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J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact., 2002; 2(4): 302-5, PMID: 15758420

Volumetric and projective bone mineral density

Jahr: 2002

Fujita T
Calcium Research Institute, Katsuragi Hospital, Kishiwada, Osaka, Japan.


Projectional bone mineral density measurement so far used extensively in radiogrammetry and single and dual source absorptiometry is confronted with a serious limitation for the accurate evaluation of true density artifactually providing higher values along with the increase of body size and bone depth on account of the omission of one dimension. Computed tomography is capable of measuring true volumetric density and also accomplishes a separate measurement of trabecular and cortical bone especially on application to the distal and mid-radius with abundant cortical bone in peripheral computed tomography (pQCT). New lines of information may be obtained by such separate trabecular and cortical bone measurement in decreases of bone density due to various causes, estrogen withdrawal, corticosteroid, diabetes mellitus, renal failure, etc. Dynamic analysis of the result of pQCT may also make it possible to assess bone strength and resistance to fracture.

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