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pQCT Bone Density & Bone Geometry – Product Comparison

You can compare up to 3 systems.

Product Comparison for pQCT Bone Density & Bone Geometry

 Product 1Product 2Product 3
To the overviewDiagnostic Bundle: XCT 3000 + Leonardo Mechanograph  
Type numbers    
Dimensions (l/w/h)    
Numbers of detectors    
CT Collimator    
SV Collimator    
Angle between detectors    
Number of projections per block    
Number of blocks    
Spot size    
Source collimation    
Slice thickness    
Measurement diameter    
Voxel size    
Nom. HV    
Anode current    
Nom. current    
Gantry opening    
Max. way of travel    
Scan time    
Radiation dose CT    
Radiation dose CV    
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