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Family Practice News, 2013;

Vibration platform strengthened bones, improved walking
in moderate cerebral palsy

Year: 2013

Otto MA
Family Practice News Digital Network


SAN FRANCISCO – Regular sessions on vibration platforms improved bone density, muscle mass, and walking ability in children with cerebral palsy in a small study from New Zealand.
Five boys and eight girls aged 14-19 years with moderate cerebral palsy had four sessions per week in which they stood on the platforms for 3 minutes, took a 3-minute break, and repeated the cycle twice more.
After 5 months, their mean total leg bone mineral density (BMD) increased from 1.06 g/cm2 to 1.08 g/cm2, their total spine BMD increased from 1.01 g/cm2 to 1.02 g/cm2, and their total lower-tibia volumetric BMD increased from 607 mg/cm3 to 690 mm/cm3. These modest changes were similar to those seen with osteoporosis medications.

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