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Neue Einträge zum Themenbereich Muskel & Knochen

Hier finden Sie alle neuen Literatur-Einträge rund um den Themenbereich Muskel & Knochen, sortiert nach Erscheinungsdatum.

Neue Einträge

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2022)

Mechanographic analysis of the timed 4 stair climb test – methodology and reference data of healthy children and adolescents

Objectives: The timed 4 stair climb test (4SC) is an accepted and widely used tool to assess motor function of patients with neuromuscular diseases. We aimed to establish reference data for the 4SC, and for mec weiter...

Verfasser: Schorling DC, Rawer R, Kuhlmann I, Müller C, Pechmann A, Kirschner J
Quelle: JMNI, 2022;
Schlagworte: Leonardo Stair, Stair Climb, Reference Data
GID: 5885; Last update: 24.01.2023
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2023)

Effects of Exercise and Omega-3-Supplemented, High-Protein Diet on Inflammatory Markers in Serum, on Gene Expression Levels in PBMC, and after Ex Vivo Whole-Blood LPS Stimulation in Old Adults.

Inflammaging is related to cell senescence and reflects an erratic immune system, which promotes age-associated diseases. Exercise and nutrition, particularly omega-3 fatty acids, are able to affect inflammat weiter...

Verfasser: Hass U, Heider S, Kochlik B, Herpich C, Pivovarova-Ramich O, Norman K
Quelle: Int J Mol Sci, 2023; 24(2): , PMID: 36674453
GID: 5880; Last update: 23.01.2023

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2022)

HR-pQCT for the Evaluation of Muscle Quality and Intramuscular Fat Infiltration in Ageing Skeletal Muscle.

Myosteatosis is the infiltration of fat in skeletal muscle during the onset of sarcopenia. The quantification of intramuscular adipose tissue (IMAT) can be a feasible imaging modality for the clinical assessm weiter...

Verfasser: Chow SK, van Mourik M, Hung VW, Zhang N, Li MM, Wong RM, Leung KS, Cheung WH
Quelle: J Pers Med, 2022; 12(6): , PMID: 35743800
GID: 5884; Last update: 23.01.2023

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2023)

Short-term effects of side-alternating Whole-Body Vibration on cognitive function of young adults.

Recent research in rodents and humans revealed that Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) is beneficial for cognitive functions. However, the optimal WBV conditions are not established: contrary to vertical WBV, side-al weiter...

Verfasser: Arenales Arauz YL, van der Zee EA, Kamsma YPT, van Heuvelen MJG
Quelle: PLoS One, 2023; 18(1): e0280063, PMID: 36634088
GID: 5873; Last update: 17.01.2023

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2023)

Sensorimotor recalibration of postural control strategies occurs after whole body vibration.

Efficient postural control results from an effective interplay between sensory feedbacks integration and muscle modulation and can be affected by ageing and neuromuscular injuries. With this study, we investi weiter...

Verfasser: Rigoni I, Degano G, Hassan M, Fratini A
Quelle: Sci Rep, 2023; 13(1): 522, PMID: 36627328
GID: 5874; Last update: 17.01.2023

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2022)

External training load is associated with adaptation in bone and body composition over the course of a season in elite male footballers.

This study examined the relationship between training load and changes in body composition and bone characteristics across a competitive season. Twenty senior male professional football players participated i weiter...

Verfasser: Varley I, Ward M, Thorpe C, Beardsley N, Greeves J, Sale C, Saward C
Quelle: Bone Rep, 2022; 18(): 101643, PMID: 36531121
GID: 5879; Last update: 17.01.2023

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2022)

The Benefits to Bone Health in Children and Pre-School Children with Additional Exercise Interventions: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

OBJECTIVE: Determine if exercise interventions, beyond what is already provided to children and preschool children, improve bone health and reduce fracture incidence. DESIGN: Systematic review and meta-analys weiter...

Verfasser: McCaskie C, Siafarikas A, Cochrane Wilkie J, Sutton V, Chivers P, Hart NH, Murphy MC
Quelle: Nutrients, 2022; 15(1): , PMID: 36615785
GID: 5869; Last update: 16.01.2023

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2023)

Vibration therapy in young children with mild to moderate cerebral palsy: does frequency and treatment duration matter? A randomised-controlled study.

BACKGROUND: Vibration therapy (VT) has been increasingly studied in children with cerebral palsy (CP) over the last years, however, optimal therapeutic VT protocols are yet to be determined. The present study weiter...

Verfasser: Adaikina A, Derraik JGB, Hofman PL, Gusso S
Quelle: BMC Pediatr, 2023; 23(1): 4, PMID: 36593455
GID: 5870; Last update: 16.01.2023

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2023)

Functional quality assessment of whole-body vibration training devices based on instantaneous amplitude and frequency of photogrammetric vibration measurements

The practical use of whole-body vibration training (WBVT) and such research may be negatively influenced by generated vibrations with amplitudes, frequencies, and/or patterns that deviate from preset adjustment weiter...

Verfasser: Moghaddamnia S, Rofallski R, Luhmann T, Kaeding TS
Quelle: Medical Engineering & Physics, 2023; 111:
Schlagworte: Galileo Fit, long term reproducability
GID: 5864; Last update: 13.12.2022
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2022)

ACL Reconstruction: Which Additional Physiotherapy Interventions Improve Early-Stage Rehabilitation? A Systematic Review.

Despite the restoration of the mechanical stability of the knee joint after ACL reconstruction (ACLR), patients often experience postoperative limitations. To our knowledge, there are no systematic reviews an weiter...

Verfasser: Kochman M, Kasprzak M, Kielar A
Quelle: Int J Environ Res Public Health, 2022; 19(23): , PMID: 36497965
Schlagworte: Metaanalysis
GID: 5860; Last update: 13.12.2022
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2022)

Effect of whole-body vibration on neuromuscular activation and explosive power of lower limb: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

OBJECTIVE: The review aimed to investigate the effects of whole-body vibration (WBV) on neuromuscular activation and explosive power. METHODS: Keywords related to whole-body vibration, neuromuscular activatio weiter...

Verfasser: Wang Z, Wei Z, Li X, Lai Z, Wang L
Quelle: PLoS One, 2022; 17(12): e0278637, PMID: 36473014
Schlagworte: Metaanalysis
GID: 5861; Last update: 13.12.2022
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2022)

The Influence of Surgical Mask on Heart Rate, Muscle Saturation of Oxygen, and Hemoglobin during Whole-Body Vibration Exercise.

BACKGROUND: Whole-body vibration (WBV) is a safe and effective exercise system that affects muscle oxygen through several physiological processes, although its effects on different protocols are still unclear weiter...

Verfasser: Apolo-Arenas MD, Tomas-Carus P, Galan-Lopez P, Escribano JN, Carvalho B, Cana-Pino A, Parraca JA
Quelle: Biomed Res Int, 2022; 2022(): 3958554, PMID: 36457343
GID: 5852; Last update: 06.12.2022
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2022)

Circulating microRNA responses to acute whole-body vibration and resistance exercise in postmenopausal women.

Evaluating alterations in circulating microRNA (c-miRNA) expression may provide deeper insight into the role of exercise in the attenuation of the negative effects of aging on musculoskeletal health. Currentl weiter...

Verfasser: Buchanan SR, Miller RM, Nguyen M, Black CD, Kellawan JM, Bemben MG, Bemben DA
Quelle: Front Endocrinol (Lausanne), 2022; 13(): 1038371, PMID: 36440217
GID: 5858; Last update: 06.12.2022
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2022)

Mechanography in children: pediatric references in postural control.

OBJECTIVE: To establish pediatric age- and sex-specific references for measuring postural control with a mechanography plate in a single centre, prospective, normative data study. METHODS: 739 children and ad weiter...

Verfasser: Pilz F, Vill K, Rawer R, Bonfert M, Tacke M, Heussinger N, Muller-Felber W, Blaschek A
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2022; 22(4): 431-454, PMID: 36458382
Schlagworte: Leonardo Reference Data Balance Children
GID: 5850; Last update: 05.12.2022
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2022)

Accelerometer-based osteogenic indices, moderate-to-vigorous and vigorous physical activity, and bone traits in adolescents.

OBJECTIVES: We investigated the associations of accelerometry-derived osteogenic indices (OIs), moderate-to-vigorous (MVPA), and vigorous intensity physical activity (VPA) with peripheral quantitative compute weiter...

Verfasser: Haapala EA, Rantalainen T, Hesketh KD, Rodda CP, Duckham RL
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2022; 22(4): 514-523, PMID: 36458389
GID: 5851; Last update: 05.12.2022