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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #19: Can Galileo Training improve short-term leg-press performance?


One would think it’s a contradiction to classic understanding of training methods: Doe 10 sets of one-legged Galileo Training at high frequencies (in this case 26Hz) – which can be considered as a quite intense workout way beyond a standard warm-up – but still you can gain power and velocity on one legged leg-press immediately after this 10 Galileo sets.

This definitely shows the potential of Galileo Training as a warm-up tool for standard training methods. Combined with the effects as a cool-down method after intense exercises (50% reduction in delayed muscle soreness #GRFS1, 40% decrease in Creatine Kinase #GRFS5, #GRFS46, #GRFS90), the huge effects on flexibility, range of motion and stretching (#GRFS16, #GRFS17, and that even within 75 seconds in Olympic athletes #GRFS38) as well as the Reduction of side-differences (#GRFS77) it really makes sense to use Galileo Training as a preparation for standard exercises.

You can even go one step further and combine exercises with the Galileo to make them even more efficient and effective (#GRFS11, #GRFS12, #GRFS100, #GRFS119). In addition the combination of strength exercises and stretching on the Galileo in between can further increase training effects. Sports & Fitness - Muscle Power, Warm-Up  

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