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Bundle: Galileo® Med Fit Extreme & Galileo® Med PT

Bundle: Galileo® Med Fit Extreme & Galileo® Med PT

The high-end package for effective workout of the entire body.

Including Galileo® Med Fit Extreme Bundle, the strong package for highly intensive whole-body training, and standing panel Galileo® Med PT for the visualisation of the complete training procedure.

After individual instruction the user can train independently. During the training he can follow the complete training procedure on a large-sized display in real time. The control is made via the intuitive user navigation of the Galileo Med Fit Chip control panel on the hand rail.

Manufacturer: Novotec Medical GmbH

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Parts of the bundle:

Galileo® Med Fit Extreme

The strong package for high intensive whole-body application

Including Galileo® Med Fit, the standard model for the premium medical fitness field and 2 integrated Galileo® Mano Med 30 Dumbbells for relaxing as well as demanding application.

The combination of Galileo Med Fit with its large base plate and high amplitude and the two Galileo Mano Med 30 Dumbbells, allows highly intensive whole-body exercises. With just one device, lower extremities, torso and upper body can now be trained effectively together with the arms and shoulders. The intuitive central control panel mounted on the hand rail allows central control of all Galileo Med Fit Extreme components. This includes the Mano Med Dumbbells which can be switched on and off seperately.

The Galileo Smart Coaching function offers the user even more security and efficiency. Automatically, the frequency can be adapted to individual abilities.


Technical data

Medical deviceYes
Hand railYes
External controlMounted on hand rail
Internal controlYes
Remote controlNo
Frequency range (from/to)5..36 Hz
Amplitude (from/to)0..+/-5,2 mm
Stroke0..10,4 mm
Max. acceleration27,1 g
Dimensions base unit (l/w/h)780 x 615 x 140 mm
Dimensions footplate (l/w)580 x 370 mm
Overall dimensions (l/w/h)780 x 880 x 1300 mm
Weight base unit42 kg
Total weight70 kg
Max. load (body weight)200 kg
Power consumption1000 VA
Wobbel functionYes
Galileo® Smart CoachingYes
Built-in controller for 2 Galileo® ManoYes
Further information (PDF)-
Accessory: Galileo® Wobbel function

Effective stimulation of balance and coordination

Therapy with randomly changing frequencies.

With the Wobbel option includes a special remote control is included. The Wobbel function generates randomly changing frequencies during the training. The speed and degree of frequency change can be set at any time to intensity easy, medium or hard. Since the user can not estimate the coming frequency changes the Wobbel function is especially useful for effective therapy of balance and coordination where the body is in constant need to adapt to the changing frequencies. The Wobbel remote control can be used instead or in addition to the standard remote control included with the Galileo Med S-series.

Including a carrying strap. Batteries are included and can be replaced easily.


  • Select Wobbel intensity easy, medium or hard
  • Intuitive handling due to 5 button remote control
  • Exiting device can be upgraded

Technical data

Size150 x 65 x 30 mm
Total weight150 g
Accessory: Galileo® Smart Coaching function

automatic frequency adaptation

Current Galileo Therapy devices use an integrated sensor-system which is able to detect way to intense situations and can indicate such an situation (depending on the used device this is realized in differnet ways). Galileo Smart Coaching however brings this system to the next level an can automatically change the stimulation frequency in situation where the user is above certain limits.

More efficient and safer therapy.
During the application the Galileo Smart Coaching-Function continously checks if the user is overextended. This can be seen e.g. in a unstable stand (user is not able to hold the foot position, feet are slipping away), in a significant increase of the volume up to the moving of the device (only in extreme cases). In all of the above-mentioned cases, the Patient is because of his current physical condition not able to follow the downward movement of he platform correctly. Accordingly there will be a short discharge (up to a brief lift of the foot) and therefore the described phenomena occur.
If Galileo Smart Coaching detects such an excessive demand the frequency will be reduced automaticly and the Patient will be asked to place the feet closer or slightly bend the knees. Not until the user has corrected the foot position or rather the posture the device will be set automatically onto the previously set frequency.
The Galileo Smart Coaching-Function provides five sensitivity adjustments: The level SCI is the most sensitive, level SC5 the most insensitive.
The sensitivity of the Galileo Smart Coaching Function (SCI to SC5) will be adjusted by the operator on the Galileo device. The end user can not switch off the function nor change the sensitivity.

Option: Galileo® Med PT

Panel for your interactive application

With large display for visualization of the complete exercise procedure.

On the large HDTV monitor, the entire sequence of exercises is guided by videos in real time. The stand-alone panel is available for selected models. Its control is integrated into the control panel of the Galileo stand unit.

Functional scope

Training modes

Free exercises: In this mode, the user himself selects individual exercises from topic-related exercise groups (example: „Warm Up") one after the other. He can change the given parameters with each exercise.

Auto-Training: In this mode the complete training schedule including total time and breaks is given. During the breaks, the user already sees a preview of the next exer- cise and can prepare for it.

Intensity levels: There are up to 6 intensity levels to choose from.

Wobbel function: The Wobbel function can be switched on individually at any time in the intensity level light, medium or difficult.

Simple updates: The software has a modular structure, updates can be easily made and additional
modules can be retrofitted, for example in the form of new exercise groups.

Time account: Access restriction can be achieved through the chip cards or the optional RFID
function. With the supplied PC software, you define whether your customers can train with or without a time account.

Personalized therapy plans: In addition to free exercises and auto-training, you have the opportunity to create a solid therapy plan tailored to your individual needs. You can make this diversified by adding the random number generator for the exercise selection. The use of a chip card or the optional RFID function is required.

Own picture material: In addition, you can import your own pictures, for example with advertising or general information, to bridge idle times.

Available options

1 real-time clock/RFID

  • Configuration of daily, weekly and monthly limits for Galileo Med Fit PT Bundle possible
  • Adjustable restrictions on the frequency of use

2 External validation (IO module)

  • Access-Control of a Galileo device via an existing system (e.g. RFID chip or other key and payment systems) for access control
  • Connecting appropriate third-party terminals Galileo base unit possible; Activation / deactivation via switching input


Technical data

Type numbers8N057952
Overall dimensions (l/w/h)400 x 500 x 1830 mm
Total weight21 kg
Option: Chip version
The control panel comes equipped with a card reader slot, a table top card reader as a PC interface, 10 chip cards and PC software Galileo TPM - Therapy Plan Manager allowing the setup of time accounts and presetting of individual therapy profiles.

Technical data

System requirementsWindows(TM) XP or Windows(TM) 7, USB-port, CD-ROM Drive