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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #58: Can Galileo Therapy increase muscle power and flexibility in spinal muscle atrophy (SMA)?


The same study which showed the positive effects of Galileo Therapy in Duchenne muscle dystrophy (#GRFS57) also used Galileo Therapy in Spinal Muscle Atrophy (SMA) patients. The results in SMA showed an increase of up to 36% and where even higher than in the Duchenne group.

As mentioned before (#GRFS57) this study was designed as a safety study for the safe application for these two patient groups, therefore the used exercises were simple and nor very demanding. Nevertheless the showed significant improvements over the short period of 8 weeks (9 minutes Galileo Training, 10 times per week).

The power in stair climbing was increased by 36% the dorsiflexion flexibility by 12%. For future studies and especially for individual therapy more specific exercises should be used, which are adapted to the current therapy goals of the specific abilities of the individual patient.

Kids Therapy - SMA (Spinal Muscle Atrophy)   

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