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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #83: Can Galileo Training be more effective to improve muscle power than vertical vibration?


This study compared 10 weeks of Galileo Training Mechano Stimulation vs. vertical vibration to increase muscle power at similar vibration stimuli (Galileo: 24Hz at 2,5mm amplitude (pos. 2.5); Power Plate: 30Hz at 2mm amplitude). A control groups received strength training for the upper body only, the two vibration groups additional vibration training (3*60s to 4*100s static and dynamic 90° squats).

Both vibration groups showed similar significant improvements in muscle cross-sectional area, the Galileo Groups showed after 10 weeks of exercises in average the highest improvements in Muscle function and muscle power (e.g. increase jumping height and decrease drop jump contact time) - most probably due to the higher efficiency of Galileo Training in muscle activation (#GRFS2).

At the same time Galileo Training causes essentially decreased joint forces (#GRFS6) as well as decreased transmission of vibration to the head (GRFS18). Galileo Training would have been even more effective at higher frequencies up to 36Hz (#GRFS3, #GIS1). Additional weights would have further increased the efficiency of Galileo Training due to the increased muscle activation (#GRFS4, #GRFS123) and therefore faster exhaustion of the muscle.

Common - Galileo vs. Vertical Vibration   

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