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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #14: Is Galileo Therapy at high frequencies safe for toddlers with Cerebral Palsy?


Vibrations must be dangerous, that what probably many people think - and yes, this is true for many aspects like work safety for example when working with a power drill or a sledge hammer all day long. BUT it is not true in general, because if the forces resulting from the vibrations are stimulating the body in a physiological pattern similar to every-day movements like walking, then vibration therapy can not only be save but also can help even toddlers - in this case toddlers with CP (Cerebral Palsy).

This study of the group around Prof. Schoenau from the University of Cologne ("back on your feet") shows that Galileo Therapy in Toddlers Age 1 to 2 is safe, well tolerated and easy to be applied. This pilot study was planed as a pure safety study, therefore a very standardized protocol not allowing very individual adapted exercises. This is probably one of the reason why functional improvement in this case were not higher than traditional therapy - other studies show much higher differences (e.g. #GRFS56).

Therefore the PEDI question air is listed which sums up the opinion of the parents on therapy effects. The study was designed as a cross-over study, meaning that group A stared with Galileo Therapy and became control in the second half, Group B started as control and received Galileo Therapy in the second half.

As can be seen the subjective improvements of the children (as reported by the parents) that started with Galileo Therapy a tremendous. Future studies will be more customized for the individual child and therefore probably show more effect just like the Galileo Therapy as used in the "Cologne Concept". 

Kids Therapy - CP (Cerebral Palsey)  

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