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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #27: Can Galileo Therapy reduce back-pain and fall-risk at the same time?


This study from Korea uses the identical Galileo Therapy exercises as the study from 2002 #GRFS25 from Rittweger et al. It also uses the simple set-up of Galileo Therapy at 18Hz for 5 minutes twice a week, with knees bent slightly. And it also reports results in line with Rittweger et al., with a reduction of 52% of back-pain (VAS-scale) within 12 weeks.

In addition less subjective parameters like Posturography (balance) or fall risk (fall index) were quantified which improved by 58% as well as the Oswestry disability index, which describes the limitations on every-day living caused by a condition, which improved by 30%. All this with only 5 minutes of Galileo per session!

The control group used a time-consuming lumber spine exercise program focusing on stretching but showed much smaller results.

A big advantage in Galileo Therapy is that when using the right exercises an stimulation frequencies, Galileo Therapy can show almost always (apart from building-up muscle or bone mass) a notable immediate effect. This way it is easy to identify if the right exercises and stimulation frequencies where used - if there is no immediate effect then try another exercise or adjust the therapy parameters. Maybe re-adjust the used frequency range:

below 10Hz: range of motion, massage, balance, proprioception;

12-20Hz: Muscle function, coordination, (back-)relaxation, stretching, flexibility, spasticity management (passive);

above 20Hz: Muscle mass, increase of power and endurance, spasticity management (active).

Especially for muscle relaxation this usually works: Use the adequate exercise (for relaxation usually 16-18Hz, in our experience about 20% of the population prefer low frequencies of 6-8Hz which feels more like a massage, which works fine as well, even though the mid frequencies in theory should work better because stretch reflexes triggered by the Galileo vibration will inhibit the counter-acting muscles.

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