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Wissenschaftliche Studien (2017)

Effects of different warm-up modalities on power output during the high pull.

This study compared the effects of six warm-up modalities on peak power output (PPO) during the high-pull exercise. Nine resistance-trained males completed six trials using different warm-ups: high-pull specif weiter...

Verfasser: Barnes MJ, Petterson A, Cochrane DJ
Quelle: J Sports Sci, 2017; 35(10): 976-981, PMID: 27398685
GID: 4611; Last update: 14.01.2018

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2017)


BACKGROUND: The ability to control skin blood flow decreases with advancing age and some clinical disorders, as in diabetes and in rheumatologic diseases. Feasible clinical strategies such as whole-body vibrati weiter...

Verfasser: Sa-Caputo D, Paineiras-Domingos L, Carvalho-Lima R, Dias-Costa G, de Paiva PC, de Azeredo CF, Carmo RCR, Dionello CF, Moreira-Marconi E, Frederico EHFF, Sousa-Goncalves CR, Morel DS, Paiva DN, Avelar NCP, Lacerda AC, Magalhaes CEV, Castro LS, Presta GA, d
Quelle: Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med, 2017; 14(4 Suppl): 41-51, PMID: 28740943
Schlagworte: Blood Flow, Metaanalysis
GID: 4598; Last update: 14.01.2018
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2017)

The effect of whole-body vibration training on lean mass: A PRISMA-compliant meta-analysis.

BACKGROUND: Whole-body vibration training (WBVT) confers a continuous vibration stimuli to the body. Although some reports have discussed the effects of whole-body vibration (WBV) on bone mineral density and mu weiter...

Verfasser: Chen H, Ma J, Lu B, Ma XL
Quelle: Medicine (Baltimore), 2017; 96(45): e8390, PMID: 29137022
Schlagworte: Metaanalysis
GID: 4563; Last update: 20.11.2017
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2017)

The Effect of WBV on Balance, Mobility and Strength in Aging Adults: A Systematic Review

Whole body vibration (WBV) exposure in elderly adults is found to increase physical activity and so the overall health status. For analyzing effects of WBV on muscle power, balance and overall mobility among el weiter...

Verfasser: Rabia Iqbal Awan1*, Naeem khan2 and Sajida Perveen2
Quelle: Biol Syst Open Access, 2017; 6:1: ISSN:2329-6577
Schlagworte: Metaanalysis
GID: 4557; Last update: 15.11.2017

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2017)

Changes in muscle cross-sectional area, muscle force, and jump performance during 6 weeks of progressive whole-body vibration combined with progressive, high intensity resistance training.

OBJECTIVES: We hypothesized that progressive whole-body vibration (WBV) superimposed to progressive high intensity resistance training has greater effects on muscle cross-sectional area (CSA), muscle force of l weiter...

Verfasser: Rosenberger A, Beijer A, Johannes B, Schoenau E, Mester J, Rittweger J, Zange J
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2017; 17(2): 38-49, PMID: 28574410
Schlagworte: Galiloe 40Hz, Drop Jump, Contact Time, Muscel Gain, Muscle Cross-section
#GRFS135, #GRFS146
GID: 4450; Last update: 06.06.2017
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2017)

Whole-body vibration training as a workplace-based sports activity for employees with chronic low-back pain.

INTRODUCTION: The goal of this randomized and controlled study is to examine whether whole-body vibration (WBV) training is able to reduce back pain and physical disability in seated working office employees wi weiter...

Verfasser: Kaeding TS, Karch A, Schwarz R, Flor T, Wittke TC, Kuck M, Boselt G, Tegtbur U, Stein L
Quelle: Scand J Med Sci Sports, 2017; 27(12): 2027-2039, PMID: 28185300
Schlagworte: Back-Pain, Workplace, Leonardo Balance
GID: 4369; Last update: 17.02.2017

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2016)

Determining the Posture and Vibration Frequency that Maximize Pelvic Floor Muscle Activity During Whole-Body Vibration.

BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the electromyogram (EMG) response of pelvic floor muscle (PFM) to whole-body vibration (WBV) while using different body posture and vibration frequencies. MAT weiter...

Verfasser: Lee J, Lee K, Song C
Quelle: Med Sci Monit, 2016; 22(): 4030-4036, PMID: 27787476
Schlagworte: Pelvic Floor, Muscle Activation, EMG, MVC
GID: 4267; Last update: 08.11.2016

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2016)

Effects of whole-body vibration after eccentric exercise on muscle soreness and muscle strength recovery.

[Purpose] The aim of this study was to investigate whether or not a single whole-body vibration treatment after eccentric exercise can reduce muscle soreness and enhance muscle recovery. [Subjects and Methods] weiter...

Verfasser: Timon R, Tejero J, Brazo-Sayavera J, Crespo C, Olcina G
Quelle: J Phys Ther Sci, 2016; 28(6): 1781-5, PMID: 27390415
Schlagworte: Kreatinkinase, Creatinekinasis, delayed muscle soreness, DMS, Muskelkater
GID: 4212; Last update: 13.09.2016
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2016)

Muscle histology changes after short term vibration training in healthy controls

In search for additional counter measures of muscle atrophy vibration exercise training may have substantial effort for patients with neuromuscular disorders. To cover safety aspects and obtain muscle morpholog weiter...

Verfasser: Schoser B
Quelle: Acta Myol, 2016; 34(2-3): 133-8, PMID: 27199541
Schlagworte: Muscle Histology, Muscle function, muscle power, muscle fiber
GID: 4195; Last update: 27.06.2016
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2016)

Acute effects of unilateral whole body vibration training on single leg vertical jump height and symmetry in healthy men.

[Purpose] The aim of the present study was to investigate the acute effects of unilateral whole body vibration training on height and symmetry of the single leg vertical jump in healthy men. [Subjects] Thirty m weiter...

Verfasser: Shin S, Lee K, Song C
Quelle: J Phys Ther Sci, 2016; 27(12): 3923-8, PMID: 26834381
Schlagworte: Single leg vertical jump, Symmetry, Whole body vibration
GID: 4076; Last update: 16.02.2016

Wissenschaftliche Publikationen (2013)

Minimal intensity physical activity (standing and walking) of longer duration improves insulin action and plasma lipids more than shorter periods of moderate to vigorous exercise (cycling) in sedentary subjects when energy expenditure is comparable.

BACKGROUND: Epidemiological studies suggest that excessive sitting time is associated with increased health risk, independent of the performance of exercise. We hypothesized that a daily bout of exercise cannot weiter...

Verfasser: Duvivier BM, Schaper NC, Bremers MA, van Crombrugge G, Menheere PP, Kars M, Savelberg HH
Quelle: PLoS One, 2013; 8(2): e55542, PMID: 23418444
Schlagworte: often standing and walking during working day much better than intensive workout after long sitting
GID: 3874; Last update: 12.05.2015
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Grundlagenstudien (2015)

Acute effects of whole-body vibration on trunk and neck muscle activity in consideration of different vibration loads.

The intention of this study was to systematically analyze the impact of biomechanical parameters in terms of different peak-to-peak displacements and knee angles on trunk and neck muscle activity during whole-b weiter...

Verfasser: Perchthaler D, Hauser S, Heitkamp HC, Hein T, Grau S
Quelle: J Sports Sci Med, 2015; 14(1): 155-62, PMID: 25729303
Schlagworte: EMG on lower back during vibration training Vibration, electromyography, torso, paraspinal muscles. EMG, Lower Back Muscles, Upper Back Muscles
GID: 3839; Last update: 08.04.2015
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2015)

High-Intensity Interval Training with Vibration as Rest Intervals Attenuates Fiber Atrophy and Prevents Decreases in Anaerobic Performance.

Aerobic high-intensity interval training (HIT) improves cardiovascular capacity but may reduce the finite work capacity above critical power (W") and lead to atrophy of myosin heavy chain (MyHC)-2 fibers. Since weiter...

Verfasser: Mueller SM, Aguayo D, Zuercher M, Fleischmann O, Boutellier U, Auer M, Jung HH, Toigo M
Quelle: PLoS One, 2015; 10(2): e0116764, PMID: 25679998
Schlagworte: HIT, High Intensity Training, Galileo HIT
GID: 3771; Last update: 16.02.2015
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2014)

Effect of a combination of whole body vibration exercise and squat training on body balance, muscle power, and walking ability in the elderly.

A randomized controlled trial was conducted to clarify the beneficial effect of whole body vibration (WBV) exercise plus squat training on body balance, muscle power, and walking ability in the elderly with kne weiter...

Verfasser: Osugi T, Iwamoto J, Yamazaki M, Takakuwa M
Quelle: Ther Clin Risk Manag, 2014; 10(): 131-8, PMID: 24591837
Schlagworte: Fall Risk, deep squat training, body balance, walking velocity, muscle power
GID: 3505; Last update: 20.03.2014

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2014)

In vivo measurements of the effect of whole body vibration on spinal loads.

PURPOSE: It is assumed that whole body vibration (WBV) improves muscle strength, bone density, blood flow and mobility and is therefore used in wide ranges such as to improve fitness and prevent osteoporosis a weiter...

Verfasser: Rohlmann A, Schmidt H, Gast U, Kutzner I, Damm P, Bergmann G
Quelle: Eur Spine J, 2014; 23(3): 666-72, PMID: 24201510
Schlagworte: Galileo Training joint forces, Gelenkskräfte, Galileo vs. PowerPlate
GID: 3455; Last update: 05.02.2014

Grundlagenstudien (2013)

Whole-body vibration training improves balance, muscle strength and glycosylated hemoglobin in elderly patients with diabetic neuropathy.

Elderly patients with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy are more likely to experience falls. However, the information available on how such falls can be prevented is scarce. We investigated the effects of whol weiter...

Verfasser: Lee K, Lee S, Song C
Quelle: Tohoku J Exp Med, 2013; 231(4): 305-14, PMID: 24334483
Schlagworte: Muscle Power, Balance, HbA1c, Diabetes, Flexibility
GID: 3411; Last update: 08.01.2014

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2012)

Whole-body vibration in addition to strength and balance exercise for falls-related functional mobility of frail older adults: a single-blind randomized controlled trial.

OBJECTIVES: To investigate the effects of whole-body vibration in addition to an exercise programme on functional mobility and related outcomes for frail older fallers. DESIGN: Single-blind randomized parallel weiter...

Verfasser: Pollock RD, Martin FC, Newham DJ
Quelle: Clin Rehabil, 2012; 26(10): 915-23, PMID: 22324058
Schlagworte: UQality of Life, Fall Risk, Walking Distance
GID: 3364; Last update: 12.11.2013

Wissenschaftliche Publikationen (2010)

Osteoporosis in Men Chapter 52: Exercise programs for Pateints with osteoporosis

Verfasser: Felsenberg D., Runge M.
Quelle: Osteoporosis in Men, 2010; 635-652
GID: 3308; Last update: 17.09.2013

Wissenschaftliche Publikationen (2013)

The effects of whole-body vibration on muscle strength and power: a meta-analysis.

Exercise with whole-body vibration (WBV) is becoming popular as an alternative to conventional training or as supplementary training. However, despite increasing research efforts in this field, additive effects weiter...

Verfasser: Osawa Y, Oguma Y, Ishii N
Quelle: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2013; 13(3): 342-52, PMID: 23989260
Schlagworte: Metaanalysis
GID: 3306; Last update: 10.09.2013
Weitere Informationen: Original Article

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2013)

Vibration or Balance Training on Neuromuscular Performance in Osteopenic Women.

Maintaining neuromuscular function in older age is an important topic for aging societies, especially for older women with low bone density who may be at risk of falls and bone fracture. This randomized control weiter...

Verfasser: Stolzenberg N, Belavý DL, Rawer R, Felsenberg D.
Quelle: Int J Sports Med., 2013; 34(11): 956-62, PMID: 23549694
Schlagworte: osteoporosis menopause whole body vibration ground reaction force
GID: 3192; Last update: 06.06.2013

Fachartikel (2012)

Good vibrations: improving client´s health and fitness

The authors conducted a preliminary investigation into the possible effects of whole-body vibration on balance and walking speed in adults with learning disabilities. Participants receives 12 seven-minute sessi weiter...

Verfasser: J Bartley, F Fatoye
Quelle: Learning Disability Practice, 2012; 15(9): 25-28
Schlagworte: Balance, Walking Speed
GID: 3065; Last update: 20.11.2012

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2012)

Acute Effects of Whole-Body Vibration on Jump Force and Jump Rate of Force Development: A Comparative Study of Different Devices.

Bagheri, J, van den Berg-Emons, RJ, Pel, JJ, Horemans, HL, and Stam, HJ. Acute effects of whole-body vibration on jump force and jump rate of force development: A comparative study of different devices. J Stren weiter...

Verfasser: Bagheri J, van den Berg-Emons RJ, Pel JJ, Horemans HL, Stam HJ
Quelle: J Strength Cond Res., 2012; 26(3): 691-6, PMID: 22126972
GID: 2835; Last update: 06.02.2012

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2013)

The effect of whole body vibration on the H-reflex, the stretch reflex, and the short-latency response during hopping.

The effect of whole body vibration (WBV) on reflex responses is controversially discussed in the literature. In this study, three different modalities of reflex activation with increased motor complexity have weiter...

Verfasser: Ritzmann R, Kramer A, Gollhofer A, Taube W
Quelle: Scand J Med Sci Sports, 2013; 23(3): 331-9, PMID: 23802287
Schlagworte: H/M Ration, Spinal Errgbarkeit, Spinal Excitability
GID: 2850; Last update: 06.02.2012

Wissenschaftliche Publikationen (2011)

Gesundheit im Unternehmen managen und fördern: Vibrationstraining als effektive Maßnahme für Mitarbeiter

Das vorliegende Buch bietet einen umfassenden Überblick zum Thema Gesundheit, Gesundheitsmanagement und Gesundheitsförderung in Unternehmen. Aufgrund der steigenden Altersstruktur der Erwerbspersonen nehmen a weiter...

Verfasser: Seitz D.
Quelle: ISBN 3639384326, 2011;
Schlagworte: Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung
GID: 2779; Last update: 08.12.2011

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2011)

Effects of whole body vibration therapy on main outcome measures for chronic non-specific low back pain: a single-blind randomized controlled trial.

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to determine whether a 12-week course of low-frequency vibrating board therapy is a feasible therapy for non-specific chronic low back pain, and whether it improves the main weiter...

Verfasser: del Pozo-Cruz B, Hernandez Mocholi MA, Adsuar JC, Parraca JA, Muro I, Gusi N
Quelle: J Rehabil Med, 2011; 43(8): 689-94, PMID: 21687923
Schlagworte: Back Pain, Oswerty, VAS, Roland Morris
GID: 2699; Last update: 30.08.2011

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2011)

12-weeks of Whole Body Vibration with Resistance Exercise is Osteogenic at the Spine

Evidence supports weight-bearing activity as a means to increase bone mineral density (BMD) and lower risk for osteoporosis. Whole body vibration (WBV) training is a novel technique that has been minimally exp weiter...

Verfasser: Almstedt HC, Urbinati CR, Ligouri GC, Spiegel M, Stapleton MR, Shoepe TC
Quelle: ACSM annual meeting, 2011;
Schlagworte: lumbar spine, BMD, BMC, Bone Density Spine, Boen formation Markers
GID: 2683; Last update: 26.07.2011

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2010)

Whole body vibration as an adjunct to static stretching

This study was a randomized control trial. The purpose of this study was twofold: 1) to determine if stretching the hamstrings during whole-body-vibration (WBV) is more effective than static stretching alone; a weiter...

Verfasser: Feland JB, Hawks M, Hopkins JT, Hunter I, Johnson AW, Eggett DL
Quelle: Int J Sports Med., 2010; 31(8): 584-9, PMID: 20535662
Schlagworte: Standard Stretching vs Galileo Training #GRFS17
GID: 2366; Last update: 24.08.2010

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2011)

Enhanced Myofiber Recruitment During Exhaustive Squatting Performed as Whole-Body Vibration Exercise

Eckhardt, H, Wollny, R, Müller, H, Bärtsch, P, and Friedmann-Bette, B. Enhanced myofiber recruitment during exhaustive squatting performed as whole-body vibration exercise. J Strength Cond Res 24(X): 000-000, weiter...

Verfasser: Eckhardt H, Wollny R, Müller H, Bärtsch P, Friedmann-Bette B
Quelle: J Strength Cond Res., 2011; Apr;25(4): 1120-5, PMID: 20647942
Schlagworte: EMG, Exhaustion, Lactate, Training Intensity
#GRFS100, #GRFS119, #GRFS123
GID: 2370; Last update: 24.08.2010

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2010)

Efficacy of a whole-body vibration intervention on functional performance of community-dwelling older adults

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to investigate efficacy of a whole-body vibration (WBV) intervention on functional performance of community-dwelling olde weiter...

Verfasser: Furness TP, Maschette WE, Lorenzen C, Naughton GA, Williams MD
Quelle: J Altern Complement Med., 2010; 16(7): 795-7, PMID: 20590479
Schlagworte: Muscle Power, Times up & go, sit to stand
GID: 2318; Last update: 12.07.2010

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2010)

Resistive vibration exercise attenuates bone and muscle atrophy in 56 days of bed rest: biochemical markers of bone metabolism

During and after prolonged bed rest, changes in bone metabolic markers occur within 3 days. Resistive vibration exercise during bed rest impedes bone loss and restricts increases in bone resorption markers whil weiter...

Verfasser: Armbrecht G, Belavý DL, Gast U, Bongrazio M, Touby F, Beller G, Roth HJ, Perschel FH, Rittweger J, Felsenberg D
Quelle: Osteoporos Int., 2010; 21(4): 597-607, PMID: 19536451
Schlagworte: BBR
GID: 2288; Last update: 24.05.2010

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2008)

The acute effect of vibration exercise on concentric muscular characteristics

This study was designed to compare the acute effect of vibration exercise with a concentric-only activity (arm cranking) on concentric-only muscle action using an upper body isoinertial exercise. Twelve healthy weiter...

Verfasser: Cochrane DJ, Stannard SR, Walmsely A, Firth EC
Quelle: J Sci Med Sport., 2008; 11(6): 527-34, PMID: 17714990
Schlagworte: Galileo Dumbbell, Galileo Hantel, Vibrationshante, vibrating Dumbbell, Galileo Mano, WarmUp
GID: 1945; Last update: 22.09.2009

Wissenschaftliche Studien (2009)

Effects of whole body vibration on postural steadiness in an older population

The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of vibration exercise on postural steadiness performance in a healthy, older population. Forty-three healthy, older participants (23 men and 20 women, aged 7 weiter...

Verfasser: Rees SS, Murphy AJ, Watsford ML
Quelle: J Sci Med Sport., 2009; 12(4): 440-444, PMID: 18550436
GID: 1359; Last update: 11.07.2008

Wissenschaftliche Studien (1999)

The Effect of Whole-Body Vibration on Mechanical Behaviour of Skeletal Muscle and Hormonal Profile

Verfasser: Bosco C, Colli R, Cardinale M, Tsarpela O, Bonifazi M
Quelle: Musculo-Skeletal Interactions, 1999; 2: 67-76
Schlagworte: Hormonal Profile, Jumping Power
GID: 211; Last update: 01.12.2007

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