, Tseng W, Demer LL, Tintut Y
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2008; 23(10): 1672-9, PMID: 18505371
GID: 1555; Last update: 06.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Alfacalcidol treatment increases bone mass from anticatabolic and anabolic effects on cancellous and cortical bone in intact female rats

It has been reported that alfacalcidol had an anticatabolic and anabolic effect on bone in ovariectomized and aged male rat models, but this has not been tested on intact female rats. The current study was to d weiter...

Verfasser: Liu XQ, Chen HY, Tian XY, Setterberg RB, Li M, Jee WS
Quelle: J Bone Miner Metab., 2008; 26(5): 425-35, PMID: 18758900
GID: 1552; Last update: 06.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Beneficial effects of conjugated linoleic acid and exercise on bone of middle-aged female mice

Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) are a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids that has recently been shown to have several beneficial effects on different diseases, including prevention of bone loss. The important weiter...

Verfasser: Banu J, Bhattacharya A, Rahman M, Fernandes G
Quelle: J Bone Miner Metab., 2008; 26(5): 436-45, PMID: 18758901
GID: 1551; Last update: 06.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Linkage screen for BMD phenotypes in male and female COP and DA rat strains

Because particular inbred strains of experimental animals are informative for only a subset of the genes underlying variability in BMD, we undertook a genome screen to identify quantitative trait loci (QTLs) in weiter...

Verfasser: Koller DL, Liu L, Alam I, Sun Q, Econs MJ, Foroud T, Turner CH
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2008; 23(9): 1382-8, PMID: 18707222
GID: 1549; Last update: 06.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Comparison of the healing of open tibial fractures covered with either muscle or fasciocutaneous tissue in a murine model

The objective of this study was to compare the effects of soft tissue coverage by either muscle or fasciocutaneous tissue on the healing of open tibial fractures in a murine model. An open tibial fracture, stri weiter...

Verfasser: Harry LE, Sandison A, Paleolog EM, Hansen U, Pearse MF, Nanchahal J
Quelle: J Orthop Res., 2008; 26(9): 1238-44, PMID: 18404722
GID: 1546; Last update: 06.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Lrp6 hypomorphic mutation affects bone mass through bone resorption in mice and impairs interaction with Mesd

Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 5 (LRP5) regulates bone acquisition by controlling bone formation. Because roles of LRP6, another co-receptor for Wnts, in postnatal bone metabolism have not bee weiter...

Verfasser: Kubota T, Michigami T, Sakaguchi N, Kokubu C, Suzuki A, Namba N, Sakai N, Nakajima S, Imai K, Ozono K
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2008; 23(10): 1661-71, PMID: 18505367
GID: 1545; Last update: 06.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Caloric restriction decreases cortical bone mass but spares trabecular bone in the mouse skeleton: implications for the regulation of bone mass by body weight

INTRODUCTION: Body weight is positively correlated with bone mass and density, and both muscle mass and body fat are thought to play a role in regulating bone metabolism. We examined bone metabolism in calorica weiter...

Verfasser: Hamrick MW, Ding KH, Ponnala S, Ferrari SL, Isales CM
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2008; 23(6): 870-8, PMID: 18435579
GID: 1544; Last update: 06.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Bone formation in interleukin-4 and interleukin-13 depleted mice

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Cytokines play an important role in the complex process of bone formation. We have previously found an altered skeletal phenotype with reduction of cortical bone mass in mice depleted of weiter...

Verfasser: Silfverswärd CJ, Sisask G, Larsson S, Ohlsson C, Frost A, Ljunggren O, Nilsson O
Quelle: Acta Orthop., 2008; 79(3): 410-20, PMID: 18622847
GID: 1542; Last update: 06.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Tamoxifen impairs both longitudinal and cortical bone growth in young male rats

Tamoxifen (Tam) has been used experimentally to treat boys with gynecomastia and girls with McCune-Albright syndrome. This drug was recently shown to inhibit the growth of cultured fetal rat metatarsal bones an weiter...

Verfasser: Karimian E, Chagin AS, Gjerde J, Heino T, Lien EA, Ohlsson C, Sävendahl L
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2008; 23(8): 1267-77, PMID: 18348701
GID: 1540; Last update: 06.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Overexpression of human hydroxysteroid (17beta) dehydrogenase 2 induces disturbance in skeletal development in young male mice

To understand the function of human hydroxysteroid (17beta) dehydrogenase 2 (HSD17B2) in the peripheral tissues in vivo, we studied the bone development in transgenic male mice ubiquitously expressing human HSD weiter...

Verfasser: Shen Z, Peng Z, Sun Y, Väänänen HK, Poutanen M
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2008; 23(8): 1217-26, PMID: 18348690
GID: 1539; Last update: 06.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Curculigo orchioides, a traditional Chinese medicinal plant, prevents bone loss in ovariectomized rats

OBJECTIVE: Natural medicines derived from plants have aroused increasing interest in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. This is due to their unique characteristics as these are more suitable for long weiter...

Verfasser: Cao DP, Zheng YN, Qin LP, Han T, Zhang H, Rahman K, Zhang QY
Quelle: Maturitas., 2008; 59(4): 373-80, PMID: 18468819
GID: 1538; Last update: 06.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Alveolar bone regeneration using absorbable poly(L-lactide-co-epsilon-caprolactone)/beta-tricalcium phosphate membrane and gelatin sponge incorporating basic fibroblast growth factor

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of combining a porous poly(L-lactide-co-epsilon-caprolactone)/beta-tricalcium phosphate membrane and gelatin sponge incorporating basic fibroblastic growth fact weiter...

Verfasser: Kinoshita Y, Matsuo M, Todoki K, Ozono S, Fukuoka S, Tsuzuki H, Nakamura M, Tomihata K, Shimamoto T, Ikada Y
Quelle: Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg., 2008; 37(3): 275-81, PMID: 18262760
GID: 1536; Last update: 06.11.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Ground reaction force and spatiotemporal measurements of the gait of the mouse

Measurement of ground reaction forces with force plates permits quantification of the subtle changes in movement associated with a variety of pathophysiological states. The apparatus used here permits simultane weiter...

Verfasser: Clarke KA, Smart L, Still J
Quelle: Behav Res Methods Instrum Comput., 2001; 33(3): 422-6, PMID: 11591074
GID: 1520; Last update: 09.09.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Force plate for measuring the ground reaction forces in small animal locomotion

The importance of kinetic force plate studies of locomotion in small animals has grown recently with the increasing use of rodent models for studies of musculoskeletal diseases. However, the force plates for us weiter...

Verfasser: Zumwalt AC, Hamrick M, Schmitt D
Quelle: J Biomech., 2006; 39(15): 2877-81, PMID: 16356506
GID: 1519; Last update: 09.09.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Risedronate did not block the maximal anabolic effect of PTH in aged rats

The study was designed to investigate if pre-treating rats with a therapeutic equivalent dose of risedronate blunted the anabolic effects of PTH, and whether a withdrawal period prior to PTH treatment would alt weiter...

Verfasser: Yao W, Su M, Zhang Q, Tian X, Setterberg RB, Blanton C, Lundy MW, Phipps R, Jee WS
Quelle: Bone., 2007; 41(5): 813-9, PMID: 17716965
GID: 1501; Last update: 09.09.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Long-term protective effects of zoledronic acid on cancellous and cortical bone in the ovariectomized rat

Current bisphosphonate therapies effectively prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women. We studied the effect of a single intravenous dose of ZOL in ovariectomized rats. Protection from bone loss was dose depen weiter...

Verfasser: Gasser JA, Ingold P, Venturiere A, Shen V, Green JR
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2008; 23(4): 544-51, PMID: 18072878
GID: 1500; Last update: 09.09.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Effect of osteoporosis on bone mineral density and fracture repair in a rat femoral fracture model

Osteoporosis (OP) is one of the most prevalent bone diseases worldwide with bone fracture the major clinical consequence. The effect of OP on fracture repair is disputed and although it might be expected for fr weiter...

Verfasser: McCann RM, Colleary G, Geddis C, Clarke SA, Jordan GR, Dickson GR, Marsh D
Quelle: J Orthop Res., 2008; 26(3): 384-93, PMID: 17960650
GID: 1499; Last update: 09.09.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Cortical bone loss in androgen-deficient aged male rats is mainly caused by increased endocortical bone remodeling

INTRODUCTION: Hypogonadism is considered to be one of the major risk factors for osteoporosis in men. Here, we sequentially studied the effects of androgen deficiency on cortical bone in aged orchiectomy (ORX) weiter...

Verfasser: Reim NS, Breig B, Stahr K, Eberle J, Hoeflich A, Wolf E, Erben RG
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2008; 23(5): 694-704, PMID: 18433303
GID: 1498; Last update: 09.09.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Correlation among geometric, densitometric, and mechanical properties in mandible and femur of osteoporotic rats

We have previously demonstrated bone loss of the mandible and femur in experimental osteoporotic rats and its prevention by medication, using peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT). In the present s weiter...

Verfasser: Jiang GZ, Matsumoto H, Hori M, Gunji A, Hakozaki K, Akimoto Y, Fujii A
Quelle: J Bone Miner Metab., 2008; 26(2): 130-7, PMID: 18301968
GID: 1497; Last update: 09.09.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Chronic ethanol consumption inhibits postlactational anabolic bone rebuilding in female rats

EtOH consumption significantly impaired anabolic rebuilding of bone after lactation. Lower BMD and BMC in EtOH-fed rats were associated with decreased bone formation in the proximal tibia, increased proportion weiter...

Verfasser: Shankar K, Hidestrand M, Liu X, Chen JR, Haley R, Perrien DS, Skinner RA, Lumpkin CK Jr, Badger TM, Ronis MJ
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2008; 23(3): 338-49, PMID: 17967133
GID: 1496; Last update: 09.09.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Alendronate reduces bone toughness of ribs without significantly increasing microdamage accumulation in dogs following 3 years of daily treatment

Reduced bone toughness, the energy absorption capacity of the tissue, has been consistently documented in vertebrae of animals treated with a wide range of bisphosphonate doses. Data regarding toughness changes weiter...

Verfasser: Allen MR, Reinwald S, Burr DB
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2008; 82(5): 354-60, PMID: 18463913
GID: 1495; Last update: 09.09.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Pathogenesis of age-related osteoporosis: impaired mechano-responsiveness of bone is not the culprit

BACKGROUND: According to prevailing understanding, skeletal mechano-responsiveness declines with age and this apparent failure of the mechano-sensory feedback system has been attributed to the gradual bone loss weiter...

Verfasser: Leppänen OV, Sievänen H, Jokihaara J, Pajamäki I, Kannus P, Järvinen TL
Quelle: PLoS ONE., 2008; 3(7): e2540, PMID: 18648530
GID: 1494; Last update: 09.09.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Combined xeno/auto-grafting of a benign osteolytic lesion in a dog, using a novel bovine cancellous bone biomaterial

CASE HISTORY: A 4-year-old female Labrador Retriever was diagnosed with an osteolytic lesion of the right distal radius. CLINICAL FINDINGS: Radiographs indicated a well-circumscribed radiolucent area 18 x 15 x weiter...

Verfasser: Worth AJ, Thompson KG, Owen MC, Mucalo MR, Firth EC
Quelle: N Z Vet J., 2007; 55(3): 143-8, PMID: 17534418
GID: 1401; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

CART deficiency increases body weight but does not alter bone strength

The regulation of bone metabolism mediated by leptin is a complex process that is not clearly understood. Recent studies suggest that CART (cocaine-amphetamine related transcript) is a significant neuronal co-f weiter...

Verfasser: Bartell SM, Isales CM, Baile CA, Kuhar MJ, Hamrick MW
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2008; 8(2): 146-53, PMID: 18622083
GID: 1400; Last update: 22.07.2008
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Effect of preoperative combined treatment with alendronate and calcitriol on fixation of hydroxyapatite-coated implants in ovariectomized rats

BACKGROUND: Osteoporosis is a potential risk factor affecting implant stability following total joint arthroplasty. Bisphosphonates are potent inhibitors of osteoblastic bone resorption, and vitamin D is an i weiter...

Verfasser: Nakamura Y, Hayashi K, Abu-Ali S, Naito M, Fotovati A
Quelle: J Bone Joint Surg Am., 2008; 90(4): 824-32, PMID: 18381321
GID: 1399; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

A comparison between the effects of hydrophobic and hydrophilic statins on osteoclast function in vitro and ovariectomy-induced bone loss in vivo

Statins potently inhibit 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase, blocking downstream biosynthesis of isoprenoid lipids and causing inhibition of protein prenylation. Prenylated signaling molecules are weiter...

Verfasser: Hughes A, Rogers MJ, Idris AI, Crockett JC
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2007; 81(5): 403-13, PMID: 17982704
GID: 1398; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

High impact exercise is more beneficial than dietary calcium for building bone strength in the growing rat skeleton

The benefits of impact exercise and dietary calcium on bone development are controversial. We used inbred rats under highly controlled conditions to test the independent and combined effects of impact exercise weiter...

Verfasser: Welch JM, Turner CH, Devareddy L, Arjmandi BH, Weaver CM
Quelle: Bone., 2008; 42(4): 660-8, PMID: 18291744
GID: 1397; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Effects of treatment with parathyroid hormone 1-84 on quantity and biomechanical properties of thoracic vertebral trabecular bone in ovariectomized rhesus monkeys

Osteoporosis is characterized by impaired bone quality leading to increased susceptibility to fracture, particularly of the thoracic spine. However, the lumbar spine is studied most commonly. We investigated th weiter...

Verfasser: Fox J, Newman MK, Turner CH, Guldberg RE, Varela A, Smith SY
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2008; 82(3): 212-20, PMID: 18297227
GID: 1396; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Epistatic effects contribute to variation in BMD in Fischer 344 x Lewis F2 rats

To further delineate the factors underlying the complex genetic architecture of BMD in the rat model, a genome screen for epistatic interactions was conducted. Several significant interactions were identified, weiter...

Verfasser: Koller DL, Liu L, Alam I, Sun Q, Econs MJ, Foroud T, Turner CH
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2008; 23(1): 41-7, PMID: 17907919
GID: 1395; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Genetic loci affecting bone structure and strength in inbred COP and DA rats

Previous studies have shown that the Copenhagen 2331 (COP) and Dark Agouti (DA) rats have significant differences in bone structure and strength despite their similar body mass. Thus, these inbred rat strains m weiter...

Verfasser: Sun Q, Alam I, Liu L, Koller DL, Carr LG, Econs MJ, Foroud T, Turner CH
Quelle: Bone., 2008; 42(3): 547-53, PMID: 18158281
GID: 1394; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Impact of pregnancy-associated plasma protein-a deletion on the adult murine skeleton

INTRODUCTION: The metalloproteinase, pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A (PAPP-A) functions to enhance local insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I bioavailability through cleavage of inhibitory IGF binding pro weiter...

Verfasser: Tanner SJ, Hefferan TE, Rosen CJ, Conover CA
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2008; 23(5): 655-62, PMID: 18086007
GID: 1393; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Knee loading accelerates bone healing in mice

Knee loading is an anabolic loading modality that applies lateral loads to the knee. This study shows that loads applied to the proximal tibial epiphysis stimulate healing of surgically generated wounds in the weiter...

Verfasser: Zhang P, Sun Q, Turner CH, Yokota H
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2007; 22(12): 1979-87, PMID: 17696761
GID: 1392; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Relationships between densitometric and morphological parameters as measured by peripheral computed tomography and the compressive behavior of lumbar vertebral bodies from macaques (Macaca fascicularis)

STUDY DESIGN: The measured maximum compressive force and stress of lumbar vertebral bodies from cynomolgus monkeys were compared with peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) derived densitometric and weiter...

Verfasser: Dickerson CR, Saha S, Hotchkiss CE
Quelle: Spine., 2008; 33(4): 366-72, PMID: 18277866
GID: 1391; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Semaphorin 3B is a 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3-induced gene in osteoblasts that promotes osteoclastogenesis and induces osteopenia in mice

The vitamin D endocrine system is important for skeletal homeostasis. 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D(3) [1,25(OH)(2)D(3)] impacts bone indirectly by promoting intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate and directl weiter...

Verfasser: Sutton AL, Zhang X, Dowd DR, Kharode YP, Komm BS, Macdonald PN
Quelle: Mol Endocrinol., 2008; 22(6): 1370-81, PMID: 18356290
GID: 1390; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Short-term changes in serum PINP predict long-term changes in trabecular bone in the rat ovariectomy model

Serum procollagen I N-terminal propeptide (PINP) is a sensitive bone formation marker in humans. We have developed a nonradioactive immunoassay for rat PINP and studied PINP as a bone formation marker in the ra weiter...

Verfasser: Rissanen JP, Suominen MI, Peng Z, Morko J, Rasi S, Risteli J, Halleen JM
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2008; 82(2): 155-61, PMID: 18219436
GID: 1389; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Specific effects of gamma-linolenic, eicosapentaenoic, and docosahexaenoic ethyl esters on bone post-ovariectomy in rats

Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFAs) are involved in the regulation of bone metabolism. Increased dietary consumption of n-3, and possibly some n-6, LCPUFAs may limit postmenopausal bone loss. The a weiter...

Verfasser: Poulsen RC, Firth EC, Rogers CW, Moughan PJ, Kruger MC
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2007; 81(6): 459-71, PMID: 18008020
GID: 1388; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

A technique for computed tomography (CT) of the foot in the standing horse

Computed tomography (CT) in equine orthopaedics is currently limited because of the price, availability, impossibility to transport the scanner into surgical theatre, and the contraindications of general anaest weiter...

Verfasser: FG Desbrosse, JMEF Vanderweerd, RA Perrin, PD Clegg, MT Launois, L Brogniez, SP Gehin
Quelle: Equine Veterinary Education, 2008; 20: 1 - 6
GID: 1387; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Replacement of bone marrow by bone in rat femurs: the bone bioreactor

During development and repair of bone, two distinct yet complementary mechanisms, intramembranous and endochondral, mediate new bone formation via osteoblasts. Because mechanical bone marrow ablation leads to t weiter...

Verfasser: Zhang Q, Cuartas E, Mehta N, Gilligan J, Ke HZ, Saltzman WM, Kotas M, Ma M, Rajan S, Chalouni C, Carlson J, Vignery A
Quelle: Tissue Eng Part A., 2008; 14(2): 237-46, PMID: 18333776
GID: 1386; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

The skeletal response to estrogen is impaired in female but not in male steroid receptor coactivator (SRC)-1 knock out mice

Estrogen (E) is critical for the maintenance of bone mass in both female and male mice and steroid receptor coactivator (SRC)-1 has been shown to be important for mediating E effects on bone, at least in female weiter...

Verfasser: Mödder UI, Sanyal A, Xu J, O"Malley BW, Spelsberg TC, Khosla S
Quelle: Bone., 2008; 42(2): 414-21, PMID: 18055287
GID: 1385; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

TIEG-null mice display an osteopenic gender-specific phenotype

TGFbeta inducible early gene-1 (TIEG) was originally cloned from human osteoblasts (OB) and has been shown to play an important role in TGFbeta/Smad signaling, regulation of gene expression and OB growth and di weiter...

Verfasser: Hawse JR, Iwaniec UT, Bensamoun SF, Monroe DG, Peters KD, Ilharreborde B, Rajamannan NM, Oursler MJ, Turner RT, Spelsberg TC, Subramaniam M
Quelle: Bone., 2008; 42(6): 1025-31, PMID: 18396127
GID: 1384; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Continuous local infusion of fibroblast growth factor-2 enhances consolidation of the bone segment lengthened by distraction osteogenesis in rabbit experiment

Experimental tibial lengthening was achieved in 61 rabbits to examine the effect of continuous local infusion of recombinant human fibroblast growth factor-2 (rhFGF-2) on bone healing of the lengthened segment. weiter...

Verfasser: Abbaspour A, Takata S, Sairyo K, Katoh S, Yukata K, Yasui N
Quelle: Bone., 2008; 42(1): 98-106, PMID: 17939975
GID: 1383; Last update: 22.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2008)

Constrained tibial vibration in mice: a method for studying the effects of vibrational loading of bone

Vibrational loading can stimulate the formation of new trabecular bone or maintain bone mass. Studies investigating vibrational loading have often used whole-body vibration (WBV) as their loading method. Howeve weiter...

Verfasser: Christiansen BA, Bayly PV, Silva MJ
Quelle: J Biomech Eng., 2008; 130(4): 044502, PMID: 18601464
GID: 1366; Last update: 11.07.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Urokinase plasminogen activator receptor affects bone homeostasis by regulating osteoblast and osteoclast function

The uPAR and its ligand uPA are expressed by both osteoblasts and osteoclasts. Their function in bone remodeling is unknown. We report that uPAR-lacking mice display increased BMD, increased osteogenic potentia weiter...

Verfasser: Furlan F, Galbiati C, Jorgensen NR, Jensen JE, Mrak E, Rubinacci A, Talotta F, Verde P, Blasi F
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2007; 22(9): 1387-96, PMID: 17539736
GID: 1072; Last update: 01.02.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Chemical mutagenesis induced two high bone density mouse mutants map to a concordant distal chromosome 4 locus

Phenotype-driven mutagenesis approach in the mouse holds much promise as a method for revealing gene function. Earlier, we have described an N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU) mutagenesis screen to create genome-wide weiter...

Verfasser: Mohan S, Chest V, Chadwick RB, Wergedal JE, Srivastava AK
Quelle: Bone., 2007; 41(5): 860-8, PMID: 17884746
GID: 1073; Last update: 01.02.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Contrasting effects of estradiol, testosterone and a black cohosh extract on density, mechanical properties and expression of several genes in the metaphysis of the tibia and on fat tissue of orchidectomized rats

Objectives: Orchidectomy (orx) of rats increases bone metabolism, the activity of osteoclasts more than of osteoblasts which results in osteoporosis. As testosterone (T) may be metabolized to estrogens, the eff weiter...

Verfasser: D Seidlova-Wuttke, KM Stürmer, S Sehmisch, W Wuttke
Quelle: Maturitas, 2006; 55s: 64-74
GID: 1074; Last update: 01.02.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Changes in diaphyseal and epiphyseal bone parameters in thoroughbred horses after withdrawal from training

Verfasser: Firth EC, Rogers CW, van Weeren PR, Barneveld A, Kawcak CE, McIlwraith CW, Goodship AE, Smith RK
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2007; 7(1): 74-6, PMID: 17396010
GID: 933; Last update: 24.01.2008
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Low-dose estrogen treatment suppresses periosteal bone formation in response to mechanical loading

Estrogen and exercise influence cortical bone formation. Both affect bone during growth, but with complex interactions. We hypothesized that estrogen reduces the osteogenic response caused by exercise at the pe weiter...

Verfasser: Saxon LK, Turner CH
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 39(6): 1261-7, PMID: 16934543
GID: 927; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

A single intravenous administration of zoledronic acid prevents the bone loss and mechanical compromise induced by aromatase inhibition in rats

Recent evidence has demonstrated that long-term estrogen deprivation using aromatase inhibitor therapy in postmenopausal women with breast cancer results in bone loss and increased fracture risk. Bisphosphonate weiter...

Verfasser: Gasser JA, Green JR, Shen V, Ingold P, Rebmann A, Bhatnagar AS, Evans DB
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 39(4): 787-95, PMID: 16844441
GID: 929; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Effects of loss of classical estrogen response element signaling on bone in male mice

The role of estrogen signaling in the male skeleton via estrogen receptor (ER)-alpha is now well established. ERalpha can elicit responses through either classical estrogen response elements (ERE) pathways or n weiter...

Verfasser: Syed FA, Fraser DG, Spelsberg TC, Rosen CJ, Krust A, Chambon P, Jameson JL, Khosla S
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2007; 148(4): 1902-10, PMID: 17204553
GID: 930; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Filamin B deficiency in mice results in skeletal malformations and impaired microvascular development

Mutations in filamin B (FLNB), a gene encoding a cytoplasmic actin-binding protein, have been found in human skeletal disorders, including boomerang dysplasia, spondylocarpotarsal syndrome, Larsen syndrome, and weiter...

Verfasser: Zhou X, Tian F, Sandzén J, Cao R, Flaberg E, Szekely L, Cao Y, Ohlsson C, Bergo MO, Borén J, Akyürek LM
Quelle: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 2007; 104(10): 3919-24, PMID: 17360453
GID: 931; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Exercise-induced changes in the cortical bone of growing mice are bone- and gender-specific

Fracture risk and mechanical competence of bone are functions of bone mass and tissue quality, which in turn are dependent on the bone"s mechanical environment. Male mice have a greater response to non-weight-b weiter...

Verfasser: Wallace JM, Rajachar RM, Allen MR, Bloomfield SA, Robey PG, Young MF, Kohn DH
Quelle: Bone., 2007; 40(4): 1120-7, PMID: 17240210
GID: 932; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Allogenic peripheral blood derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) enhance bone regeneration in rabbit ulna critical-sized bone defect model

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) were demonstrated to exist within peripheral blood (PB) of several mammalian species including human, guinea pig, mice, rat, and rabbit. Whether or not the PB derived MSCs (PBMSCs) weiter...

Verfasser: Wan C, He Q, Li G
Quelle: J Orthop Res., 2006; 24(4): 610-8, PMID: 16514623
GID: 934; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

1Alpha,25-dihydroxy-2beta(3-hydroxypropoxy)vitamin D3 (ED-71) suppressed callus remodeling but did not interfere with fracture healing in rat femora

INTRODUCTION: Because osteoporotic patients are prone to fractures, it must be considered whether or not patients undergoing drug therapies should discontinue treatment after sustaining a non-vertebral fracture weiter...

Verfasser: Cao Y, Mori S, Mashiba T, Kaji Y, Manabe T, Iwata K, Miyamoto K, Komatsubara S, Yamamoto T
Quelle: Bone., 2007; 40(1): 132-9, PMID: 16962400
GID: 935; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Increase of bone volume by a nanosecond pulsed laser irradiation is caused by a decreased osteoclast number and an activated osteoblasts

The biostimulatory effects of laser irradiation focus not only in the field of soft tissue but also bone formation. Studies have shown that the light of a nanosecond pulsed laser which has a high peak power can weiter...

Verfasser: Ninomiya T, Hosoya A, Nakamura H, Sano K, Nishisaka T, Ozawa H
Quelle: Bone., 2007; 40(1): 140-8, PMID: 16978938
GID: 936; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Detecting novel bone density and bone size quantitative trait loci using a cross of MRL/MpJ and CAST/EiJ inbred mice

Most previous studies to identify loci involved in bone mineral density (BMD) regulation have used inbred strains with high and low BMD in generating F(2) mice. However, differences in BMD may not be a requirem weiter...

Verfasser: Yu H, Mohan S, Edderkaoui B, Masinde GL, Davidson HM, Wergedal JE, Beamer WG, Baylink DJ
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2007; 80(2): 103-10, PMID: 17308992
GID: 937; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Effect of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) on bone consolidation on distraction osteogenesis: a preliminary study in rabbit mandibles

AIM: To examine the effectiveness of administering recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) in distraction osteogenesis. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Twenty-one mature male Japanese white rabbits under weiter...

Verfasser: Yonezawa H, Harada K, Ikebe T, Shinohara M, Enomoto S
Quelle: J Craniomaxillofac Surg., 2006; 34(5): 270-6, PMID: 16790354
GID: 938; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

The bone-protective effect of the phytoestrogen genistein is mediated via ER alpha-dependent mechanisms and strongly enhanced by physical activity

Reduced estrogen levels occurring during menopause in women are accompanied by a variety of disorders, e.g. hot flushes, depressions, osteoporosis, increase in body weight and reduced movement drive. The phytoe weiter...

Verfasser: Hertrampf T, Gruca MJ, Seibel J, Laudenbach U, Fritzemeier KH, Diel P
Quelle: Bone., 2007; 40(6): 1529-35, PMID: 17383949
GID: 939; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Chromosome 13 locus, Pbd2, regulates bone density in mice

Bone density is inherited as a complex polygenic trait. Previously, we identified two quantitative trait loci (QTLs) specifying the peak relative bone mass (bone mass corrected by bone size) on chromosomes (Chr weiter...

Verfasser: Shimizu M, Higuchi K, Kasai S, Tsuboyama T, Matsushita M, Mori M, Shimizu Y, Nakamura T, Hosokawa M
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2001; 16(11): 1972-82, PMID: 11697793
GID: 940; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Mechanotransduction in bone does not require a functional cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) gene

COX-2 is a key enzyme involved in the response of bone to loading. However, using mice with a null mutation of the COX-2 gene, we found that a functional COX-2 gene is not required for mechanotransduction. This weiter...

Verfasser: Alam I, Warden SJ, Robling AG, Turner CH
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2005; 20(3): 438-46, PMID: 15746988
GID: 941; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Bone adaptation to a mechanical loading program significantly increases skeletal fatigue resistance

Using a mechanical loading program to induce bone adaptation, we found that small (<2-fold) changes in the structural properties of the rat ulna increased its fatigue resistance >100-fold. This indicates that a weiter...

Verfasser: Warden SJ, Hurst JA, Sanders MS, Turner CH, Burr DB, Li J
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2005; 20(5): 809-16, PMID: 15824854
GID: 942; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Growth hormone injections improve bone quality in a mouse model of osteogenesis imperfecta

Systemic growth hormone injections increased spine and femur length in a mouse model of OI. Femur BMC, cross-sectional area, and BMD were increased. Smaller gains were produced in vertebral BMC and cross-sectio weiter...

Verfasser: King D, Jarjoura D, McEwen HA, Askew MJ
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2005; 20(6): 987-93, PMID: 15883639
GID: 943; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Identification of novel genetic loci for bone size and mechanosensitivity in an ENU mutant exhibiting decreased bone size

Using a dominant ENU mutagenesis screen in C57BL/6J (B6) mice to reveal gene function, we identified a mutant, 917M, with a reduced bone size phenotype, which is expressed only in males. We show that mutation r weiter...

Verfasser: Srivastava AK, Kapur S, Mohan S, Yu H, Kapur S, Wergedal J, Baylink DJ
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2005; 20(6): 1041-50, PMID: 15883645
GID: 944; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Type XIII collagen strongly affects bone formation in transgenic mice

To characterize the function of type XIII collagen, a transmembrane protein occurring at cell adhesion sites, we generated transgenic mice overexpressing it. High transgene expression was detected in cartilage weiter...

Verfasser: Ylönen R, Kyrönlahti T, Sund M, Ilves M, Lehenkari P, Tuukkanen J, Pihlajaniemi T
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2005; 20(8): 1381-93, PMID: 16007336
GID: 945; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Multiple genetic loci from CAST/EiJ chromosome 1 affect vBMD either positively or negatively in a C57BL/6J background

Skeletal phenotype analyses of 10 B6.CAST-1 congenic sublines of mice have revealed evidence for the presence of three closely linked QTLs in Chr 1 that influence femoral vBMD both positively and negatively. IN weiter...

Verfasser: Edderkaoui B, Baylink DJ, Beamer WG, Wergedal JE, Dunn NR, Shultz KL, Mohan S
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2006; 21(1): 97-104, PMID: 16355278
GID: 946; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Effects of cyclic versus daily hPTH(1-34) regimens on bone strength in association with BMD, biochemical markers, and bone structure in mice

We developed a cyclic PTH regimen with repeated cycles of 1-week on and off daily PTH injection and explored its effects on bone strength, BMD, bone markers, and bone structure in mice. Cyclic protocols produce weiter...

Verfasser: Iida-Klein A, Hughes C, Lu SS, Moreno A, Shen V, Dempster DW, Cosman F, Lindsay R
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2006; 21(2): 274-82, PMID: 16418783
GID: 947; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Deletion of a single allele of the Dkk1 gene leads to an increase in bone formation and bone mass

Wnt/beta-catenin signaling has been proven to play a central role in bone biology. Unexpectedly, the Wnt antagonist Dkk2 is required for terminal osteoblast differentiation and mineralized matrix formation. We weiter...

Verfasser: Morvan F, Boulukos K, Clément-Lacroix P, Roman Roman S, Suc-Royer I, Vayssière B, Ammann P, Martin P, Pinho S, Pognonec P, Mollat P, Niehrs C, Baron R, Rawadi G
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2006; 21(6): 934-45, PMID: 16753024
GID: 948; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Femur mechanical properties in the F2 progeny of an NZB/B1NJ x RF/J cross are regulated predominantly by genetic loci that regulate bone geometry

Genetic analysis of an NZB/B1NJ x RF/J cross has identified QTLs for femur mechanical, geometric, and densitometric phenotypes. Most mechanical QTLs were associated with geometric QTLs, strongly suggesting comm weiter...

Verfasser: Wergedal JE, Ackert-Bicknell CL, Tsaih SW, Sheng MH, Li R, Mohan S, Beamer WG, Churchill GA, Baylink DJ
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2006; 21(8): 1256-66, PMID: 16869724
GID: 949; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Cholesterol-sensing receptors, liver X receptor alpha and beta, have novel and distinct roles in osteoclast differentiation and activation

The liver X receptor (alpha,beta) is responsible for regulating cholesterol homeostasis in cells. However, our studies using the LXRalpha-/-, LXRbeta-/-, and LXRalpha-/-beta-/- mice show that both LXRalpha and weiter...

Verfasser: Robertson KM, Norgård M, Windahl SH, Hultenby K, Ohlsson C, Andersson G, Gustafsson JA
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2006; 21(8): 1276-87, PMID: 16869726
GID: 950; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Impact of androgens, growth hormone, and IGF-I on bone and muscle in male mice during puberty

The interaction between androgens and GH/IGF-I was studied in male GHR gene disrupted or GHRKO and WT mice during puberty. Androgens stimulate trabecular and cortical bone modeling and increase muscle mass even weiter...

Verfasser: Venken K, Movérare-Skrtic S, Kopchick JJ, Coschigano KT, Ohlsson C, Boonen S, Bouillon R, Vanderschueren D
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2007; 22(1): 72-82, PMID: 17014385
GID: 951; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

High dietary phosphate intake reduces bone strength in the growing rat skeleton

Nutrition influences peak bone mass development in early adulthood. The effect of high dietary phosphate intake on the growing skeleton of 1-month-old male rats (n = 30) was assessed in an 8-week intervention. weiter...

Verfasser: Huttunen MM, Tillman I, Viljakainen HT, Tuukkanen J, Peng Z, Pekkinen M, Lamberg-Allardt CJ
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2007; 22(1): 83-92, PMID: 17042736
GID: 952; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Exercise when young provides lifelong benefits to bone structure and strength

Short-term exercise in growing rodents provided lifelong benefits to bone structure, strength, and fatigue resistance. Consequently, exercise when young may reduce the risk for fractures later in life, and the weiter...

Verfasser: Warden SJ, Fuchs RK, Castillo AB, Nelson IR, Turner CH
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2007; 22(2): 251-9, PMID: 17129172
GID: 953; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Treatment of skeletally mature ovariectomized rhesus monkeys with PTH(1-84) for 16 months increases bone formation and density and improves trabecular architecture and biomechanical properties at the lumbar spine

Histomorphometric studies of treatments for osteoporosis in humans are restricted to iliac crest biopsies. We studied the effects of PTH(1-84) treatment at the lumbar spine of skeletally mature ovariectomized r weiter...

Verfasser: Fox J, Miller MA, Newman MK, Turner CH, Recker RR, Smith SY
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2007; 22(2): 260-73, PMID: 17087625
GID: 954; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Quantitative trait loci for BMD and bone strength in an intercross between domestic and wildtype chickens

With chicken used as a model species, we used QTL analysis to examine the genetic contribution to bone traits. We report the identification of four QTLs for femoral traits: one for bone strength, one for endost weiter...

Verfasser: Rubin CJ, Brändström H, Wright D, Kerje S, Gunnarsson U, Schutz K, Fredriksson R, Jensen P, Andersson L, Ohlsson C, Mallmin H, Larsson S, Kindmark A
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2007; 22(3): 375-84, PMID: 17181401
GID: 955; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Glucocorticoid treatment of ovariectomized sheep affects mineral density, structure, and mechanical properties of cancellous bone

Thus far, orthopedic research lacks a suitable animal model of osteoporosis. In OVX sheep, 6 months of steroid exposure reduced bone density and mechanical competence. Bone properties and bone formation did not weiter...

Verfasser: Schorlemmer S, Gohl C, Iwabu S, Ignatius A, Claes L, Augat P
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2003; 18(11): 2010-5, PMID: 14606514
GID: 956; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

A novel, non-prostanoid EP2 receptor-selective prostaglandin E2 agonist stimulates local bone formation and enhances fracture healing

CP-533,536, a newly discovered, non-prostanoid EP2 receptor-selective PGE2 agonist, stimulates local bone formation and enhances fracture healing in rat models. INTRODUCTION: There is a significant medical need weiter...

Verfasser: Li M, Ke HZ, Qi H, Healy DR, Li Y, Crawford DT, Paralkar VM, Owen TA, Cameron KO, Lefker BA, Brown TA, Thompson DD
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2003; 18(11): 2033-42, PMID: 14606517
GID: 957; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

The effects of combination of alendronate and human parathyroid hormone(1-34) on bone strength are synergistic in the lumbar vertebra and additive in the femur of C57BL/6J mice

A cyclic PTH regimen is as effective as a daily regimen on bone density gain in humans and in improving bone quality in mice. Our previous murine study evaluated the effects of a cyclic PTH regimen in the absen weiter...

Verfasser: Johnston S, Andrews S, Shen V, Cosman F, Lindsay R, Dempster DW, Iida-Klein A
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2007; 148(9): 4466-74, PMID: 17569757
GID: 958; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Age-change of bone mineral density in the distal radius of chimpanzees and japanese macaques

Using peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT), we evaluated and analyzed age-related changes in bone mineral density and other properties at the site of the distal radius in two catarrhines: chimpanz weiter...

Verfasser: Kikuchi Y
Quelle: Anthropological Science, 2003; 111: 165-86
GID: 960; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Effects of estradiol-17beta, testosterone and a black cohosh preparation on bone and prostate in orchidectomized rats

Estradiol (E2) and testosterone (T) effectively prevent orchidectomy (orx) induced osteoporosis. T, however, stimulates prostate proliferation which may lead to malignancy. We showed that a Cimicifuga racemosa weiter...

Verfasser: Seidlová-Wuttke D, Jarry H, Pitzel L, Wuttke W
Quelle: Maturitas., 2005; 51(2): 177-86, PMID: 15917159
GID: 961; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Genetic regulation of femoral bone mineral density: complexity of sex effect in chromosome 1 revealed by congenic sublines of mice

The findings that sex-specific effects on femoral structure and peak bone mineral density (BMD) are linked to quantitative trait loci (QTL) provide evidence for the involvement of specific genes that contribute weiter...

Verfasser: Edderkaoui B, Baylink DJ, Beamer WG, Shultz KL, Wergedal JE, Mohan S
Quelle: Bone., 2007; 41(3): 340-5, PMID: 17618849
GID: 962; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Effects of daily treatment with parathyroid hormone 1-84 for 16 months on density, architecture and biomechanical properties of cortical bone in adult ovariectomized rhesus monkeys

Treatment with parathyroid hormone 1-84 (PTH) or teriparatide increases osteonal remodeling and decreases bone mineral density (BMD) at cortical (Ct) bone sites but may also increase bone size. Decreases in BMD weiter...

Verfasser: Fox J, Miller MA, Newman MK, Recker RR, Turner CH, Smith SY
Quelle: Bone., 2007; 41(3): 321-30, PMID: 17573250
GID: 963; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Effects of treatment of ovariectomized adult rhesus monkeys with parathyroid hormone 1-84 for 16 months on trabecular and cortical bone structure and biomechanical properties of the proximal femur

Treatment of monkeys and humans with parathyroid hormone (PTH) 1-84 stimulates skeletal remodeling, which increases trabecular (Tb) bone mineral density (BMD) but decreases cortical (Ct) BMD at locations where weiter...

Verfasser: Fox J, Miller MA, Recker RR, Turner CH, Smith SY
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2007; 81(1): 53-63, PMID: 17551766
GID: 964; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Quantitative analyses of cross-sectional shape of the distal radius in three species of macaques

I conducted quantitative analyses of the cross-sectional shape of the distal radial shaft in three species of macaques, which differ in locomotor behavior: semi-terrestrial Japanese macaques ( Macaca fuscata), weiter...

Verfasser: Kikuchi Y
Quelle: Primates., 2004; 45(2): 129-34, PMID: 14685819
GID: 965; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Dlk1/FA1 is a novel endocrine regulator of bone and fat mass and its serum level is modulated by growth hormone

Fat and bone metabolism are two linked processes regulated by several hormonal factors. Fetal antigen 1 (FA1) is the soluble form of dlk1 (delta-like 1), which is a member of the Notch-Delta family. We previous weiter...

Verfasser: Abdallah BM, Ding M, Jensen CH, Ditzel N, Flyvbjerg A, Jensen TG, Dagnaes-Hansen F, Gasser JA, Kassem M
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2007; 148(7): 3111-21, PMID: 17446189
GID: 966; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Vitamin D and ibandronate prevent cancellous bone loss associated with binge alcohol treatment in male rats

Decreased bone mass and bone strength can result from excess alcohol consumption in humans and alcohol treatment in the rat. Although the specific mechanism is unknown, the damaging effects of alcohol abuse mod weiter...

Verfasser: Wezeman FH, Juknelis D, Himes R, Callaci JJ
Quelle: Bone., 2007; 41(4): 639-45, PMID: 17643361
GID: 967; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Segmental bone regeneration using a load-bearing biodegradable carrier of bone morphogenetic protein-2

Segmental defect regeneration has been a clinical challenge. Current tissue-engineering approach using porous biodegradable scaffolds to delivery osteogenic cells and growth factors demonstrated success in faci weiter...

Verfasser: Chu TM, Warden SJ, Turner CH, Stewart RL
Quelle: Biomaterials., 2007; 28(3): 459-67, PMID: 16996588
GID: 968; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Effects of short-term exposure to the DDT metabolite p,p"-DDE on bone tissue in male common frog (Rana temporaria)

Experimental studies as well as studies in free-ranging animals have shown that endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) impair bone tissue composition and strength. The aim of the present study was to expand our weiter...

Verfasser: Lundberg R, Jenssen BM, Leiva-Presa A, Rönn M, Hernhag C, Wejheden C, Larsson S, Orberg J, Lind PM
Quelle: J Toxicol Environ Health A., 2007; 70(7): 614-9, PMID: 17365615
GID: 969; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Ovariectomy worsens secondary hyperparathyroidism in mature rats during low-Ca diet

Estrogen deficiency impairs intestinal Ca absorption and induces bone loss, but its effects on the vitamin D-endocrine system are unclear. In the present study, calciotropic hormones levels, renal vitamin D met weiter...

Verfasser: Zhang Y, Lai WP, Wu CF, Favus MJ, Leung PC, Wong MS
Quelle: Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab., 2007; 292(3): E723-31, PMID: 17077343
GID: 970; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Reduced cortical bone mass in mice with inactivation of interleukin-4 and interleukin-13

The aim of the present study was to study the in vivo role of IL-4 and IL-13 on bone metabolism. The skeletal phenotypes of male and female IL-13(-/-) (n = 7+7), IL-4(-/-)IL-13(-/-) (n = 7+7), and WT (n = 7+7) weiter...

Verfasser: Silfverswärd CJ, Larsson S, Ohlsson C, Frost A, Nilsson O
Quelle: J Orthop Res., 2007; 25(6): 725-31, PMID: 17318894
GID: 971; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2007)

Bone metabolism of milk goats and sheep during second pregnancy and lactation in comparison to first lactation

Substantial losses of skeletal tissue occur during late pregnancy and lactation. The goal of the present study was to follow these changes in pregnant and lactating goats and sheep, compare these two species du weiter...

Verfasser: Liesegang A, Risteli J, Wanner M
Quelle: J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr (Berl)., 2007; 91(5-6): 217-25, PMID: 17516943
GID: 972; Last update: 24.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Pure estrogenic effect of benzophenone-2 (BP2) but not of bisphenol A (BPA) and dibutylphtalate (DBP) in uterus, vagina and bone

Contradictory results whether the endocrine disrupters (ED) benzophenone-2 (BP2), bisphenol A (BPA) and dibutylphtalate (DBP) exert estrogenic effects have been published. Selective estrogen receptor modulators weiter...

Verfasser: Seidlová-Wuttke D, Jarry H, Wuttke W
Quelle: Toxicology., 2004; 205(1-2): 103-12, PMID: 15458795
GID: 877; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Mechanical assessment of effects of grape seed proanthocyanidins extract on tibial bone diaphysis in rats

We studied the effects of grape seed proanthocyanidins extract (GSPE) given as a ratio of 3 mg in 100 g in a standard diet, on the tibial bone diaphysis in low-calcium fed rats. Measurements of bone density, mi weiter...

Verfasser: Yahara N, Tofani I, Maki K, Kojima K, Kojima Y, Kimura M
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2005; 5(2): 162-9, PMID: 15951633
GID: 878; Last update: 23.01.2008
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

The effect of oral ipriflavone on the rat mandible during growth

Different types of ipriflavone (IF) have been reported to be effective when used as a remedy for bone loss due to osteoporosis. However, no information is available regarding the relationship between IF and jaw weiter...

Verfasser: Maki K, Nishida I, Kimura M
Quelle: Eur J Orthod., 2005; 27(1): 27-31, PMID: 15743860
GID: 879; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Reduced bone mineral density in SOCS-2-deficient mice

Suppressor of cytokine signaling-2 (SOCS-2) is a member of the suppressor of cytokine signaling family, implicated in the negative regulation of cytokine action through inhibition of the Janus kinase (JAK) sign weiter...

Verfasser: Lorentzon M, Greenhalgh CJ, Mohan S, Alexander WS, Ohlsson C
Quelle: Pediatr Res., 2005; 57(2): 223-6, PMID: 15585682
GID: 880; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

The effect of a simultaneous dietary administration of xylitol and ethanol on bone resorption

Our previous studies have shown that dietary xylitol supplementation diminishes bone resorption in rats, as well as protects against ovariectomy-induced increase of bone resorption during experimental osteoporo weiter...

Verfasser: Mattila PT, Kangasmaa H, Knuuttila ML
Quelle: Metabolism., 2005; 54(4): 548-51, PMID: 15798965
GID: 881; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Bazedoxifene acetate: a selective estrogen receptor modulator with improved selectivity

We assessed the preclinical characteristics of a novel, stringently screened selective estrogen receptor modulator, bazedoxifene acetate, including its ability to bind to and activate estrogen receptors and pro weiter...

Verfasser: Komm BS, Kharode YP, Bodine PV, Harris HA, Miller CP, Lyttle CR
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2005; 146(9): 3999-4008, PMID: 15961563
GID: 882; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Bone and muscle protective potential of the prostate-sparing synthetic androgen 7alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone: evidence from the aged orchidectomized male rat model

This study reports the preclinical evaluation of the bone and muscle protective potential of the synthetic androgen 7alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone (MENTtrade mark), as assessed in the aged orchidectomized rat weiter...

Verfasser: Venken K, Boonen S, Van Herck E, Vandenput L, Kumar N, Sitruk-Ware R, Sundaram K, Bouillon R, Vanderschueren D
Quelle: Bone., 2005; 36(4): 663-70, PMID: 15784189
GID: 883; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Differential turnover of cortical and trabecular bone in transgenic mice overexpressing cathepsin K

Cathepsin K is a major osteoclastic protease. We have recently shown that overexpression of mouse cathepsin K gene in transgenic UTU17 mouse model results in high turnover osteopenia of metaphyseal trabecular b weiter...

Verfasser: Morko J, Kiviranta R, Hurme S, Rantakokko J, Vuorio E
Quelle: Bone., 2005; 36(5): 854-65, PMID: 15826870
GID: 884; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Subchronic toxicity of baltic herring oil and its fractions in the rat (III) bone tissue composition and dimension, and ratio of n-6/n-3 fatty acids in serum phospholipids

Changes in total bone mineral density determined by the bone-ash method were recently demonstrated in rats, exposed to Herring oil from the contaminated southern part of the Baltic Sea. In the present study mor weiter...

Verfasser: Stern N, Korotkova M, Strandvik B, Oxlund H, Oberg M, Håkansson H, Lind PM
Quelle: Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol., 2005; 96(6): 453-64, PMID: 15910409
GID: 885; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Human parathyroid hormone (1-34) accelerates the fracture healing process of woven to lamellar bone replacement and new cortical shell formation in rat femora

This study aimed to test whether intermittent treatment of human parathyroid hormone [hPTH(1-34)] disturbs or accelerates the fracture healing process using rat surgical osteotomy model. One hundred five, 5-wee weiter...

Verfasser: Komatsubara S, Mori S, Mashiba T, Nonaka K, Seki A, Akiyama T, Miyamoto K, Cao Y, Manabe T, Norimatsu H
Quelle: Bone., 2005; 36(4): 678-87, PMID: 15781006
GID: 886; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Increased adipogenesis in bone marrow but decreased bone mineral density in mice devoid of thyroid hormone receptors

Mice deficient for all known thyroid hormone receptors, TRalpha1-/-beta-/- mice, display a clear skeletal phenotype characterized by growth retardation, delayed maturation of long bones and decreased trabecular weiter...

Verfasser: Kindblom JM, Gevers EF, Skrtic SM, Lindberg MK, Göthe S, Törnell J, Vennström B, Ohlsson C
Quelle: Bone., 2005; 36(4): 607-16, PMID: 15780976
GID: 887; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Effects of pleiotrophin (PTN) over-expression on mouse long bone development, fracture healing and bone repair

Pleiotrophin (PTN) was found to have potent effects on regulation of osteoblast recruitment, proliferation and differentiation. The present study examined the long-term effects of targeted PTN over-expression o weiter...

Verfasser: Li G, Bunn JR, Mushipe MT, He Q, Chen X
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2005; 76(4): 299-306, PMID: 15812580
GID: 888; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Beta-tricalcium phosphate (beta-TCP) graft combined with bone marrow stromal cells (MSCs) for posterolateral spine fusion

Macaque lumber posterolateral spine fusion (PLF) was performed by using beta-TCP graft combined with bone marrow derived stromal cells (MSCs), to evaluate whether a beta-TCP/MSCs hybrid can be used for PLF inst weiter...

Verfasser: Orii H, Sotome S, Chen J, Wang J, Shinomiya K
Quelle: J Med Dent Sci., 2005; 52(1): 51-7, PMID: 15868741
GID: 889; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Osteopenia and impaired fracture healing in aged EP4 receptor knockout mice

The EP4 receptor, one of the subtypes of the prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) receptor, plays a critical role in the anabolic effects of PGE2 on bone. However, its role in the maintenance of bone mass in aged animals an weiter...

Verfasser: Li M, Healy DR, Li Y, Simmons HA, Crawford DT, Ke HZ, Pan LC, Brown TA, Thompson DD
Quelle: Bone., 2005; 37(1): 46-54, PMID: 15869929
GID: 890; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Abnormal response to physical activity in femurs after heterozygous inactivation of one allele of the Col2a1 gene for type II collagen in mice

The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of heterozygous inactivation of one allele of the type II collagen gene (Col2a1) on biomechanical properties and mineral density of bone under physical weiter...

Verfasser: Nieminen J, Sahlman J, Hirvonen T, Jämsä T, Tuukkanen J, Kovanen V, Kröger H, Jurvelin J, Arita M, Li SW, Prockop DJ, Hyttinen MM, Helminen HJ, Lapveteläinen T, Puustjärvi K
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2005; 77(2): 104-12, PMID: 15920676
GID: 891; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Raloxifene and vitamin K2 combine to improve the femoral neck strength of ovariectomized rats

We evaluated the skeletal effects of two osteoporosis therapies in an ovariectomized rat model, raloxifene and vitamin K2, as well as the vitamin K2 plus raloxifene (K + Ral) combination. In two studies, 6-mont weiter...

Verfasser: Iwamoto J, Yeh JK, Schmidt A, Rowley E, Stanfield L, Takeda T, Sato M
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2005; 77(2): 119-26, PMID: 16059775
GID: 892; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Problems in quantifying bone response to exercise in horses: a review

Detecting changes in bone during growth, training, rest from competition (spelling), and disease in horses requires imaging techniques that have a high level of accuracy and precision. Currently, most imaging t weiter...

Verfasser: Firth EC
Quelle: N Z Vet J., 2004; 52(5): 216-29, PMID: 15768116
GID: 893; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

COX-2 is necessary for venous ligation-mediated bone adaptation in mice

In osteoblasts, cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2) is the major isozyme responsible for production of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are local mediators of bone resorption and formation and are known to be involved in bo weiter...

Verfasser: Stevens HY, Meays DR, Yeh J, Bjursten LM, Frangos JA
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 38(1): 93-104, PMID: 16122997
GID: 894; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Different molecular mechanisms underlie ethanol-induced bone loss in cycling and pregnant rats

Chronic ethanol (EtOH) consumption can result in osteopenia. In the current study, we examined the modulation of EtOH-induced bone loss during pregnancy. Nonpregnant and pregnant dams were intragastrically infu weiter...

Verfasser: Shankar K, Hidestrand M, Haley R, Skinner RA, Hogue W, Jo CH, Simpson P, Lumpkin CK Jr, Aronson J, Badger TM, Ronis MJ
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2006; 147(1): 166-78, PMID: 16239303
GID: 895; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Estrogen and androgen play distinct roles in bone turnover in male mice before and after reaching sexual maturity

Aromatase is the sole enzyme which converts androgen into estrogen. We have reported that aromatase-knockout (ArKO) mice showed bone loss by increased bone resorption not only in female but also in male mice, s weiter...

Verfasser: Matsumoto C, Inada M, Toda K, Miyaura C
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 38(2): 220-6, PMID: 16213803
GID: 896; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Liver-derived IGF-I is permissive for ovariectomy-induced trabecular bone loss

INTRODUCTION: Estrogen deficiency results in trabecular bone loss, associated with T-cell proliferation in the bone marrow. Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) is involved in the regulation of both bone metabo weiter...

Verfasser: Lindberg MK, Svensson J, Venken K, Chavoshi T, Andersson N, Movérare Skrtic S, Isaksson O, Vanderschueren D, Carlsten H, Ohlsson C
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 38(1): 85-92, PMID: 16257281
GID: 897; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

The use of micro-CT to evaluate cortical bone geometry and strength in nude rats: correlation with mechanical testing, pQCT and DXA

In both clinical and experimental settings, access to quantitative methods enabling the objective evaluation of cortical bone mass, structure, geometry and strength are essential for the assessment of efficacy weiter...

Verfasser: Bagi CM, Hanson N, Andresen C, Pero R, Lariviere R, Turner CH, Laib A
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 38(1): 136-44, PMID: 16301011
GID: 898; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Musculoskeletal responses of 2-year-old Thoroughbred horses to early training. 6. Bone parameters in the third metacarpal and third metatarsal bones

AIM: To determine the effect of a known training regimen on the size and mineral content of the third metacarpal (Mc3) and third metatarsal (Mt3) bones of 2-year-old Thoroughbred horses trained on racetracks. M weiter...

Verfasser: Firth EC, Rogers CW, Doube M, Jopson NB
Quelle: N Z Vet J., 2005; 53(2): 101-12, PMID: 15846394
GID: 899; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Musculoskeletal responses of 2-year-old Thoroughbred horses to early training. 7. Bone and articular cartilage response in the carpus

AIM: To describe features of the morphology of the carpus, quantify the thickness of hyaline and calcified cartilage, and to describe the morphology and density of subchondral bone in the third carpal bone (C3) weiter...

Verfasser: Firth EC, Rogers CW
Quelle: N Z Vet J., 2005; 53(2): 113-22, PMID: 15846395
GID: 900; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Perinatal testosterone surge is required for normal adult bone size but not for normal bone remodeling

Although testosterone (T) has striking effects on mature skeletal size and structure, it is not clear whether this depends exclusively on adult circulating levels of T or whether additional early-life factors a weiter...

Verfasser: Sims NA, Brennan K, Spaliviero J, Handelsman DJ, Seibel MJ
Quelle: Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab., 2006; 290(3): E456-62, PMID: 16204337
GID: 901; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Digestible energy intake, dry matter digestibility and effect of increased calcium intake on bone parameters of grazing Thoroughbred weanlings in New Zealand

AIMS: To measure the nutritive value of pasture in terms of digestible energy intake (DEI) and dry matter (DM) digestibility, and the effects of increased calcium (Ca) intakes on apparent mineral absorption and weiter...

Verfasser: Grace ND, Rogers CW, Firth EC, Faram TL, Shaw HL
Quelle: N Z Vet J., 2003; 51(4): 165-73, PMID: 16032319
GID: 902; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Reveromycin A, an agent for osteoporosis, inhibits bone resorption by inducing apoptosis specifically in osteoclasts

Mature bone-resorbing osteoclasts (OCs) mediate excessive bone loss seen in several bone disorders, including osteoporosis. Here, we showed that reveromycin A (RM-A), a small natural product with three carboxyl weiter...

Verfasser: Woo JT, Kawatani M, Kato M, Shinki T, Yonezawa T, Kanoh N, Nakagawa H, Takami M, Lee KH, Stern PH, Nagai K, Osada H
Quelle: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 2006; 103(12): 4729-34, PMID: 16537392
GID: 903; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

IGF-I secretion by prostate carcinoma cells does not alter tumor-bone cell interactions in vitro or in vivo

BACKGROUND: IGF-I is an important growth and differentiative factor for osteoblasts and may have a role in defining prostate cancer risk and skeletal metastases. METHODS: Conditioned media (CM) from human prost weiter...

Verfasser: Rubin J, Fan X, Rahnert J, Sen B, Hsieh CL, Murphy TC, Nanes MS, Horton LG, Beamer WG, Rosen CJ
Quelle: Prostate., 2006; 66(8): 789-800, PMID: 16482567
GID: 904; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Renal insufficiency-induced bone loss is associated with an increase in bone size and preservation of strength in rat proximal femur

Chronic renal insufficiency (CRI) results in phosphate retention and secondary hyperparathyroidism, the treatment of which is largely based on the use of calcium salts as phosphate binders. Advanced CRI causes weiter...

Verfasser: Jokihaara J, Järvinen TL, Jolma P, Kööbi P, Kalliovalkama J, Tuukkanen J, Saha H, Sievänen H, Kannus P, Pörsti I
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 39(2): 353-60, PMID: 16584934
GID: 905; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Regional distinctions in cortical bone mineral density measured by pQCT can predict alterations in material property at the tibial diaphysis of the Cynomolgus monkey

We examined whether regional differences in cortical bone mineral density (Ct.BMD) measured by peripheral quantitative computed tomography is related to the heterogeneity of bone tissue and whether regional Ct. weiter...

Verfasser: Nonaka K, Fukuda S, Aoki K, Yoshida T, Ohya K
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 38(2): 265-72, PMID: 16213204
GID: 906; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Paricalcitol [19-nor-1,25-(OH)2D2] in the treatment of experimental renal bone disease

Paricalcitol is a less hypercalcemic vitamin D analog that has been shown to suppress secondary hyperparathyroidism and to prevent the associated histomorphometric changes in bone. In this study, we show that p weiter...

Verfasser: Jokihaara J, Pörsti I, Pajamäki I, Vuohelainen T, Jolma P, Kööbi P, Kalliovalkama J, Niemelä O, Kannus P, Sievänen H, Järvinen TL
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2006; 21(5): 745-51, PMID: 16734389
GID: 907; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

A vacuolar ATPase inhibitor, FR167356, prevents bone resorption in ovariectomized rats with high potency and specificity: potential for clinical application

FR167356, a novel inhibitor of vacuolar ATPase, has high potency against osteoclast V-ATPase and low potency against lysosomal V-ATPase. FR167356 is the first compound of this nature to be tested. It has the po weiter...

Verfasser: Niikura K, Takeshita N, Takano M
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2005; 20(9): 1579-88, PMID: 16059630
GID: 908; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Skeletal effects of estrogen are mediated by opposing actions of classical and nonclassical estrogen receptor pathways

ER alpha acts either through classical (ERE-mediated) or nonclassical (non-ERE) pathways. The generation of mice carrying a mutation that eliminates classical ER alpha signaling presents a unique opportunity to weiter...

Verfasser: Syed FA, Mödder UI, Fraser DG, Spelsberg TC, Rosen CJ, Krust A, Chambon P, Jameson JL, Khosla S
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2005; 20(11): 1992-2001, PMID: 16234973
GID: 909; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

A new selective estrogen receptor modulator, CHF 4227.01, preserves bone mass and microarchitecture in ovariectomized rats

A new SERM, CHF 4227.01, given to 6-month-old female rats immediately after ovariectomy, preserved bone mass and bone microarchitecture without affecting uterus weight. It also decreased serum cholesterol and f weiter...

Verfasser: Armamento-Villareal R, Sheikh S, Nawaz A, Napoli N, Mueller C, Halstead LR, Brodt MD, Silva MJ, Galbiati E, Caruso PL, Civelli M, Civitelli R
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2005; 20(12): 2178-88, PMID: 16294271
GID: 910; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Congenic mice provide in vivo evidence for a genetic locus that modulates serum insulin-like growth factor-I and bone acquisition

We identified quantitative trait loci (QTL) that determined the genetic variance in serum IGF-I through genome-wide scanning of mice derived from C57BL/6J(B6) x C3H/HeJ(C3H) intercrosses. One QTL (Igf1s2), on m weiter...

Verfasser: Delahunty KM, Shultz KL, Gronowicz GA, Koczon-Jaremko B, Adamo ML, Horton LG, Lorenzo J, Donahue LR, Ackert-Bicknell C, Kream BE, Beamer WG, Rosen CJ
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2006; 147(8): 3915-23, PMID: 16675518
GID: 911; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Identification of a quantitative trait locus on rat chromosome 4 that is strongly linked to femoral neck structure and strength

Risk factors for osteoporotic hip fracture include reduced bone mineral density and poor structure of the femoral neck, both of which are heritable traits. Previously, we showed that despite similar body size, weiter...

Verfasser: Alam I, Sun Q, Liu L, Koller DL, Fishburn T, Carr LG, Econs MJ, Foroud T, Turner CH
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 39(1): 93-9, PMID: 16461031
GID: 913; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

The effects of first gestation and lactation on bone metabolism in dairy goats and milk sheep

The goal of the present study was to compare mobilization rate of calcium (Ca) from bone in pregnant and lactating goats and sheep. Blood samples were collected from goats and sheep monthly during pregnancy and weiter...

Verfasser: Liesegang A, Risteli J, Wanner M
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 38(6): 794-802, PMID: 16364707
GID: 914; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Three-point bending of rat femur in the mediolateral direction: introduction and validation of a novel biomechanical testing protocol

Mediolateral three-point bending of the rat midfemur was developed to enable the assessment of the mechanical competence of the elliptic bone cross-section in terms of its widest diameter, the apparent primary weiter...

Verfasser: Leppänen O, Sievänen H, Jokihaara J, Pajamäki I, Järvinen TL
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2006; 21(8): 1231-7, PMID: 16869721
GID: 915; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

The mechanical phenotype of biglycan-deficient mice is bone- and gender-specific

Biglycan (bgn) is a small leucine-rich proteoglycan (SLRP) enriched in the extracellular matrix of skeletal tissues. While bgn is known to be involved in the growth and differentiation of osteoblast precursor c weiter...

Verfasser: Wallace JM, Rajachar RM, Chen XD, Shi S, Allen MR, Bloomfield SA, Les CM, Robey PG, Young MF, Kohn DH
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 39(1): 106-16, PMID: 16527557
GID: 916; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

New ENU-induced semidominant mutation, Ali18, causes inflammatory arthritis, dermatitis, and osteoporosis in the mouse

Inflammation is a complex cellular and humoral response against trauma and infection, and its presence leads to destruction of tissue in humans. The mechanisms that initiate inflammatory diseases remain largely weiter...

Verfasser: Abe K, Fuchs H, Lisse T, Hans W, Hrabé de Angelis M
Quelle: Mamm Genome., 2006; 17(9): 915-26, PMID: 16964445
GID: 917; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Identification of genetic loci that regulate bone adaptive response to mechanical loading in C57BL/6J and C3H/HeJ mice intercross

Strain-dependent differences in bone adaptive responses to loading among inbred mouse strains suggest that genetic background contributes significantly to adaptation to exercise. To explore the genetic regulati weiter...

Verfasser: Kesavan C, Mohan S, Srivastava AK, Kapoor S, Wergedal JE, Yu H, Baylink DJ
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 39(3): 634-43, PMID: 16713414
GID: 919; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Correction of the mineralization defect in hyp mice treated with protease inhibitors CA074 and pepstatin

Increased expression of several osteoblastic proteases and MEPE (a bone matrix protein) occurs in X-linked hypophosphatemic rickets (hyp). This is associated with an increased release of a protease-resistant ME weiter...

Verfasser: Rowe PS, Matsumoto N, Jo OD, Shih RN, Oconnor J, Roudier MP, Bain S, Liu S, Harrison J, Yanagawa N
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 39(4): 773-86, PMID: 16762607
GID: 920; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Surface-specific effects of a PPARgamma agonist, darglitazone, on bone in mice

It has been hypothesized that activation of peroxisome-proliferator-activated receptor-gamma (PPARgamma) by thiazolidinedione drugs can increase adipogenesis at the expense of osteogenesis, leading to bone loss weiter...

Verfasser: Li M, Pan LC, Simmons HA, Li Y, Healy DR, Robinson BS, Ke HZ, Brown TA
Quelle: Bone., 2006; 39(4): 796-806, PMID: 16759917
GID: 921; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Differential bone and muscle recovery following hindlimb unloading in skeletally mature male rats

This study was designed to track the recovery of bone and muscle properties after 28 days of hindlimb unloading (HU) in skeletally mature male rats in order to quantify the degree and timing of the expected mis weiter...

Verfasser: Allen MR, Hogan HA, Bloomfield SA
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2006; 6(3): 217-25, PMID: 17142941
GID: 922; Last update: 23.01.2008
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Increased osteogenic response to exercise in metaphyseal versus diaphyseal cortical bone

Recent experimental data suggest that the anabolic response of bone to changes in physical activity and mechanical loading may vary among different skeletal elements, and even within different regions of the sa weiter...

Verfasser: Hamrick MW, Skedros JG, Pennington C, McNeil PL
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2006; 6(3): 258-63, PMID: 17142947
GID: 923; Last update: 23.01.2008
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Effect of a single botulinum toxin injection on bone development in growing rabbits

Intramuscular injections with botulinum toxin A (BTX-A) lead to a rapid decrease in muscle mass and force, but the effect of this drug on bone development is unclear. In the present pilot study we evaluated the weiter...

Verfasser: Rauch F, Hamdy R
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2006; 6(3): 264-8, PMID: 17142948
GID: 924; Last update: 23.01.2008
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A increases osteoblast proliferation in vitro and bone formation in vivo

Pregnancy-associated plasma protein (PAPP)-A, a protease for IGF binding protein (IGFBP)-2, -4, and -5, may enhance IGF action by increasing its bioavailability. Here we have determined the role and mechanism o weiter...

Verfasser: Qin X, Wergedal JE, Rehage M, Tran K, Newton J, Lam P, Baylink DJ, Mohan S
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2006; 147(12): 5653-61, PMID: 16946002
GID: 925; Last update: 23.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Effect of unilateral superior cervical ganglionectomy on mandibular bone in rats

OBJECTIVE: To assess the effect of local sympathectomy on mandibular bone during tooth eruption in rats. METHODS: The effect of a unilateral superior cervical ganglionectomy (Gx) on morphometry of ipsi- and con weiter...

Verfasser: Ladizesky M, Lama MA, Roldán EJ, Cutrera RA, Boggio V, Giglio MJ, Cardinali DP
Quelle: Neuro Endocrinol Lett., 2003; 24(5): 314-20, PMID: 14647003
GID: 827; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Estrogen deposits extra mineral into bones of female rats in puberty, but simultaneously seems to suppress the responsiveness of female skeleton to mechanical loading

To first test the possible effect of gender on the responsiveness of growing rat skeleton to mechanical loading, 5-week-old littermates of 25 male and 25 female rats were subjected to either free-cage activity weiter...

Verfasser: Järvinen TL, Kannus P, Pajamäki I, Vuohelainen T, Tuukkanen J, Järvinen M, Sievänen H
Quelle: Bone., 2003; 32(6): 642-51, PMID: 12810171
GID: 828; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Deletion of estrogen receptors reveals a regulatory role for estrogen receptors-beta in bone remodeling in females but not in males

To determine the contributions of estrogen receptor (ER)alpha and ERbeta in bone growth and remodeling in male and female mice, we generated and analyzed full knockouts for each receptor, and a double ER knocko weiter...

Verfasser: Sims NA, Dupont S, Krust A, Clement-Lacroix P, Minet D, Resche-Rigon M, Gaillard-Kelly M, Baron R
Quelle: Bone., 2002; 30(1): 18-25, PMID: 11792560
GID: 829; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Congenic mice reveal sex-specific genetic regulation of femoral structure and strength

Genetic linkage studies in C3H/HeJ (C3H) and C57BL/6J (B6) mice identified several chromosomal locations or quantitative trait loci (QTL) linked to femoral volumetric bone mineral density (vBMD). From QTL ident weiter...

Verfasser: Turner CH, Sun Q, Schriefer J, Pitner N, Price R, Bouxsein ML, Rosen CJ, Donahue LR, Shultz KL, Beamer WG
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2003; 73(3): 297-303, PMID: 14667144
GID: 830; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Femoral neck response to exercise and subsequent deconditioning in young and adult rats

Aged bones have been considered to have reduced capacity to respond to changes in incident loading. By subjecting young and adult rats to increased loading and subsequent deconditioning, we observed quantitativ weiter...

Verfasser: Järvinen TL, Pajamäki I, Sievänen H, Vuohelainen T, Tuukkanen J, Järvinen M, Kannus P
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2003; 18(7): 1292-9, PMID: 12854840
GID: 831; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Torsional testing and peripheral quantitative computed tomography in rat humerus

Peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) is a noninvasive method mainly used to evaluate the densitometric and geometric properties of bone. In the present study, we evaluate the different variables p weiter...

Verfasser: Lind PM, Lind L, Larsson S, Orberg J
Quelle: Bone., 2001; 29(3): 265-70, PMID: 11557371
GID: 832; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Bone tissue composition, dimensions and strength in female rats given an increased dietary level of vitamin A or exposed to 3,3",4, 4",5-pentachlorobiphenyl (PCB126) alone or in combination with vitamin C

In previous studies we have described structural and functional changes in rat bone tissue caused by 3,3",4,4",5-pentachlorobiphenyl (PCB126). Some of the effects caused by PCB126 resemble those found in vitami weiter...

Verfasser: Lind PM, Larsson S, Johansson S, Melhus H, Wikström M, Lindhe O, Orberg J
Quelle: Toxicology., 2000; 151(1-3): 11-23, PMID: 11074296
GID: 833; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Age-related changes in bone mineral density, cross-sectional area and strength at different skeletal sites in male rats

Age-related changes in bone mineral density (BMD), cross-sectional area and strength strain index (SSI) of the long bones in the limbs and first lumbar vertebra of male Wistar rats were measured by a peripheral weiter...

Verfasser: Iida H, Fukuda S
Quelle: J Vet Med Sci., 2002; 64(1): 29-34, PMID: 11853142
GID: 834; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Good maintenance of exercise-induced bone gain with decreased training of female tennis and squash players: a prospective 5-year follow-up study of young and old starters and controls

This prospective 5-year follow-up study of 64 adult female racquet sports players and 27 controls assessed the changes in the playing-to-nonplaying arm bone mineral content (BMC) differences to answer three que weiter...

Verfasser: Kontulainen S, Kannus P, Haapasalo H, Sievänen H, Pasanen M, Heinonen A, Oja P, Vuori I
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2001; 16(2): 195-201, PMID: 11204418
GID: 835; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Reductions in bone turnover, mineral, and structure associated with mechanical properties of lumbar vertebra and femur in glucocorticoid-treated growing minipigs

The present study was designed to determine the effects of glucocorticoid (GC) on bone turnover, minerals, structure, and bone mechanical properties in minipigs. Six 8-month-old Göttingen minipigs were subcuta weiter...

Verfasser: Ikeda S, Morishita Y, Tsutsumi H, Ito M, Shiraishi A, Arita S, Akahoshi S, Narusawa K, Nakamura T
Quelle: Bone., 2003; 33(5): 779-87, PMID: 14623053
GID: 836; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Disabling of receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappaB (RANK) receptor complex by novel osteoprotegerin-like peptidomimetics restores bone loss in vivo

The tumor necrosis factor family ligand, tumor necrosis factor-related activation-induced cytokine (TRANCE), and its receptors, receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappaB (RANK) and osteoprotegerin (OPG), are weiter...

Verfasser: Cheng X, Kinosaki M, Takami M, Choi Y, Zhang H, Murali R
Quelle: J Biol Chem., 2004; 279(9): 8269-77, PMID: 14679212
GID: 837; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Biglycan deficiency interferes with ovariectomy-induced bone loss

Biglycan is a matrix proteoglycan with a possible role in bone turnover. In a 4-week study with sham-operated or OVX biglycan-deficient or wildtype mice, we show that biglycan-deficient mice are resistant to OV weiter...

Verfasser: Nielsen KL, Allen MR, Bloomfield SA, Andersen TL, Chen XD, Poulsen HS, Young MF, Heegaard AM
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2003; 18(12): 2152-8, PMID: 14672350
GID: 838; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Precision and accuracy of DXA and pQCT for densitometry of the rat femur

Measurements of bone mineral density and bone mineral content are key data in the study of osteoporosis and pathologic skeletal disease. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry and peripheral quantitative computed tom weiter...

Verfasser: Horton JA, Murray GM, Spadaro JA, Margulies BS, Allen MJ, Damron TA
Quelle: J Clin Densitom., 2003; 6(4): 381-90, PMID: 14716052
GID: 839; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Effects of loss of steroid receptor coactivator-1 on the skeletal response to estrogen in mice

Steroid receptor coactivator (SRC)-1 is an important nuclear receptor coactivator that enhances estrogen (E) action in many tissues, but its role in mediating E effects on bone is unknown. Thus, we assessed the weiter...

Verfasser: Mödder UI, Sanyal A, Kearns AE, Sibonga JD, Nishihara E, Xu J, O"Malley BW, Ritman EL, Riggs BL, Spelsberg TC, Khosla S
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2004; 145(2): 913-21, PMID: 14563705
GID: 840; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Effects of hypophysectomy and recombinant human growth hormone on material and geometric properties and the pre- and post-yield behavior of femurs in young rats

To study the musculoskeletal effects of hypophysectomy (Hx) and a partial replacement treatment with recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) in rats, we determined the stiffness (elastic modulus, E) and volumet weiter...

Verfasser: Feldman S, Cointry GR, Leite Duarte ME, Sarrió L, Ferretti JL, Capozza RF
Quelle: Bone., 2004; 34(1): 203-15, PMID: 14751579
GID: 841; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Long-term treatment of lasofoxifene preserves bone mass and bone strength and does not adversely affect the uterus in ovariectomized rats

The purpose of this study was to determine the long-term effects of lasofoxifene, a new selective estrogen receptor modulator, on bone mass, bone strength, and reproductive tissues in ovariectomized (OVX) rats. weiter...

Verfasser: Ke HZ, Foley GL, Simmons HA, Shen V, Thompson DD
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2004; 145(4): 1996-2005, PMID: 14726439
GID: 842; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Mice deficient in 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 lack bone marrow adipocytes, but maintain normal bone formation

Glucocorticoids (GCs) exert potent, but poorly characterized, effects on the skeleton. The cellular activity of GCs is regulated at a prereceptor level by 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases (11betaHSDs). The weiter...

Verfasser: Justesen J, Mosekilde L, Holmes M, Stenderup K, Gasser J, Mullins JJ, Seckl JR, Kassem M
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2004; 145(4): 1916-25, PMID: 14715714
GID: 843; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

The Wnt antagonist secreted frizzled-related protein-1 is a negative regulator of trabecular bone formation in adult mice

Previous studies have associated activation of canonical Wnt signaling in osteoblasts with elevated bone formation. Here we report that deletion of the murine Wnt antagonist, secreted frizzled-related protein ( weiter...

Verfasser: Bodine PV, Zhao W, Kharode YP, Bex FJ, Lambert AJ, Goad MB, Gaur T, Stein GS, Lian JB, Komm BS
Quelle: Mol Endocrinol., 2004; 18(5): 1222-37, PMID: 14976225
GID: 844; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Transgenic mice expressing fibroblast growth factor 23 under the control of the alpha1(I) collagen promoter exhibit growth retardation, osteomalacia, and disturbed phosphate homeostasis

Mutations in the fibroblast growth factor 23 gene, FGF23, cause autosomal dominant hypophosphatemic rickets (ADHR). The gene product, FGF-23, is produced by tumors from patients with oncogenic osteomalacia (OOM weiter...

Verfasser: Larsson T, Marsell R, Schipani E, Ohlsson C, Ljunggren O, Tenenhouse HS, Jüppner H, Jonsson KB
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2004; 145(7): 3087-94, PMID: 14988389
GID: 845; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Prostaglandin E2 receptor (EP4) selective agonist (ONO-4819.CD) accelerates bone repair of femoral cortex after drill-hole injury associated with local upregulation of bone turnover in mature rats

Prostaglandin E(2) (PGE(2)) is essential for fracture healing. Systemic administration of EP4 ligands such as PGE(2) and other synthetic EP4 agonists appears to transduce anabolic signals by binding to receptor weiter...

Verfasser: Tanaka M, Sakai A, Uchida S, Tanaka S, Nagashima M, Katayama T, Yamaguchi K, Nakamura T
Quelle: Bone., 2004; 34(6): 940-8, PMID: 15193540
GID: 846; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Differential skeletal responses of hindlimb unloaded rats on a vitamin D-deficient diet to 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and its analog, seocalcitol (EB1089)

Conditions of disuse in bed rest patients, as well as microgravity experienced by astronauts are accompanied by reduced mechanical loading, reduced calcium absorption, and lower serum levels of 1,25(OH)2D3 (1,2 weiter...

Verfasser: Narayanan R, Allen MR, Gaddy D, Bloomfield SA, Smith CL, Weigel NL
Quelle: Bone., 2004; 35(1): 134-43, PMID: 15207749
GID: 847; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Determination of mechanical stiffness of bone by pQCT measurements: correlation with non-destructive mechanical four-point bending test data

Mechanical tests of bone provide valuable information about material and structural properties important for understanding bone pathology in both clinical and research settings, but no previous studies have pro weiter...

Verfasser: Martin DE, Severns AE, Kabo JM
Quelle: J Biomech., 2004; 37(8): 1289-93, PMID: 15212935
GID: 848; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Hindlimb unloading has a greater effect on cortical compared with cancellous bone in mature female rats

This study was designed to determine the effects of 28 days of hindlimb unloading (HU) on the mature female rat skeleton. In vivo proximal tibia bone mineral density and geometry of HU and cage control (CC) rat weiter...

Verfasser: Allen MR, Bloomfield SA
Quelle: J Appl Physiol., 2003; 94(2): 642-50, PMID: 12391029
GID: 849; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

A gain-of-function mutation of Fgfr2c demonstrates the roles of this receptor variant in osteogenesis

The b and c variants of fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (FGFR2) differ in sequence, binding specificity, and localization. Fgfr2b, expressed in epithelia, is required for limb outgrowth and branching morpho weiter...

Verfasser: Eswarakumar VP, Horowitz MC, Locklin R, Morriss-Kay GM, Lonai P
Quelle: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 2004; 101(34): 12555-60, PMID: 15316116
GID: 850; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (1999)

Increased cortical bone mineral content but unchanged trabecular bone mineral density in female ERbeta(-/-) mice

Ovariectomy in young, growing rodents results in decreased trabecular bone mineral density (BMD) and increased radial growth of the cortical bone. Both of these effects are reversed by treatment with estrogen. weiter...

Verfasser: Windahl SH, Vidal O, Andersson G, Gustafsson JA, Ohlsson C
Quelle: J Clin Invest., 1999; 104(7): 895-901, PMID: 10510330
GID: 851; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Local ex vivo gene therapy with bone marrow stromal cells expressing human BMP4 promotes endosteal bone formation in mice

BACKGROUND: Bone loss in osteoporosis is caused by an imbalance between resorption and formation on endosteal surfaces of trabecular and cortical bone. We investigated the feasibility of increasing endosteal bo weiter...

Verfasser: Zhang XS, Linkhart TA, Chen ST, Peng H, Wergedal JE, Guttierez GG, Sheng MH, Lau KH, Baylink DJ
Quelle: J Gene Med., 2004; 6(1): 4-15, PMID: 14716672
GID: 852; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Abnormal bone architecture and biomechanical properties with near-lifetime treatment of rats with PTH

Skeletal effects are described for near-lifetime treatment of young, female rats with recombinant human PTH (1-34) (PTH). Rats (5-8 wk of age) were administered 0, 5, 30, or 75 microg/kg x d sc PTH for up to 2 weiter...

Verfasser: Sato M, Vahle J, Schmidt A, Westmore M, Smith S, Rowley E, Ma LY
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2002; 143(9): 3230-42, PMID: 12193534
GID: 853; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Abnormal bone composition in female juvenile American alligators from a pesticide-polluted lake (Lake Apopka, Florida)

Reproductive disorders have been found in pesticide-exposed alligators living in Lake Apopka, Florida (USA). These disorders have been hypothesized to be caused by exposure to endocrine- disruptive estrogen-lik weiter...

Verfasser: Lind PM, Milnes MR, Lundberg R, Bermudez D, Orberg JA, Guillette LJ Jr
Quelle: Environ Health Perspect., 2004; 112(3): 359-62, PMID: 14998753
GID: 854; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Bone mineral density in male Baltic grey seal (Halichoerus grypus)

Bone mineral density (mg cm(-3)) was studied in male Baltic grey seals (4-23 years of age) by noninvasive computed tomography (pQCT). The material was grouped according to year of collection. Group A: 1850-1955 weiter...

Verfasser: Lind PM, Bergman A, Olsson M, Orberg J
Quelle: Ambio., 2003; 32(6): 385-8, PMID: 14627366
GID: 855; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-5 induces a gender-related decrease in bone mineral density in transgenic mice

IGF-binding protein-5 (IGFBP-5) is abundant in serum and bone during normal skeletal development, but levels decrease in osteoporosis. Studies have shown that IGFBP-5 stimulates markers of bone formation by pot weiter...

Verfasser: Salih DA, Mohan S, Kasukawa Y, Tripathi G, Lovett FA, Anderson NF, Carter EJ, Wergedal JE, Baylink DJ, Pell JM
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2005; 146(2): 931-40, PMID: 15550514
GID: 856; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Skeletal defects in ringelschwanz mutant mice reveal that Lrp6 is required for proper somitogenesis and osteogenesis

Here, we present evidence that Lrp6, a coreceptor for Wnt ligands, is required for the normal formation of somites and bones. By positional cloning, we demonstrate that a novel spontaneous mutation ringelschwan weiter...

Verfasser: Kokubu C, Heinzmann U, Kokubu T, Sakai N, Kubota T, Kawai M, Wahl MB, Galceran J, Grosschedl R, Ozono K, Imai K
Quelle: Development., 2004; 131(21): 5469-80, PMID: 15469977
GID: 857; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Critical role of calbindin-D28k in calcium homeostasis revealed by mice lacking both vitamin D receptor and calbindin-D28k

Calbindin (CaBP)-D28k and CaBP-D9k are cytosolic vitamin D-dependent calcium-binding proteins long thought to play an important role in transepithelial calcium transport. However, recent genetic studies suggest weiter...

Verfasser: Zheng W, Xie Y, Li G, Kong J, Feng JQ, Li YC
Quelle: J Biol Chem., 2004; 279(50): 52406-13, PMID: 15456794
GID: 858; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

A crucial role of caspase-3 in osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow stromal stem cells

Caspase-3 is a critical enzyme for apoptosis and cell survival. Here we report delayed ossification and decreased bone mineral density in caspase-3-deficient (Casp3(-/-) and Casp3(+/-)) mice due to an attenuate weiter...

Verfasser: Miura M, Chen XD, Allen MR, Bi Y, Gronthos S, Seo BM, Lakhani S, Flavell RA, Feng XH, Robey PG, Young M, Shi S
Quelle: J Clin Invest., 2004; 114(12): 1704-13, PMID: 15599395
GID: 859; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Effects of calcitonin on subchondral trabecular bone changes and on osteoarthritic cartilage lesions after acute anterior cruciate ligament deficiency

Because SBM may contribute to cartilage breakdown in OA, experimental OA was induced in dogs by transecting the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee and treating with either CT or a placebo. CT significantly weiter...

Verfasser: Behets C, Williams JM, Chappard D, Devogelaer JP, Manicourt DH
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2004; 19(11): 1821-6, PMID: 15476582
GID: 860; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Adaptations to free-fall impact are different in the shafts and bone ends of rat forelimbs

Impact exercise can have beneficial effects on the growing skeleton. To understand what changes it promotes in the shafts and ends of weight-bearing bones, we measured the effects of impact from repetitive free weiter...

Verfasser: Welch JM, Weaver CM, Turner CH
Quelle: J Appl Physiol., 2004; 97(5): 1859-65, PMID: 15258128
GID: 861; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Additive protective effects of estrogen and androgen treatment on trabecular bone in ovariectomized rats

Both ER and AR activation regulates trabecular bone mass. We show that combined estrogen and androgen treatment results in additive protection of trabecular bone in OVX rats. This may in part be attributable to weiter...

Verfasser: Tivesten A, Movérare-Skrtic S, Chagin A, Venken K, Salmon P, Vanderschueren D, Sävendahl L, Holmäng A, Ohlsson C
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2004; 19(11): 1833-9, PMID: 15476584
GID: 862; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Long-term sensitivity of uterus and hypothalamus/pituitary axis to 17beta-estradiol is higher than that of bone in rats

We examined the long-term sensitivity of uterus and bone to low-dose 17beta-estradiol in a 4-month experiment in OVX rats and found that a dose of estradiol that fully protected against uterine atrophy did not weiter...

Verfasser: Erben RG, Brunner KS, Breig B
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2004; 19(11): 1827-32, PMID: 15476583
GID: 863; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Enhanced marrow adipogenesis and bone resorption in estrogen-deprived rats treated with the PPARgamma agonist BRL49653 (rosiglitazone)

Thiazolidinediones are insulin-sensitizing agents and in clinical use for the treatment of type II diabetes. Under specific experimental conditions, these molecules induce adipogenic differentiation of mesenchy weiter...

Verfasser: Sottile V, Seuwen K, Kneissel M
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2004; 75(4): 329-37, PMID: 15549648
GID: 865; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Site-specific effects of cerivastatin on bone in male Sprague-Dawley rats

It is well established that age-related bone loss occurs in men and male SD rats. This study was designed to determine whether cerivastatin will prevent age-related bone loss in male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats. P weiter...

Verfasser: Banu J, Kalu DN
Quelle: Bone., 2004; 34(3): 432-42, PMID: 15003791
GID: 866; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Comparative assessment of bone mineral measurements obtained by use of dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, peripheral quantitative computed tomography, and chemical-physical analyses in femurs of juvenile and adult dogs

OBJECTIVE: To compare bone mineral measurements obtained by use of dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT), and chemical-physical analyses and determine effec weiter...

Verfasser: Schneider S, Breit SM, Grampp S, Künzel WW, Liesegang A, Mayrhofer E, Zentek J
Quelle: Am J Vet Res., 2004; 65(7): 891-900, PMID: 15281646
GID: 867; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Belamcanda chinensis and the thereof purified tectorigenin have selective estrogen receptor modulator activities

Belamcanda chinensis (BC) belongs to the family of iridaceae and the isoflavone tectorigenin has been isolated from the rhizome of this plant. Whether this isoflavone has estrogenic, possibly selective estrogen weiter...

Verfasser: Seidlová-Wuttke D, Hesse O, Jarry H, Rimoldi G, Thelen P, Christoffel V, Wuttke W
Quelle: Phytomedicine., 2004; 11(5): 392-403, PMID: 15330494
GID: 868; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Effects of grape seed proanthocyanidins extract on rat mandibular condyle

We investigated the effects of grape seed proanthocyanidins extract (GSPE) on bone formation by examining total and cortical bone mass, density, architecture, and strength non-invasively using mandibular condyl weiter...

Verfasser: Kojima K, Maki K, Tofani I, Kamitani Y, Kimura M
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2004; 4(3): 301-7, PMID: 15615498
GID: 869; Last update: 22.01.2008
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Histochemical evaluation for the biological effect of menatetrenone on metaphyseal trabeculae of ovariectomized rats

To evaluate the biological effects of vitamin K2 (menatetrenone, MK-4) on ovariectomy (OVX)-induced bone loss, we have examined histological alterations of femoral metaphyses of sham-operated (sham group), ovar weiter...

Verfasser: Asawa Y, Amizuka N, Hara K, Kobayashi M, Aita M, Li M, Kenmotsu S, Oda K, Akiyama Y, Ozawa H
Quelle: Bone., 2004; 35(4): 870-80, PMID: 15454094
GID: 870; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Response of the osteocyte syncytium adjacent to and distant from linear microcracks during adaptation to cyclic fatigue loading

Cyclic loading induces fatigue in bone and initiates a complex, functionally adaptive response. We investigated the effect of a single period of fatigue on the histologic structure and biomechanical properties weiter...

Verfasser: Colopy SA, Benz-Dean J, Barrett JG, Sample SJ, Lu Y, Danova NA, Kalscheur VL, Vanderby R Jr, Markel MD, Muir P
Quelle: Bone., 2004; 35(4): 881-91, PMID: 15454095
GID: 871; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Retinoid-induced bone thinning is caused by subperiosteal osteoclast activity in adult rodents

Excess of Vitamin A (retinol) and related compounds (retinoids) induces bone fragility and is associated with increased hip fracture incidence in humans. Yet, their impact on the adult skeleton has been studied weiter...

Verfasser: Kneissel M, Studer A, Cortesi R, Susa M
Quelle: Bone., 2005; 36(2): 202-14, PMID: 15780946
GID: 872; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2005)

Insulin receptor substrate-1 is required for bone anabolic function of parathyroid hormone in mice

Bone anabolic action of PTH has been suggested to be mediated by induction of IGF-I in osteoblasts; however, little is known about the molecular mechanism by which IGF-I leads to bone formation under the PTH st weiter...

Verfasser: Yamaguchi M, Ogata N, Shinoda Y, Akune T, Kamekura S, Terauchi Y, Kadowaki T, Hoshi K, Chung UI, Nakamura K, Kawaguchi H
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2005; 146(6): 2620-8, PMID: 15718274
GID: 873; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Effects of vitamin K2 (menatetrenone) and alendronate on bone mineral density and bone strength in rats fed a low-magnesium diet

In this study, we examined changes in bone parameters and bone strength in rats fed low-Mg diets (experiment 1) and the effects of vitamin K2 (MK-4, experiment 3) and alendronate (ALN, experiment 2) in this mod weiter...

Verfasser: Kobayashi M, Hara K, Akiyama Y
Quelle: Bone., 2004; 35(5): 1136-43, PMID: 15542039
GID: 874; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

The deficiency of immunoregulatory receptor PD-1 causes mild osteopetrosis

Recently, the involvement of immune responses in metabolic bone disease and/or local bone destruction has received much attention. Cytotoxic T lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 (CTLA-4), a member of the immunoglo weiter...

Verfasser: Nagahama K, Aoki K, Nonaka K, Saito H, Takahashi M, Varghese BJ, Shimokawa H, Azuma M, Ohya K, Ohyama K
Quelle: Bone., 2004; 35(5): 1059-68, PMID: 15542030
GID: 875; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Everolimus suppresses cancellous bone loss, bone resorption, and cathepsin K expression by osteoclasts

The proliferation inhibitor of the macrolide class, everolimus, is a drug shown to be effective in the prevention of organ transplant rejection and to have a potential in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis a weiter...

Verfasser: Kneissel M, Luong-Nguyen NH, Baptist M, Cortesi R, Zumstein-Mecker S, Kossida S, O"Reilly T, Lane H, Susa M
Quelle: Bone., 2004; 35(5): 1144-56, PMID: 15542040
GID: 876; Last update: 22.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

La mise au point d´un petit scanner de´die´au membre de cheval, applications pratiques

Verfasser: F Desbrosse, S Mosseri, R Perrin, MT Launois
Quelle: Bull Soc Vet Prat de France, 2003; 87: 126-137
GID: 720; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Regional bone loss after orthotopic liver transplantation in inbred rats: the role of hepatic denervation

Bone loss and long-term persistence of osteoporosis with increased fracture risk are common after liver transplantation. It is unknown whether transplantation-induced disruption of hepatic nerves, serving numer weiter...

Verfasser: Kissler HJ, Erben RG, Hennig R, Gepp H, Stahr K, Hohenberger W, Schwille PO
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2002; 71(2): 193-202, PMID: 12200652
GID: 706; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Subclinical hypervitaminosis A causes fragile bones in rats

Excessive intake of vitamin A has been associated with an increased risk of hip fracture in humans. This finding has raised the question of whether long-term intake of relatively moderate doses ("subclinical" h weiter...

Verfasser: Johansson S, Lind PM, Hakansson H, Oxlund H, Orberg J, Melhus H
Quelle: Bone., 2002; 31(6): 685-9, PMID: 12531562
GID: 707; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

The role of estrogen receptor-beta, in the early age-related bone gain and later age-related bone loss in female mice

The molecular and cellular mechanism of estrogen action in skeletal tissue remains unclear. The purpose of this study was to understand the role of estrogen receptor-beta, (ERbeta) on cortical and cancellous bo weiter...

Verfasser: Ke HZ, Brown TA, Qi H, Crawford DT, Simmons HA, Petersen DN, Allen MR, McNeish JD, Thompson DD
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2002; 2(5): 479-88, PMID: 15758417
GID: 708; Last update: 15.01.2008
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Vitamin K2 (menatetrenone) inhibits bone loss induced by prednisolone partly through enhancement of bone formation in rats

Vitamin K(2) (K(2), menatetrenone) has been reported to enhance bone formation and inhibit bone resorption in vitro. However, there is no evidence that K(2) enhances bone formation in vivo. The aim of this stud weiter...

Verfasser: Hara K, Kobayashi M, Akiyama Y
Quelle: Bone., 2002; 31(5): 575-81, PMID: 12477571
GID: 709; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Vitamin D deficiency in guinea pigs: exacerbation of bone phenotype during pregnancy and disturbed fetal mineralization, with recovery by 1,25(OH)2D3 infusion or dietary calcium-phosphate supplementation

Vitamin D (D) deficiency during human pregnancy appears to disturb fetal growth and mineralization, but fetal development is normal in D-deficient rats and vitamin D receptor gene-ablated mice. We used the guin weiter...

Verfasser: Rummens K, van Bree R, Van Herck E, Zaman Z, Bouillon R, Van Assche FA, Verhaeghe J
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2002; 71(4): 364-75, PMID: 12196905
GID: 710; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

The cell surface form of colony-stimulating factor-1 is biologically active in bone in vivo

The specific biological function of the cell surface or membrane-bound isoform of colony-stimulating factor-1 (mCSF-1) is not well understood. To help define the role of this isoform in bone, we developed a tra weiter...

Verfasser: Yao GQ, Wu JJ, Sun BH, Troiano N, Mitnick MA, Insogna K
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2003; 144(8): 3677-82, PMID: 12865350
GID: 711; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Effect of protein-energy malnutrition in early life on the dimensions and bone quality of the adult rat mandible

Morphological and biomechanical features of the mandible are negatively affected by protein-energy malnutrition, whose effects are apparently dependent on the time of life of application. The aim here was to in weiter...

Verfasser: Alippi RM, Meta MD, Olivera MI, Bozzini C, Schneider P, Meta IF, Bozzini CE
Quelle: Arch Oral Biol., 2002; 47(1): 47-53, PMID: 11743931
GID: 712; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Deletion of the P2X7 nucleotide receptor reveals its regulatory roles in bone formation and resorption

The P2X7 nucleotide receptor is an ATP-gated ion channel expressed widely in cells of hematopoietic origin. Our purpose was to explore the involvement of the P2X7 receptor in bone development and remodeling by weiter...

Verfasser: Ke HZ, Qi H, Weidema AF, Zhang Q, Panupinthu N, Crawford DT, Grasser WA, Paralkar VM, Li M, Audoly LP, Gabel CA, Jee WS, Dixon SJ, Sims SM, Thompson DD
Quelle: Mol Endocrinol., 2003; 17(7): 1356-67, PMID: 12677010
GID: 713; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Effects of increased muscle mass on bone in male mice overexpressing IGF-I in skeletal muscles

It has been hypothesized that increase in muscle mass increases the strain on bone resulting in increase in bone mass. The aim of the present study was to determine the effects of increased muscle mass on bone. weiter...

Verfasser: Banu J, Wang L, Kalu DN
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2003; 73(2): 196-201, PMID: 14565602
GID: 714; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Effects of SP500263, a novel selective estrogen receptor modulator, on bone, uterus, and serum cholesterol in the ovariectomized rat

We describe here the activity of a novel selective estrogen receptor modulator, SP500263. When given to adult ovariectomized (OVX) rats for 28 days at doses of 0.3, 1, or 3 mg/kg/day, we found that SP500263 par weiter...

Verfasser: Sutherland MK, Brady H, Gayo-Fung LM, Leisten J, Lipps SG, McKie JA, O"Leary E, Patnaik N, Anderson DW, Bhagwat SS, Stein B
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2003; 72(6): 710-6, PMID: 14563000
GID: 715; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Evidence that sensitivity to growth hormone (GH) is growth period and tissue type dependent: studies in GH-deficient lit/lit mice

We previously found that the magnitude of skeletal deficits caused by GH deficiency varied during different growth periods. To test the hypothesis that the sensitivity to GH is growth period dependent, we treat weiter...

Verfasser: Kasukawa Y, Baylink DJ, Guo R, Mohan S
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2003; 144(9): 3950-7, PMID: 12933669
GID: 716; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Ibandronate treatment decreases the effects of tumor-associated lesions on bone density and strength in the rat

Bisphosphonate treatment is beneficial against symptoms of metastatic bone disease, although less is known about the effect of preventative treatment schedules. We investigated the effect of various treatment r weiter...

Verfasser: Kurth AA, Kim SZ, Sedlmeyer I, Bauss F, Shea M
Quelle: Bone., 2002; 30(1): 300-6, PMID: 11792601
GID: 717; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Age-related changes in bone mineral content and density in intact male F344 rats

This study was undertaken to determine whether age-related bone loss occurs in intact male F344 rats. Bone loss was assessed in male F344 rats aged 3 to 27 months by scanning different bones using peripheral qu weiter...

Verfasser: Banu J, Wang L, Kalu DN
Quelle: Bone., 2002; 30(1): 125-30, PMID: 11792574
GID: 718; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

A functional androgen receptor is not sufficient to allow estradiol to protect bone after gonadectomy in estradiol receptor-deficient mice

Although the role of estradiol in maintaining bone mass is well established, the relative contributions of the estradiol receptors ERalpha and ERbeta and of the androgen receptor (AR) remain controversial. To d weiter...

Verfasser: Sims NA, Clément-Lacroix P, Minet D, Fraslon-Vanhulle C, Gaillard-Kelly M, Resche-Rigon M, Baron R
Quelle: J Clin Invest., 2003; 111(9): 1319-27, PMID: 12727923
GID: 719; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Mammary-specific deletion of parathyroid hormone-related protein preserves bone mass during lactation

Large amounts of calcium are transferred to offspring by milk. This demand results in negative calcium balance in lactating mothers and is associated with rapid bone loss. The mechanisms of bone loss during lac weiter...

Verfasser: VanHouten JN, Dann P, Stewart AF, Watson CJ, Pollak M, Karaplis AC, Wysolmerski JJ
Quelle: J Clin Invest., 2003; 112(9): 1429-36, PMID: 14597768
GID: 721; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Differential effects on bone of estrogen receptor alpha and androgen receptor activation in orchidectomized adult male mice

Androgens may regulate the male skeleton either directly by stimulation of the androgen receptor (AR) or indirectly by aromatization of androgens into estrogens and, thereafter, by stimulation of the estrogen r weiter...

Verfasser: Movérare S, Venken K, Eriksson AL, Andersson N, Skrtic S, Wergedal J, Mohan S, Salmon P, Bouillon R, Gustafsson JA, Vanderschueren D, Ohlsson C
Quelle: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 2003; 100(23): 13573-8, PMID: 14573701
GID: 722; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Estrogen and bone--a reproductive and locomotive perspective

The primary function of the skeleton is locomotion, and the primary function of estrogen is reproduction. When the skeleton is considered within this locomotive context, the onset of estrogen secretion at puber weiter...

Verfasser: Järvinen TL, Kannus P, Sievänen H
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2003; 18(11): 1921-31, PMID: 14606503
GID: 723; Last update: 15.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

pQCT provides better prediction of canine femur breaking load than does DXA

Our study was designed to examine the validity of dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) and peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) measurements as predictors of whole bone breaking strength in beag weiter...

Verfasser: Moisio KC, Podolskaya G, Barnhart B, Berzins A, Sumner DR
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2003; 3(3): 240-5, PMID: 15758347
GID: 725; Last update: 15.01.2008
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Effects of high-frequency, low-magnitude mechanical stimulus on bone healing

Recent studies have shown osteogenic effects of high-frequency mechanical stimuli. The purpose of this study was whether externally applied, high-frequency, low-magnitude interfragmentary movements affect the p weiter...

Verfasser: Wolf S, Augat P, Eckert-Hübner K, Laule A, Krischak GD, Claes LE
Quelle: Clin Orthop Relat Res., 2001; (385): 192-8, PMID: 11302314
GID: 677; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Bone mineral content and density in the humerus of adult myostatin-deficient mice

Myostatin (GDF-8), a member of the transforming growth factor-b superfamily of secreted growth and differentiation factors, is a negative regulator of skeletal muscle growth. We investigated the effects of incr weiter...

Verfasser: Hamrick MW, McPherron AC, Lovejoy CO
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2002; 71(1): 63-8, PMID: 12060865
GID: 678; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Effects of cerivastatin and parathyroid hormone on the lumbar vertebra of aging male Sprague-Dawley rats

Both men and women lose bone at a late age (aging bone loss). The aim of this study was to determine whether cerivastatin and parathyroid hormone (PTH) can prevent aging bone loss in men. Bone loss in aged male weiter...

Verfasser: Banu J, Kalu DN
Quelle: Bone., 2002; 31(1): 173-9, PMID: 12110431
GID: 679; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Repeated in vivo determinations of bone mineral density during parathyroid hormone treatment in ovariectomized mice

The recent development of different genetically modified mice with potentially interesting bone phenotypes has increased the demand for effective non-invasive methods to evaluate effects on bone of mice during weiter...

Verfasser: Andersson N, Lindberg MK, Ohlsson C, Andersson K, Ryberg B
Quelle: J Endocrinol., 2001; 170(3): 529-37, PMID: 11524233
GID: 680; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Site- and compartment-specific changes in bone with hindlimb unloading in mature adult rats

The purpose of this study was to examine site- and compartment-specific changes in bone induced by hindlimb unloading (HU) in the mature adult male rat (6 months old). Tibiae, femora, and humeri were removed af weiter...

Verfasser: Bloomfield SA, Allen MR, Hogan HA, Delp MD
Quelle: Bone., 2002; 31(1): 149-57, PMID: 12110428
GID: 681; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Up-regulation of TNF-producing T cells in the bone marrow: a key mechanism by which estrogen deficiency induces bone loss in vivo

In vivo studies have shown T cells to be central to the mechanism by which estrogen deficiency induces bone loss, but the mechanism involved remains, in part, undefined. In vitro, T cells from ovariectomized mi weiter...

Verfasser: Roggia C, Gao Y, Cenci S, Weitzmann MN, Toraldo G, Isaia G, Pacifici R
Quelle: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 2001; 98(24): 13960-5, PMID: 11717453
GID: 682; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

A time course of bone response to jump exercise in C57BL/6J mice

Exercise, by way of mechanical loading, provides a physiological stimulus to which bone tissue adapts by increased bone formation. The mechanical stimulus due to physical activity depends on both the magnitude weiter...

Verfasser: Umemura Y, Baylink DJ, Wergedal JE, Mohan S, Srivastava AK
Quelle: J Bone Miner Metab., 2002; 20(4): 209-15, PMID: 12115066
GID: 683; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Mechanical strain, induced noninvasively in the high-frequency domain, is anabolic to cancellous bone, but not cortical bone

Departing from the premise that it is the large-amplitude signals inherent to intense functional activity that define bone morphology, we propose that it is the far lower magnitude, high-frequency mechanical si weiter...

Verfasser: Rubin C, Turner AS, Mallinckrodt C, Jerome C, McLeod K, Bain S
Quelle: Bone., 2002; 30(3): 445-52, PMID: 11882457
GID: 684; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

1alpha-hydroxyvitamin D2 is less toxic but not bone selective relative to 1alpha-hydroxyvitamin D3 in ovariectomized rats

Identification of bone selective vitamin D analogues would provide an interesting substance class for the treatment of osteoporosis. The synthetic prodrug 1alpha-hydroxyvitamin D2 [1alpha(OH)D2] has been shown weiter...

Verfasser: Weber K, Goldberg M, Stangassinger M, Erben RG
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2001; 16(4): 639-51, PMID: 11315991
GID: 685; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-2 (IGFBP-2) overexpression negatively regulates bone size and mass, but not density, in the absence and presence of growth hormone/IGF-I excess in transgenic mice

Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-2 (IGFBP-2) has been suggested to be a negative regulator of bone growth and maintenance. The objective of this study was to characterize the effect of elevated IGFBP- weiter...

Verfasser: Eckstein F, Pavicic T, Nedbal S, Schmidt C, Wehr U, Rambeck W, Wolf E, Hoeflich A
Quelle: Anat Embryol (Berl)., 2002; 206(1-2): 139-48, PMID: 12478375
GID: 686; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Rodent model for investigating the effects of estrogen on bone and muscle relationship during growth

It has been reported that in humans from about 11-12 years of age, bone mass begins to increase faster in girls than in boys with the same muscle mass, and by 14-15 years of age, bone mass per unit mass of musc weiter...

Verfasser: Wang L, McMahan CA, Banu J, Okafor MC, Kalu DN
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2003; 72(2): 151-5, PMID: 12469248
GID: 687; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Ablation of TRalpha2 and a concomitant overexpression of alpha1 yields a mixed hypo- and hyperthyroid phenotype in mice

Thyroid hormone governs a diverse repertoire of physiological functions through receptors encoded in the receptor genes alpha and beta, which each generate variant proteins. In mammals, the alpha gene generates weiter...

Verfasser: Saltó C, Kindblom JM, Johansson C, Wang Z, Gullberg H, Nordström K, Mansén A, Ohlsson C, Thorén P, Forrest D, Vennström B
Quelle: Mol Endocrinol., 2001; 15(12): 2115-28, PMID: 11731613
GID: 688; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Evidence that anabolic effects of PTH on bone require IGF-I in growing mice

Although it has been established that PTH exerts potent anabolic effects on bone in animals and humans, the mechanism of PTH action on bone remains controversial. Based on the previous findings that PTH treatme weiter...

Verfasser: Miyakoshi N, Kasukawa Y, Linkhart TA, Baylink DJ, Mohan S
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2001; 142(10): 4349-56, PMID: 11564695
GID: 689; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Peripheral quantitative computed tomography for the detection of diabetic osteopathy: a study in the Goto-Kakizaki rat

RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVE: To assess the utility of dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) and peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) in detecting trabecular and cortical bone changes in diabetes as weiter...

Verfasser: Ahmad T, Ohlsson C, Ostenson CG, Kreicbergs A
Quelle: Invest Radiol., 2003; 38(3): 171-6, PMID: 12595798
GID: 690; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

In vivo rat assay: bone remodeling and steroid effects on juvenile bone by pQCT quantification in 7 days

Anesthetized Sprague-Dawley weanling rats were scanned for bone mineral density (BMD) values after 7 days of treatment to determine whether resorption/growth at the proximal tibia can be quantified by periphera weiter...

Verfasser: McHugh NA, Vercesi HM, Egan RW, Hey JA
Quelle: Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab., 2003; 284(1): E70-5, PMID: 12388153
GID: 691; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2003)

Common herbs, essential oils, and monoterpenes potently modulate bone metabolism

During our survey of herbs looking for activity on bone metabolism, we found that the dried leaves of sage strongly inhibit bone resorption. Therefore, we investigated several common herbs rich in essential oil weiter...

Verfasser: Mühlbauer RC, Lozano A, Palacio S, Reinli A, Felix R
Quelle: Bone., 2003; 32(4): 372-80, PMID: 12689680
GID: 692; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

High bone resorption in adult aging transgenic mice overexpressing cbfa1/runx2 in cells of the osteoblastic lineage

The runt family transcription factor core-binding factor alpha1 (Cbfa1) is essential for bone formation during development. Surprisingly, transgenic mice overexpressing Cbfa1 under the control of the 2.3-kb col weiter...

Verfasser: Geoffroy V, Kneissel M, Fournier B, Boyde A, Matthias P
Quelle: Mol Cell Biol., 2002; 22(17): 6222-33, PMID: 12167715
GID: 693; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Mouse genetic model for bone strength and size phenotypes: NZB/B1NJ and RF/J inbred strains

The relationships of bone size, bone strength, and bone formation were investigated in two strains of mice, NZB/B1NJ and RF/J. Measurement of the femur midshaft size by peripheral quantitative computed tomograp weiter...

Verfasser: Wergedal JE, Sheng MH, Ackert-Bicknell CL, Beamer WG, Baylink DJ
Quelle: Bone., 2002; 31(6): 670-4, PMID: 12531560
GID: 694; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Opposing changes in osteocalcin levels in bone vs serum during the acquisition of peak bone density in C3H/HeJ and C57BL/6J mice

Our knowledge of the developmental changes in the concentration of serum and bone osteocalcin (OC) is limited. To investigate the interrelationship between skeletal and circulatory OC during acquisition of peak weiter...

Verfasser: Li X, Srivastava AK, Gu W, Masinde G, Mohan S, Baylink DJ
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2002; 71(5): 416-20, PMID: 12172650
GID: 695; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2002)

Quantitative trait loci for bone density in mice: the genes determining total skeletal density and femur density show little overlap in F2 mice

Bone mineral density variation is a highly heritable trait and is the best predictor of skeletal fragility. Total skeletal density was determined by PIXIMUS, and femur density was determined by pQCT. The data w weiter...

Verfasser: Masinde GL, Li X, Gu W, Wergedal J, Mohan S, Baylink DJ
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2002; 71(5): 421-8, PMID: 12202954
GID: 696; Last update: 10.01.2008

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Bone anabolic effects of separate and combined therapy with growth hormone and parathyroid hormone on femoral neck in aged ovariectomized osteopenic rats

Previous studies have demonstrated that growth hormone (GH) has a marked anabolic effect on cortical bone and parathyroid hormone (PTH) has been shown to increase cancellous bone and cortical bone markedly in o weiter...

Verfasser: Wang L, Orhii PB, Banu J, Kalu DN
Quelle: Mech Ageing Dev., 2001; 122(1): 89-104, PMID: 11163626
GID: 519; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Quantitative assessment of forearm muscle size, forelimb grip strength, forearm bone mineral density, and forearm bone size in determining humerus breaking strength in 10 inbred strains of mice

Bone strength is an important clinical endpoint of osteoporosis research. The evaluation of the relative importance of bone and muscle components to bone strength has widespread implications for the understandi weiter...

Verfasser: Li X, Mohan S, Gu W, Wergedal J, Baylink DJ
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2001; 68(6): 365-9, PMID: 11685425
GID: 520; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Levormeloxifene prevents increased bone turnover and vertebral bone loss following ovariectomy in cynomolgus monkeys

Levormeloxifene, a nonsteroidal selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), has been evaluated for its effects on bone in cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis). Adult female monkeys were imported from Indo weiter...

Verfasser: Hotchkiss CE, Stavisky R, Nowak J, Brommage R, Lees CJ, Kaplan J
Quelle: Bone., 2001; 29(1): 7-15, PMID: 11472885
GID: 521; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Effects of ovariectomy and estrogen replacement therapy on arthritis and bone mineral density in rats with collagen-induced arthritis

We investigated the effects of ovariectomy (ovx) and estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) on bone mineral density (BMD) and arthritis severity in rats with collagen-induced arthritis (CIA). Seven-month-old female weiter...

Verfasser: Yamasaki D, Enokida M, Okano T, Hagino H, Teshima R
Quelle: Bone., 2001; 28(6): 634-40, PMID: 11425652
GID: 522; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

The complex of recombinant human insulin-like growth factor-I (rhIGF-I) and its binding protein-5 (IGFBP-5) induces local bone formation in murine calvariae and in rat cortical bone after local or systemic administration

The influence of recombinant human insulin-like growth factor-I (rhIGF-I), its binding protein-5 (IGFBP-5) or their equimolar complexes on calvarial osteogenesis was investigated by quantitative radiography and weiter...

Verfasser: Bauss F, Lang K, Dony C, Kling L
Quelle: Growth Horm IGF Res., 2001; 11(1): 1-9, PMID: 11437468
GID: 523; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Testosterone prevents orchidectomy-induced bone loss in estrogen receptor-alpha knockout mice

To examine the role of the estrogen receptor-alpha (ERalpha) during male skeletal development, bone density and structure of aged ERalphaKO mice and wild-type (WT) littermates were analyzed and skeletal changes weiter...

Verfasser: Vandenput L, Ederveen AG, Erben RG, Stahr K, Swinnen JV, Van Herck E, Verstuyf A, Boonen S, Bouillon R, Vanderschueren D
Quelle: Biochem Biophys Res Commun., 2001; 285(1): 70-6, PMID: 11437374
GID: 524; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Phenotypical characterization of c-kit receptor deficient mouse femora using non-destructive high-resolution imaging techniques and biomechanical testing

OBJECTIVE: Pathological processes in bone can lead to fatal health consequences. Therefore, it is important to study factors that possibly influence the activity of bone cells. The mast cell is a normal compone weiter...

Verfasser: Cindik ED, Maurer M, Hannan MK, Müller R, Hayes WC, Hovy L, Kurth AA
Quelle: Technol Health Care., 2000; 8(5): 267-75, PMID: 11204172
GID: 525; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Effect of nickel-titanium shape memory metal alloy on bone formation

The aim of this study was to determine the biocompatibility of NiTi alloy on bone formation in vivo. For this purpose we used ectopic bone formation assay which goes through all the events of bone formation and weiter...

Verfasser: Kapanen A, Ryhänen J, Danilov A, Tuukkanen J
Quelle: Biomaterials., 2001; 22(18): 2475-80, PMID: 11516078
GID: 526; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1998)

Lifelong administration of high doses of ibandronate increases bone mass and maintains bone quality of lumbar vertebrae in rats

As part of a long-term safety study the bisphosphonate ibandronate was investigated for its effects on bone quality in lumbar vertebrae in rats. Bone area, bone density and mechanical properties were assessed b weiter...

Verfasser: Lalla S, Hothorn LA, Haag N, Bader R, Bauss F
Quelle: Osteoporos Int., 1998; 8(2): 97-103, PMID: 9666930
GID: 527; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Does combined gastrectomy and ovariectomy induce greater osteopenia in young female rats than gastrectomy alone

Osteopenia develops in experimental animals following surgical removal of the ovaries (ovariectomy. Ovx) or the stomach (gastrectomy, Gx). Though the effect of Ovx has been ascribed to estrogen deficiency, the weiter...

Verfasser: Surve VV, Andersson N, Alatalo S, Lehto-Axtelius D, Halleen J, Väänänen K, Håkanson R
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2001; 69(5): 274-80, PMID: 11768197
GID: 528; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Influence of a low calcium and phosphorus diet on the anabolic effect of human parathyroid hormone (1-38) in female rats

Parathyroid hormone (PTH) or synthetic N-terminal PTH fragments administered intermittently have been established as anabolic agents in animal and human bones. In the present study, the influence of a low calci weiter...

Verfasser: Steiner PD, Forrer R, Kneissel M, Gasser JA, Thomsen JS, Mosekilde L, Riond JL
Quelle: Bone., 2001; 29(4): 344-51, PMID: 11595617
GID: 529; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Male rodent model of age-related bone loss in men

Osteoporosis is a common occurrence in aging men. There is currently no appropriate animal model for studying age-related bone loss in men. To determine whether male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats experience bone los weiter...

Verfasser: Wang L, Banu J, McMahan CA, Kalu DN
Quelle: Bone., 2001; 29(2): 141-8, PMID: 11502475
GID: 530; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Increase of intestinal calcium absorption and bone mineral density by heated algal ingredient (HAI) in rats

Active absorbable calcium (AAACa) produced by adding HAI (heated algal ingredient) to oyster shell calcium (AACa) is quite efficiently absorbed from the intestine and can increase bone mineral density in elderl weiter...

Verfasser: Fujita T, Fujii Y, Goto B, Miyauchi A, Takagi Y, Kobayashi S, Kamoshita K, Mikuni N, Kurihara Y, Shikauchi I
Quelle: J Bone Miner Metab., 2000; 18(3): 165-9, PMID: 10783851
GID: 511; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Defective bone formation and anabolic response to exogenous estrogen in mice with targeted disruption of endothelial nitric oxide synthase

Nitric oxide (NO) is a pleiotropic signaling molecule that is produced by bone cells constitutively and in response to diverse stimuli such as proinflammatory cytokines, mechanical strain, and sex hormones. End weiter...

Verfasser: Armour KE, Armour KJ, Gallagher ME, Gödecke A, Helfrich MH, Reid DM, Ralston SH
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2001; 142(2): 760-6, PMID: 11159848
GID: 514; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Estrogen receptor specificity in the regulation of skeletal growth and maturation in male mice

Androgens may regulate the male skeleton directly through a stimulation of androgen receptors or indirectly through aromatization of androgens into estrogen and, thereafter, through stimulation of estrogen rece weiter...

Verfasser: Vidal O, Lindberg MK, Hollberg K, Baylink DJ, Andersson G, Lubahn DB, Mohan S, Gustafsson JA, Ohlsson C
Quelle: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 2000; 97(10): 5474-9, PMID: 10805804
GID: 515; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Estrogen deficiency induces bone loss by enhancing T-cell production of TNF-alpha

Estrogen deficiency induces bone loss by upregulating osteoclastogenesis by mechanisms not completely defined. We found that ovariectomy-enhanced T-cell production of TNF-alpha, which, acting through the TNF-al weiter...

Verfasser: Cenci S, Weitzmann MN, Roggia C, Namba N, Novack D, Woodring J, Pacifici R
Quelle: J Clin Invest., 2000; 106(10): 1229-37, PMID: 11086024
GID: 516; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

An aged rat model of partial androgen deficiency: prevention of both loss of bone and lean body mass by low-dose androgen replacement

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of different doses of androgen replacement, both on body composition and bone, in an aged male orchidectomized rat model. Testosterone was administered by 0.5, weiter...

Verfasser: Vanderschueren D, Vandenput L, Boonen S, Van Herck E, Swinnen JV, Bouillon R
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2000; 141(5): 1642-7, PMID: 10803572
GID: 517; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Targeted overexpression of insulin-like growth factor I to osteoblasts of transgenic mice: increased trabecular bone volume without increased osteoblast proliferation

Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) is an important growth factor for bone, yet the mechanisms that mediate its anabolic activity in the skeleton are poorly understood. To examine the effects of locally produc weiter...

Verfasser: Zhao G, Monier-Faugere MC, Langub MC, Geng Z, Nakayama T, Pike JW, Chernausek SD, Rosen CJ, Donahue LR, Malluche HH, Fagin JA, Clemens TL
Quelle: Endocrinology., 2000; 141(7): 2674-82, PMID: 10875273
GID: 518; Last update: 12.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Development and evaluation of C-telopeptide enzyme-linked immunoassay for measurement of bone resorption in mouse serum

The mouse is increasingly being used as an animal model for the study of skeletal phenotypes in humans, mainly because of the ease of genetic manipulation. Biochemical markers of bone metabolism provide a valua weiter...

Verfasser: Srivastava AK, Bhattacharyya S, Castillo G, Miyakoshi N, Mohan S, Baylink DJ
Quelle: Bone., 2000; 27(4): 529-33, PMID: 11033448
GID: 507; Last update: 11.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Multiple cellular phenotypes in an insertional mutation in mouse affecting bone development

The 6093 line of transgenic mice exhibits altered bone development as a result of an insertional mutation by the transgene. Female transgenic mice show a marked kyphosis as early as 2 weeks of age. Vertebrae fr weiter...

Verfasser: Nadon NL, Doersen CJ, Lade DA, Medina K, Thompson L, Rohrer M, Gimble JM
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2000; 67(6): 449-54, PMID: 11289693
GID: 508; Last update: 11.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Bone mass changes of tibial and vertebral bones in young and adult rats with collagen-induced arthritis

To study the effect of arthritis on bone mass, bone mineral density (BMD) of cancellous and cortical bone in the tibial metaphysis and diaphysis in 2- and 7-month-old rats with collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) weiter...

Verfasser: Enokida M, Yamasaki D, Okano T, Hagino H, Morio Y, Teshima R
Quelle: Bone., 2001; 28(1): 87-93, PMID: 11165947
GID: 509; Last update: 11.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Comparison of radiographic and pQCT analyses of healing rat tibial fractures

Fracture healing and callus formation have traditionally been evaluated by using X-ray radiography. Here we compared X-ray radiography and peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) in evaluating the he weiter...

Verfasser: Jämsä T, Koivukangas A, Kippo K, Hannuniemi R, Jalovaara P, Tuukkanen J
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 2000; 66(4): 288-91, PMID: 10742447
GID: 510; Last update: 11.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Modulation of Strain Sensing: A New Approach for the Treatment of Osteoporosis

Verfasser: Gasser JA
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2000; 2: 105-110
GID: 490; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1999)

Femoral Bone Mass, Size and Density in Male and Female Growth Hormone Transgenic Mice

Verfasser: A Weusten, EM Lochmüller, E Cindik, I Renner-Müller, G Tysarczyk-Niemeyer, E Wolf, F Eckstein
Quelle: Transgenics, 1999; 3: 43-50
GID: 482; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Analyse femoraler Knocheneigenschaften im MT-bGH-transgenen Mausmodell mit der hochauflösenden pQCT

Verfasser: E Cindik, J Willnecker, E Wolf, F Eckstein
Quelle: Osteologie, 2000; 85-93
GID: 484; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Analysis of biomechanical effects on bone and on the muscle-bone interactions in small animal models

Animal models are suitable to study many aspects of bone structure and strength. This article reviews some general principles of current bone biomechanics and describes the scope of the available methodology fo weiter...

Verfasser: Ferretti JL, Cointry GR, Capozza RF, Capiglioni R, Chiappe MA
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2001; 1(3): 263-74, PMID: 15758500
GID: 500; Last update: 10.12.2007
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Long-term effects of aging and orchidectomy on bone and body composition in rapidly growing male rats

The purpose of this study was to assess the long-term effects of aging and sex hormone deficiency on skeletal metabolism and body composition in rapidly growing male rats. Sprague-Dawley male rats were sham-ope weiter...

Verfasser: Ke HZ, Crawford DT, Qi H, Chidsey-Frink KL, Simmons HA, Li M, Jee WS, Thompson DD
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2001; 1(3): 215-24, PMID: 15758495
GID: 502; Last update: 10.12.2007
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Effects of separate and combined therapy with growth hormone and parathyroid hormone on lumbar vertebral bone in aged ovariectomized osteopenic rats

Previous studies have demonstrated that growth hormone (GH) has a marked anabolic effect on cortical bone, and parathyroid hormone (PTH) has been shown to increase cancellous bone markedly and cortical bone to weiter...

Verfasser: Wang L, Orhii PB, Banu J, Kalu DN
Quelle: Bone., 2001; 28(2): 202-7, PMID: 11182379
GID: 503; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Comparison of bone formation responses to parathyroid hormone(1-34), (1-31), and (2-34) in mice

In this study we used a mouse model system to compare the in vivo effects of parathyroid hormone(1-34) [PTH(1-34)] with that of PTH(1-31) or PTH(2-34) analogs. Daily subcutaneous administration of PTH(1-34) for weiter...

Verfasser: Mohan S, Kutilek S, Zhang C, Shen HG, Kodama Y, Srivastava AK, Wergedal JE, Beamer WG, Baylink DJ
Quelle: Bone., 2000; 27(4): 471-8, PMID: 11033441
GID: 504; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Some vegetables (commonly consumed by humans) efficiently modulate bone metabolism

We have hypothesized that some vegetables which are part of the regular human diet may contain modulators of bone metabolism. To mimic a typical Western diet with large proportions of refined components, rats w weiter...

Verfasser: Mühlbauer RC, Li F, Lozano A, Reinli A, Tschudi I
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2000; 1(2): 137-40, PMID: 15758507
GID: 505; Last update: 10.12.2007
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Mapping quantitative trait loci for serum insulin-like growth factor-1 levels in mice

Serum insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and femoral bone mineral density (BMD) differ between two inbred strains of mice, C3H/HeJ (C3H) and C57BL/6J (B6), by approximately 30% and 50%, respectively. Similarl weiter...

Verfasser: Rosen CJ, Churchill GA, Donahue LR, Shultz KL, Burgess JK, Powell DR, Ackert C, Beamer WG
Quelle: Bone., 2000; 27(4): 521-8, PMID: 11033447
GID: 506; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Variation in bone biomechanical properties, microstructure, and density in BXH recombinant inbred mice

To test the hypothesis that factors associated with bone strength (i.e., volumetric bone mineral density [vBMD], geometry, and microstructure) have heritable components, we exploited the 12 BXH recombinant inbr weiter...

Verfasser: Turner CH, Hsieh YF, Müller R, Bouxsein ML, Rosen CJ, McCrann ME, Donahue LR, Beamer WG
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2001; 16(2): 206-13, PMID: 11204420
GID: 497; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Parathyroid hormone and growth hormone have additive or synergetic effect when used as intervention treatment in ovariectomized rats with established osteopenia

The severely osteoporotic human skeleton is characterized by thin cortices and a very fragile cancellous framework. To increase the biomechanical competence of such a skeleton, powerful anabolic agents are need weiter...

Verfasser: Mosekilde L, Tornvig L, Thomsen JS, Orhii PB, Banu MJ, Kalu DN
Quelle: Bone., 2000; 26(6): 643-51, PMID: 10831937
GID: 485; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1999)

Anabolic effect of aminoterminally truncated fibroblast growth factor 4 (FGF4) on bone

Fibroblast growth factor 4 (FGF4), a member of the FGF family, plays several important roles in bone development during embryogenesis. Systemic administration of FGF4 increases bone mass in rats, which suggests weiter...

Verfasser: Kuroda S, Kasugai S, Oida S, Iimura T, Ohya K, Ohyama T
Quelle: Bone., 1999; 25(4): 431-7, PMID: 10511109
GID: 486; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Bone resorption induced by 1 alpha,25 dihydroxyvitamin D(3) in vivo is not altered by inactivation of the plasminogen activator inhibitor 1

One of the proteolytic systems produced by bone cells is the plasminogen activator/plasmin pathway, which involves the two plasminogen activators and the type 1 plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI-1) and resul weiter...

Verfasser: Daci E, Verstuyf A, Moermans K, Bouillon R, Carmeliet G
Quelle: Bone., 2000; 27(1): 97-102, PMID: 10865215
GID: 487; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Effects of dietary calcium depletion and repletion on dynamic determinants of tibial bone volume in two inbred strains of mice

As an adjunct to our efforts to identify the genes that determine peak bone density, we examined phenotypic differences between two inbred strains of mice, C3H/HeJ (C3H) and C57BL/6J (B6), which are of similar weiter...

Verfasser: Kodama Y, Miyakoshi N, Linkhart TA, Wergedal J, Srivastava A, Beamer W, Donahue LR, Rosen C, Baylink DJ, Farley J
Quelle: Bone., 2000; 27(3): 445-52, PMID: 10962358
GID: 488; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Mineral density and bone strength are dissociated in long bones of rat osteopetrotic mutations

Bone mineral density (BMD) and mechanical strength generally show strong positive correlations. However, osteopetrosis is a metabolic bone disease with increased skeletal density radiographically and increased weiter...

Verfasser: Tuukkanen J, Koivukangas A, Jämsä T, Sundquist K, Mackay CA, Marks SC Jr
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2000; 15(10): 1905-11, PMID: 11028442
GID: 489; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

PTH and interactions with bisphosphonates

We report that a therapeutic dose of the antiresorptive bisphosphonate alendronate administered to skeletally mature rats for the duration of 16 weeks significantly blunted the anabolic response to a high dose weiter...

Verfasser: Gasser JA, Kneissel M, Thomsen JS, Mosekilde L
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2000; 1(1): 53-6, PMID: 15758526
GID: 491; Last update: 10.12.2007
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Spontaneous fracture (sfx): a mouse genetic model of defective peripubertal bone formation

A new mouse model of stage-specific bone growth failure and fracture has been recovered as an autosomal recessive mutation, designated spontaneous fracture (sfx). The sfx/sfx mice are phenotypically normal unti weiter...

Verfasser: Beamer WG, Rosen CJ, Bronson RT, Gu W, Donahue LR, Baylink DJ, Richardson CC, Crawford GC, Barker JE
Quelle: Bone., 2000; 27(5): 619-26, PMID: 11062347
GID: 493; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

How cancellous and cortical bones adapt to loading and growth hormone

There is great interest in the relationships between growth hormone (GH), muscle loading and bone, in part, because GH increases muscle mass which provides the largest signals that control bone modeling and rem weiter...

Verfasser: Kalu DN, Banu J, Wang L
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2000; 1(1): 19-23, PMID: 15758520
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Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Skeletal effects of estrogen deficiency as induced by an aromatase inhibitor in an aged male rat model

Aromatization of androgens into estrogens may be important for maintenance of the male skeleton. To address this hypothesis, we evaluated the skeletal effects of selective estrogen deficiency as induced by the weiter...

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GID: 494; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Atherogenic high-fat diet reduces bone mineralization in mice

The epidemiological correlation between osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease is independent of age, but the basis for this correlation is unknown. We previously found that atherogenic oxidized lipids inhibit weiter...

Verfasser: Parhami F, Tintut Y, Beamer WG, Gharavi N, Goodman W, Demer LL
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2001; 16(1): 182-8, PMID: 11149483
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Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Postnatal and pubertal skeletal changes contribute predominantly to the differences in peak bone density between C3H/HeJ and C57BL/6J mice

Previous studies have shown that 60-70% of variance in peak bone density is determined genetically. The higher the peak bone density, the less likely an individual is to eventually develop osteoporosis. Therefo weiter...

Verfasser: Richman C, Kutilek S, Miyakoshi N, Srivastava AK, Beamer WG, Donahue LR, Rosen CJ, Wergedal JE, Baylink DJ, Mohan S
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 2001; 16(2): 386-97, PMID: 11204439
GID: 496; Last update: 10.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2000)

Making rats rise to erect bipedal stance for feeding partially prevented orchidectomy-induced bone loss and added bone to intact rats

The objectives of this study were to investigate the different effects on muscle mass and cancellous (proximal tibial metaphysis [PTM]) and cortical (tibial shaft [TX]) bone mass of sham-operated and orchidecto weiter...

Verfasser: Yao W, Jee WS, Chen J, Liu H, Tam CS, Cui L, Zhou H, Setterberg RB, Frost HM
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Grundlagenstudien (1998)

Einfluß der Laufaktivität auf die Knochenentwicklung und Beinschäden bei Broilern

Verfasser: K Reiter, W Bessei
Quelle: Arch Geflügelk., 1998; 62: 247-253
GID: 476; Last update: 07.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1998)

Möglichkeiten zur Verringerung von Beinschäden bei Broilern und Puten

Verfasser: K Reiter, W Bessei
Quelle: Arch Geflügelk., 1998; 62: 145-149
GID: 475; Last update: 07.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1999)

Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (pQCT) for Evaluating Structural and Mechanical Properties of Small Bone

Verfasser: JL Ferretti
Quelle: A Practical Guide for Mechanical Testing of Bone, 1999;
GID: 470; Last update: 07.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1999)

A non-destructive technique for 3-D microstructural phenotypic characterisation of bones in genetically altered mice: preliminary data in growth hormone transgenic animals and normal controls

A non-destructive, three-dimensional technique for microstructural phenotypic characterisation of skeletal elements in genetically altered mice is presented. Preliminary data in bovine growth-hormone transgenic weiter...

Verfasser: Graichen H, Lochmüller EM, Wolf E, Langkabel B, Stammberger T, Haubner M, Renner-Müller I, Englmeier KH, Eckstein F
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GID: 481; Last update: 07.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1999)

Trabecular bone turnover, bone marrow cell development, and gene expression of bone matrix proteins after low calcium feeding in rats

Low-calcium-fed animals have been accepted as one of the experimental models showing a reduction in bone mass. However, the effects of short-term low-calcium feeding on bone turnover, the development of osteopr weiter...

Verfasser: Seto H, Aoki K, Kasugai S, Ohya K
Quelle: Bone., 1999; 25(6): 687-95, PMID: 10593414
GID: 480; Last update: 07.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1999)

Effect of treatment for 6 months with human parathyroid hormone (1-34) peptide in ovariectomized cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis)

A potential negative side effect of intermittent parathyroid hormone (PTH) therapy to treat osteoporosis is the loss of cortical bone concomitant with increased cancellous bone mass. We addressed this issue by weiter...

Verfasser: Jerome CP, Johnson CS, Vafai HT, Kaplan KC, Bailey J, Capwell B, Fraser F, Hansen L, Ramsay H, Shadoan M, Lees CJ, Thomsen JS, Mosekilde L
Quelle: Bone., 1999; 25(3): 301-9, PMID: 10495134
GID: 479; Last update: 07.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1999)

Analysis of the effects of growth hormone, voluntary exercise, and food restriction on diaphyseal bone in female F344 rats

The aim of this study is to examine the effects of growth hormone, exercise, and weight loss due to food restriction on tibial diaphyseal bone and on tibial muscle mass. Thirteen-month-old female F344 rats were weiter...

Verfasser: Banu MJ, Orhii PB, Mejia W, McCarter RJ, Mosekilde L, Thomsen JS, Kalu DN
Quelle: Bone., 1999; 25(4): 469-80, PMID: 10511115
GID: 478; Last update: 07.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1999)

Use of peripheral quantitative computed tomography for densitometry of the femoral neck and spine in cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis)

Quantitative computed tomography (QCT) allows for the separate densitometric examination of cortical and cancellous bone in vivo. With the new peripheral QCT (pQCT) instrument (the Norland/Stratec XCT-3000A), w weiter...

Verfasser: Hotchkiss CE
Quelle: Bone., 1999; 24(2): 101-7, PMID: 9951777
GID: 477; Last update: 07.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1999)

Calcium absorption and bone loss in ovariectomized rats fed varying levels of dietary calcium

The following studies were undertaken to examine whether estrogen deficiency impairs calcium absorption in aged rats, and to determine whether impaired calcium absorption and the level of dietary calcium are re weiter...

Verfasser: Kalu DN, Orhii PB
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 1999; 65(1): 73-7, PMID: 10369737
GID: 474; Last update: 07.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1999)

Food fractionation is a powerful tool to increase bone mass in growing rats and to decrease bone loss in aged rats: modulation of the effect by dietary phosphate

The incidence of osteoporotic fractures has been associated with low bone mass. To reduce this incidence, it is therefore important to try to prevent the development of low bone mass by either increasing bone m weiter...

Verfasser: Li F, Mühlbauer RC
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 1999; 14(8): 1457-65, PMID: 10457280
GID: 473; Last update: 07.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1999)

Targeted expression of calcitonin gene-related peptide to osteoblasts increases bone density in mice

The neuropeptide calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) is concentrated in fine sensory nerve endings innervating all tissues, including bone. CGRP inhibits osteoclasts, stimulates insulin-like growth factor I weiter...

Verfasser: Ballica R, Valentijn K, Khachatryan A, Guerder S, Kapadia S, Gundberg C, Gilligan J, Flavell RA, Vignery A
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 1999; 14(7): 1067-74, PMID: 10404006
GID: 472; Last update: 07.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1997)

Application of automatic image segmentation to tibiae and vertebrae from ovariectomized rats

Automatic contextual segmentation algorithms were developed to objectively identify bone compartments in pQCT images of tibiae, femora, and vertebrae. Principal advantages of this approach over existing techniq weiter...

Verfasser: Helterbrand JD, Higgs RE Jr, Iversen PW, Tysarczyk-Niemeyer G, Sato M
Quelle: Bone., 1997; 21(5): 401-9, PMID: 9356733
GID: 469; Last update: 07.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1998)

Morphometric analysis of gastrectomy-evoked osteopenia

Gastrectomy leads to osteopenia in the rat. The present study describes the effects of gastrectomy on bone morphology. Rats were subjected to gastrectomy or sham operation. Four weeks after the operation the ra weiter...

Verfasser: Mühlbauer RC, Schenk RK, Chen D, Lehto-Axtelius D, Hâkanson R
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 1998; 62(4): 323-6, PMID: 9504957
GID: 468; Last update: 07.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1995)

Effects of on/off anabolic hPTH and remodeling inhibitors on metaphyseal bone of immobilized rat femurs. Tomographical (pQCT) description and correlation with histomorphometric changes in tibial cancellous bone

An anabolic effect of hPTH(1-38) (s.c. doses of 200 micrograms/kg/d during 75 days) on trabecular and cortical bone mass is tomographically described in the metaphyseal region of immobilized rat femurs using pQ weiter...

Verfasser: Ma YF, Ferretti JL, Capozza RF, Cointry G, Alippi R, Zanchetta J, Jee WS
Quelle: Bone, 1995; 17(4 Suppl): 321S-327S, PMID: 8579934
GID: 15; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1997)

Biosynthetic human parathyroid hormone (1-34) effects on bone quality in aged ovariectomized rats

For the first time, PTH (1-34) was found to significantly affect bone quality, femora length, and body weight of aged, ovariectomized rats. Specifically, we examined the effects of biosynthetic human PTH (1-34) weiter...

Verfasser: Sato M, Zeng GQ, Turner CH
Quelle: Endocrinology., 1997; 138(10): 4330-7, PMID: 9322947
GID: 429; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1997)

Circulating and skeletal insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) concentrations in two inbred strains of mice with different bone mineral densities

Recent work has demonstrated differences in femoral bone mineral density between two common inbred strains of mice, C3H/HeJ (C3H) and C57BL/6J (B6), across a wide age range. To investigate one possible mechanis weiter...

Verfasser: Rosen CJ, Dimai HP, Vereault D, Donahue LR, Beamer WG, Farley J, Linkhart S, Linkhart T, Mohan S, Baylink DJ
Quelle: Bone., 1997; 21(3): 217-23, PMID: 9276086
GID: 427; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1999)

Femoral neck is a sensitive indicator of bone loss in immobilized hind limb of mouse

The present study was carried out to evaluate a unilateral hind limb immobilization model in the mouse. The right legs of male mice (age 10-12 weeks) were immobilized for 3 weeks against the abdomen by an elast weiter...

Verfasser: Jämsä T, Koivukangas A, Ryhänen J, Jalovaara P, Tuukkanen J
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 1999; 14(10): 1708-13, PMID: 10491218
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Grundlagenstudien (1997)

Effects of an inhibitor of cathepsin L on bone resorption in thyroparathyroidectomized and ovariectomized rats

The process of bone resorption by osteoclasts involves the dissolution of mineral salts and enzymatic degradation of the mainly collagenous extracellular matrix. Cysteine proteinases, which can efficiently degr weiter...

Verfasser: Millest AJ, Breen SA, Loveday BE, Clarkson PN, Simpson CA, Waterton JC, Johnstone D
Quelle: Bone., 1997; 20(5): 465-71, PMID: 9145244
GID: 426; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1996)

Advantages of raloxifene over alendronate or estrogen on nonreproductive and reproductive tissues in the long-term dosing of ovariectomized rats

For the first time, raloxifene or alendronate was administered to rats immediately after ovariectomy for 10 months and compared with estrogen to elucidate mechanisms behind the raloxifene effects observed in no weiter...

Verfasser: Sato M, Bryant HU, Iversen P, Helterbrand J, Smietana F, Bemis K, Higgs R, Turner CH, Owan I, Takano Y, Burr DB
Quelle: J Pharmacol Exp Ther., 1996; 279(1): 298-305, PMID: 8859007
GID: 425; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1996)

Effects of wortmannin analogs on bone in vitro and in vivo

The possible importance of phosphatidylinositol (PI) 3-kinase activity in bone resorption activity in vitro and in vivo were evaluated with synthetic wortmannin analogs in two in vitro bone resorption assays, t weiter...

Verfasser: Sato M, Bryant HU, Dodge JA, Davis H, Matter WF, Vlahos CJ
Quelle: J Pharmacol Exp Ther., 1996; 277(1): 543-50, PMID: 8613966
GID: 423; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1996)

Raloxifene, tamoxifen, nafoxidine, or estrogen effects on reproductive and nonreproductive tissues in ovariectomized rats

For the first time, four well-characterized compounds from four distinct chemical classes were directly compared for efficacy and potency in hone, uteri, lipids, and adipose tissues in an ovariectomized model w weiter...

Verfasser: Sato M, Rippy MK, Bryant HU
Quelle: FASEB J., 1996; 10(8): 905-12, PMID: 8666168
GID: 424; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1996)

Regional analysis of bone mineral density in the distal femur and proximal tibia using peripheral quantitative computed tomography in the rat In vivo

The use of peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) was investigated for the measurement of volumetric bone mineral density (BMD) in mg x cm-3. Two studies were undertaken. In the first study, the pre weiter...

Verfasser: Breen SA, Millest AJ, Loveday BE, Johnstone D, Waterton JC
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 1996; 58(6): 449-53, PMID: 8661488
GID: 422; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1996)

Genetic variability in adult bone density among inbred strains of mice

More than 70% of the variability in human bone density has been attributed to genetic factors as a result of studies with twins, osteoporotic families, and individuals with rare heritable bone disorders. We hav weiter...

Verfasser: Beamer WG, Donahue LR, Rosen CJ, Baylink DJ
Quelle: Bone., 1996; 18(5): 397-403, PMID: 8739896
GID: 421; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1994)

Raloxifene preserves bone strength and bone mass in ovariectomized rats

We investigated the effects of raloxifene, a nonsteroidal benzothiophene, on bone strength in ovariectomized rats and compared them with estrogen treatment. Sixty ovariectomized Sprague-Dawley rats were divided weiter...

Verfasser: Turner CH, Sato M, Bryant HU
Quelle: Endocrinology., 1994; 135(5): 2001-5, PMID: 7956922
GID: 420; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1995)

Comparative x-ray densitometry of bones from ovariectomized rats

Comparative analysis of dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) and quantitative computed tomography (QCT) with phantoms and rat bones showed that both are necessary to adequately quantitate ovariectomy induced weiter...

Verfasser: Sato M
Quelle: Bone., 1995; 17(4 Suppl): 157S-162S, PMID: 8579911
GID: 419; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1995)

Assessing bone quantity by pQCT

We have tested the ability of the XCT960A to detect bone loss in OVX-rats, as well as bone gain in the proximal tibial metaphysis of healthy rats treated with hPTH(1-34). The results demonstrated that high prec weiter...

Verfasser: Gasser JA
Quelle: Bone., 1995; 17(4 Suppl): 145S-154S, PMID: 8579910
GID: 418; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1995)

Effect of treatment for 3 months with human parathyroid hormone 1-34 peptide in ovariectomized cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis)

Clinical data suggest that PTH may increase cancellous bone mass at the expense of cortical bone in human beings. In this study, the effects of PTH on whole body, axial and appendicular bone mass were studied i weiter...

Verfasser: Jerome CP, Johnson CS, Lees CJ
Quelle: Bone., 1995; 17(4 Suppl): 415S-420S, PMID: 8579946
GID: 417; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1995)

Treatment with growth hormone and IGF-I in growing rats increases bone mineral content but not bone mineral density

Human growth hormone (hGH) and insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) both stimulate bone formation and have been proposed as therapeutic agents for osteoporosis. We examined the effect of hGH and IGF-I alone and weiter...

Verfasser: Rosen HN, Chen V, Cittadini A, Greenspan SL, Douglas PS, Moses AC, Beamer WG
Quelle: J Bone Miner Res., 1995; 10(9): 1352-8, PMID: 7502707
GID: 416; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1995)

Differentiating between orchiectomized rats and controls using measurements of trabecular bone density: a comparison among DXA, histomorphometry, and peripheral quantitative computerized tomography

In studies of rat bone metabolism, trabecular bone density should be measured. Three established methods of measuring trabecular bone include trabecular bone volume by histomorphometry (BV/TV%), trabecular bone weiter...

Verfasser: Rosen HN, Tollin S, Balena R, Middlebrooks VL, Beamer WG, Donohue LR, Rosen C, Turner A, Holick M, Greenspan SL
Quelle: Calcif Tissue Int., 1995; 57(1): 35-9, PMID: 7671163
GID: 415; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1995)

Tomographic (pQCT) and biomechanical effects of hPTH(1-38) on chronically immobilized or overloaded rat femurs

Six-month old rats chronically submitted to right hindlimb immobilization (IM) with mechanical overload (OL) of the left leg were treated 1 month later with 200 micrograms/kg/d of hPTH(1-38) for 15 or 75 days. weiter...

Verfasser: Capozza R, Ma YF, Ferretti JL, Meta M, Alippi R, Zanchetta J, Jee WS
Quelle: Bone., 1995; 17(4 Suppl): 233S-239S, PMID: 8579922
GID: 410; Last update: 05.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2001)

Mobil bleiben - Pflege bei Gehstörungen und Sturzgefahr

Die Selbstständigkeit älterer Menschen wird durch kaum ein anderes Problem so stark bedroht wie durch die Einschränkung der Bewegungsfähigkeit und die damit verbundene Sturzgefahr. Stürze im Alter sind zud weiter...

Verfasser: Runge M, Rehfeld G
Quelle: Schlütersche Verlag , ISBN 3-87706-597-X, 2001;
GID: 318; Last update: 02.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2004)

Fall risk assessment in very old males and females living in nursing homes

BACKGROUND: Several studies identified muscle weakness, history of falls, gait deficit and balance deficit as the most common risk factors for falls. AIMS: To determine risk factors of fall in older males and f weiter...

Verfasser: Sieri T, Beretta G
Quelle: Disabil Rehabil., 2004; 26(12): 718-23, PMID: 15204494
GID: 60; Last update: 01.12.2007

Grundlagenstudien (2006)

Effect of primary hyperparathyroidism on volumetric bone mineral density and bone geometry assessed by peripheral quantitative computed tomography in postmenopausal women

CONTEXT: Primary hyperparathyroidism (PH) is characterized by inappropriate PTH elevation with or without hypercalcemia. Bone disease involves catabolic action at cortical sites, whereas cancellous sites and ge weiter...

Verfasser: Charopoulos I, Tournis S, Trovas G, Raptou P, Kaldrymides P, Skarandavos G, Katsalira K, Lyritis GP
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GID: 24; Last update: 24.11.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1997)

Quantitative Assessement of Bone Mass and Geometry by pQCT in Rats in vivo and Site Specificity of Changes at Different Skeletal Sites

Verfasser: Gasser JA
Quelle: J.Jpn Soc Bone Morphom, 1997; 7: 107-10
GID: 11; Last update: 24.11.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1995)

Intravenous olpadronate restores ovariectomy-affected bone strength. A mechanical, densitometric and tomographic (pQCT) study

Female Wistar rats aged 3 months were ovariectomized (OX, n = 27). Three months later they were given i.v. doses of 150 (6), 300 (7), or 600 (6) ug/kg 2/wk of olpadronate during 12 weeks or left as OX controls weiter...

Verfasser: Cointry GR, Mondelo N, Zanchetta JR, Montuori E, Ferretti JL
Quelle: Bone, 1995; 17(4 Suppl): 373S-378S, PMID: 8579940
GID: 14; Last update: 24.11.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1995)

Perspectives of pQCT technology associated to biomechanical studies in skeletal research employing rat models

Assessment of bone material quality and architectural indicators by means of peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) offers a wide perspective for skeletal research employing noninvasive procedures. weiter...

Verfasser: Ferretti JL
Quelle: Bone, 1995; 17(4 Suppl): 353S-364S, PMID: 8579938
GID: 13; Last update: 23.11.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1995)

Longitudinal and cross-sectional analysis of raloxifene effects on tibiae from ovariectomized aged rats

To extend and confirm previous data, we examined the effects of raloxifene on the proximal tibia of ovariectomized rats, aged 6 months, longitudinally and cross-sectionally by computed tomography (pQCT) and the weiter...

Verfasser: Sato M, Kim J, Short LL, Slemenda CW, Bryant HU
Quelle: J Pharmacol Exp Ther, 1995; 272(3): 1252-9, PMID: 7891341
GID: 10; Last update: 23.11.2007

Grundlagenstudien (1996)

Mechanical validation of a tomographic (pQCT) index for noninvasive estimation of rat femur bending strength

Cross-sectional moment of inertia (CSMI) and volumetric cortical bone mineral density (vCtBMD) were assessed by peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) at femur midshafts from 103 Wistar female rats weiter...

Verfasser: Ferretti JL, Capozza RF, Zanchetta JR
Quelle: Bone, 1996; 18(2): 97-102, PMID: 8833202
GID: 12; Last update: 23.11.2007

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