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pQCT bone density & geometry – Training in Deutschland

Our pQCT training provides a solid basis for the daily use of pQCT diagnosis, both for clinical use and for use in clinical trials and basic studies. We are pleased to support you in the design and evaluation of studies. Each training course is tailored to your needs. Since the training is carried out by highly qualified experts with years of experience in the application of pQCT systems your individual application and questions are discussed in detail.

Our training programs are intended for our customers. Interested parties are also welcome. The training is held in German. Other languages are possible after confirmation. For questions, please contact us via e-mail to or by phone at +49 7231 1454-0.

Training contents

  • Basics of physics in relation to the musculo-skeletal system
  • Principle of the pQCT measurement
  • Interpretation of measurement results, the typical impact of diseases on the measurement results
  • Selection of appropriate measurement procedures for your particular application
  • Practical applications and exercises

Training schedule

By appointment.

Unless otherwise agreed, the venue is:

Durlacher Str. 35
75172 Pforzheim
Telephone +49 7231 1454-0
Fax +49 7231 1454-22

Costs & registration

Individual pQCT training is basically for free for our customers, if they are conducted at company headquarters in Pforzheim. For on-site training corresponding travel expenses and day rates apply

To make an appointment or for a quotation for an individual on-site training, please contact us via e-mail to or by phone at +49 7231 15448-30.