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Software functions supported by Leonardo Mechanography

Leonardo Mechanography offers the following functionality:

Data base

Separated patient and measurement data bases

The only link between the anonymized measurements data base and the patient database is the patient ID. This ID can be generated automatically by the software or manually (e.g. to match with other existing patient data bases).

Network support

Multiple measurement and analysis workstations can access the database simultaneously. The database can be located on any WindwosTM compatible
file server.

Multiple data bases

Any number of data bases can be used. Each database can be secured by a password.

Fast preview of measurement graphs

Quick overview over the selected measurement without opening the detailed analysis window. This simplifies scrolling through large data bases.

Adjustable search masks for patient and measurement data bases

Simple and precise search of data sets.

Data security

All data bases can be secured by an individual password.

Data backup

Backups for individual data bases can be generated. The data is stored in a single ZIP-file which can be stored on any backup device.

Update data bases

The database assistant allows the automated re-calculation of all analysis results. This way even old measurements can be analysed according to the most up to date algorithms e.g. after a software update.

Merging data bases (RES edition only)

The database assistant allows the automated merging of databases including the elimination of redundant data sets.

Statistical analysis (RES edition only)

Complex data base queries can be defined. All fields of the data base can be plotted against each other. The queries can be stored and the results can be exported as .csv files or as images. Regression curves can be calculated for the resulting scatter plots, basic statistical analysis results are calculated.

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General functionality


All Analysis results can be printed as easy to read overviews. The general layout (header & logos) can be customized.

Data export

Single or multiple measurements including all plots can be  exported to a .csv file. This file can be opened by MS-ExcelTM and most statistic programs. Any compilation of analysis results stored in the data base can be exported.

RES edition only: All results of the database queries and scatter plots of the statistics module can be exported to a .csv file as well.

Trend analysis

The variation of up to six measurement and assessment results per patient over time can be visualized.

2D Analysis / Stabilometry

For measurements acquired using an up to date Leonardo Mechanograph GRFP (6003, LEO-DAQ interface) for any measurement a 2D analysis of the variation of the CoP (Center of Pressure) can be generated.

Automatic updates

When connected to the internet the Leonardo Mechanography software can automatically check for new software updates. If needed it can also automatically install the new software updates.

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User management

Using the User manager the Leonardo administrator can add users.

The Leonardo administrator can assign each user different user rights within the software.

For each measurement the logged on user is noted in the database.

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Data base import

Older data bases from Leonardo Mechanography v3.xx can be easily imported. The imported measurements can be automatically reanalyzed according to the most up to date analysis algorithms. Data bases of version v4.1 are automatically updated when opened using an newer program version.


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