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J Bone Miner Metab., 2000; 18(3): 165-9, PMID: 10783851

Increase of intestinal calcium absorption and bone mineral density by heated algal ingredient (HAI) in rats

Jahr: 2000

Fujita T, Fujii Y, Goto B, Miyauchi A, Takagi Y, Kobayashi S, Kamoshita K, Mikuni N, Kurihara Y, Shikauchi I
Calcium Research Institute, Kishiwada, Osaka, Japan.


Active absorbable calcium (AAACa) produced by adding HAI (heated algal ingredient) to oyster shell calcium (AACa) is quite efficiently absorbed from the intestine and can increase bone mineral density in elderly osteoporotic patients. HAI was produced by heating the seaweed Cystophyllum fusiforme under reduced pressure, extracting with 6N HCL, and partially neutralizing it. Butanol-ethanol extraction then yielded active HAI fraction A, corresponding to about 1% in weight. The active HAI fraction increased intestinal Ca absorption as shown by a dose-dependent increase of plasma Ca in young male parathyroidectomized rats maintained on a low-Ca diet by administration through a stomach tube with a constant dose of AACa. The action of the active fraction A to maintain bone mass was then tested in young male rats kept on a low-Ca diet for 2 weeks. Bone weight, trabecular bone density, and strength-strain index as indices of bone strength measured by peripheral computed tomography (pQCT) tended to increase when the active HAI fraction was given along with Ca. HAI increased intestinal Ca absorption and prevented the decrease of bone density in rats kept on a low-Ca diet.

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