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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #161: Can Galileo Therapy improve muscle function in Spinal Muscle Atrophy (SMA)?


This study of the group of Prof. Schoenau at the University of Cologne (“Cologne Concept”) investigated the effects of Galileo Therapy in small children (2-7 years) with SMA (Spinal Muscle Atrophy) on muscle function (Cologne Concept: 3x3 minutes, 10 session/week, patient individual exercises, 5-27Hz).

Muscle Function was assessed using the Hammersmith Functional Mobility Scale (HFMS) and the Gross Motor Functional Measurement (GMFM-66). Patients were tested before and after the 6 months of Galileo Therapy and after another 6 Months without Galileo Therapy but with the individual standard therapy. Results after 6 months of Galileo Therapy showed significant improvement of muscle function in both tests (+4% and +9,5%). The larger improvements in the HFMS can be explained by the fact that the HFMS is much more specific for the typical functional deficits due to SMA than the more general GMFM-66.

Interestingly there was no significant improvement in the 6 months after Galileo Therapy but with individual standard therapy, which shows that the observed improvements are in fact due to the Galileo Therapy and that Galileo is in fact a significant benefit for SMA patients.

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