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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #157: Can Galileo Therapy improve muscle function and gait speed in children with Ataxia?


This study of the group of Prof. Schoenau at the University of Cologne (“Cologne Concept”) investigated the effects of Galileo Therapy on children with Ataxia on muscle function and gait parameters (Cologne Concept: 3x3 minutes, 10 session/week, patient individual exercises). Measurements were taken before and after 6 months of Galileo intervention as well after another 6 months without Galileo intervention but with standard therapy.

Both groups showed significant improvements in muscle function and gait parameters. Depending on the group improvements focused on different aspects. The group with progressive Ataxia for example showed larger improvements in gait speed (+12%) and Groff motor functional test (GMFM-66, +7%) while the non-progressive group showed higher effects at endurance related parameters like the 1 minute walking test (1MWT, +41%). The explanation for this difference is most probably the different functional level of the two groups where the progressive group showed as expected weaker neuro-muscular parameters and therefore did profit in more basic neuro-muscular parameters like gait-speed and GMFM-66.

Interestingly, both groups showed no additional significant effects on the functional parameters during the next 6 months of follow-up without Galileo intervention but with the individual standard physio-therapy. This proves that the observed effects are related to the Galileo Therapy.

The study shows once more how important it is to tailor the Galileo Exercises to the individual abilities of the patient. Important for the identification of the ideal Galileo exercises is to a lesser degree the principle diagnosis but much more the physical abilities which define the next step in the individual development to focus on.

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