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Option: Galileo® Med PTNEW

Option: Galileo® Med PT

Panel for your interactive application

With large display for visualization of the complete exercise procedure.

On the large HDTV monitor, the entire sequence of exercises is guided by videos in real time. The stand-alone panel is available for selected models. Its control is integrated into the control panel of the Galileo stand unit.

Functional scope

Training modes

Free exercises: In this mode, the user himself selects individual exercises from topic-related exercise groups (example: „Warm Up") one after the other. He can change the given parameters with each exercise.

Auto-Training: In this mode the complete training schedule including total time and breaks is given. During the breaks, the user already sees a preview of the next exer- cise and can prepare for it.

Intensity levels: There are up to 6 intensity levels to choose from.

Wobbel function: The Wobbel function can be switched on individually at any time in the intensity level light, medium or difficult.

Simple updates: The software has a modular structure, updates can be easily made and additional
modules can be retrofitted, for example in the form of new exercise groups.

Time account: Access restriction can be achieved through the chip cards or the optional RFID
function. With the supplied PC software, you define whether your customers can train with or without a time account.

Personalized therapy plans: In addition to free exercises and auto-training, you have the opportunity to create a solid therapy plan tailored to your individual needs. You can make this diversified by adding the random number generator for the exercise selection. The use of a chip card or the optional RFID function is required.

Own picture material: In addition, you can import your own pictures, for example with advertising or general information, to bridge idle times.

Available options

1 real-time clock/RFID

  • Configuration of daily, weekly and monthly limits for Galileo Med Fit PT Bundle possible
  • Adjustable restrictions on the frequency of use

2 External validation (IO module)

  • Access-Control of a Galileo device via an existing system (e.g. RFID chip or other key and payment systems) for access control
  • Connecting appropriate third-party terminals Galileo base unit possible; Activation / deactivation via switching input


Manufacturer: Novotec Medical GmbH

Price: On request. Please contact us for your personal quote.

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